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First thing on the madness we’ve been seeing on campuses of lower learning. Two factions. One is ignorant students who are actually enrolled in one of the colleges/universities and second are paid professional cockroaches who travel around the country. Their job is to whip up violence, rioting, spew hatred on college campuses while promoting Marxism/collectivism.

It’s important to remember what started this: Oct. 7, 2023. An UNPROVOKED attack by Hamas on a holiday.
For the psychopaths who belong to Hamas, the most vulnerable are just another target for a bullet. After all, they’re just Jews. Hamas murderers are Satan’s Pimps who shall burn in his Hell for all eternity. Forget the 72 virgins BS. Perhaps the next attack will be on OUR soil by Muslim zealots against Catholics. Or maybe Baptists will be the next target by Hamas cold-blooded murderers.

Will we see thousands of ignorant college students doing what we’ve seen the past few weeks celebrate murder against Catholics at a cathedral or Baptists at some large gathering by Hamas butchers? Wouldn’t bet fifty-cents on that one.

Oh, gosh, we’re only rioting, screaming and yelling against “apartheid” Israel. Just ignore the signs that say: Exterminate the Jews. Be careful what you wish for when it comes to Muslims who lie better than career criminal, Joe Biden and that’s saying a lot.
Never in my life could I have ever imagined seeing what I’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks on college campuses. Signs: Kill the Jews, Death to America, Free Palestine, burning of the American flag. Efforts to fly the Palestine flag everywhere which thankfully has been stopped by real American students on campuses. How absolutely shameful my America should resemble Nazi Germany under Hitler.



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