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[Translated from "Les cinq races de l’humanité" - "The five races of mankind"]

Here are ten points about the five races of Homo sapiens
1) The world is divided in 5 human races. Racial division of Homo sapiens is a fact of elementary observation confirmed and precised by science

spoilerWorld racial map

2) These five major races are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Congoid, Capoid and Australoid (from Carleton Coon)[…]
spoilerRacial cranial layouts

4) Genetics confirm the anthropologists' typology[…]
spoilerPhylogenical tree

5) Race can't be reduced to skin colour. It has only a little importance
Scientists studied levels of genetic differenciation among races. Nervous system biggest variation among human populations, more than skin colour[…]
7) Average IQ racial difference mostly caused by genotype, not much from environment[…]
spoilerRace differences in intelligence

8) Misgenation does not remove races, it adds an intermediary type between both original types and can even, on the long term, create new races, as it is being done in Latin America[…]
10) Races are not equal, because equality isn't from nature[…]Genes determinating race have a racially varying physical and mental influence. Equality of citizens before law[…]is not the equality from nature. So is the moral equality preached by some religions or philosophies




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