various commenters #transphobia

Intelligent GNC female, bullied for her looks, on the spectrum showing signs/symptoms of burgeoning trans identity. Quelle surprise

( pennygadget )
I hate that she's too deep in the cult to see how this harms her climate change activism. How are we supposed to "believe the science" when these same activists who scream about climate change also say dumb shit like, "Some males have a magical girl soul that turns them into a real girl the moment they announce she/her pronouns" or "There’s no safety issue with letting penis people freely enter female spaces. And if you object to male rapists being locked in female prisons, you're a bigot who is literally trying to Holocaust the trans community"

( hmimperialtortie )
As a poster on that Twitter thread said - “Believe the science (that you agree with).”

( meranii )
Fighting sexism and outdated gender roles by declaring yourself trans/nb is like fighting climate change by moving somewhere where you think the weather's nicer.

( yikesforever )
i've never seen that trans symbol with the feminist symbol inside... very odd to see as a gender critical feminist where to me (us) it seems like gender identity and feminism are at odds with each other.

( Ladylucy )
It’s just one more thing TIPs are taking from women. Soon, all of our symbols will be theirs, and all of our heroines will be trans or non-binary. They are hellbent on erasing us.

( pennygadget )
Its yet another thing the gender-specials can't let us have to ourselves. They have to colonize everything



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