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Middle school is described by many parents as a gauntlet of twisted, dangerous indoctrination emanating from activist teachers, administrators and school counselors drawn to the 6th to 8th grade age cohort. Why? Because the pubescent child is the ideal subject for ideological manipulation.
The hallways were papered with “LGBT” rainbows and messages pushing “love is love.” School announcements regularly featured perky voices plugging “gay-straight alliance” activities. Diversity, equity, social justice themes popped up everywhere, the mom told me. “My daughter was inundated with constant propaganda.”

Thankfully, her child remained solidly grounded in the truth, so the attempts to win her acceptance had the opposite effect, cementing her position as a determined Christian conservative.

But that isn’t the outcome in many families. Parents regularly report the poisonous fruit of bizarre middle school messages, including screaming matches over dinner with badly informed “tweens.” Parents watch their once-affectionate offspring turn into hard, hostile junior progressives with defiant attitudes, questionable friends, secret activities, falling grades and worse.

Many families suffer in silence, too intimidated to bring their concerns forward. In the wake of COVID shutdowns and remote learning, some have quietly chosen permanent home-schooling. But many are stuck in government schools, silently seething as children are intentionally sold sexual confusion, hatred of America, Marxism, and racial division.



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