Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick

The 1992 Opening Ceremonies at the Barcelona Olympics
Had humans onboard a Ship of Fools
On the Sea of Deception

There was a huge virus amidst a sea of cells

A black hydra appears
Which is the Hydra Bulgaris micro device

It is the black matter being injected into people
Along with the Graphene Oxide

Hydra Bulgaris is also on the test swabs
That is being put way up the nose of school children everywhere

These nano bots have star shaped Thera Grippers
That latch on to the intestines and release drugs into the body

This will be the 5th Wave and the next variant
Next Fall N95 masks will be required in schools
N95 masks have LED lights that are supposed to shine if one has the virus

The swabs are made by Gingko Bioworks
Who design and print DNA

They use digital genome engineering to program cells
They utilize Crispr technology which modifies genes through synthetic biology
To change ones DNA by inserting artificial AI

The CEO is the son of a former CIA director
Who ran a torture program in Montreal

Gingko is a large tree whose leaves are consumed for memory

The 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies had dancing nurses and children in beds
While a large hooded figure loomed overhead
A death figure holding a needle

It was another public Freemason ritual showing the upcoming agenda which is occurring today
The power of symbols and designs convey psychological concepts
Which coerce potent supernatural forces to take residence

Elite Black Magicians and their subsidiaries continue to play the game with the Archon entities
They receive supernatural power and knowledge
With the stipulation that their life force energy is needed

The Illuminati want to be gods
But the Archons want their soul

If one is tethered it is just a matter of time!



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