down low #racist #crackpot

Niggers are only from a part of sub-Saharan Africa. Northern Africa is human, Arabic, Egyptian, all of the Middle Eastern ancient peoples.. Babylonian, Sumerian and so on; not nigger. Same with early South Americans, Incans and the like, Latin ancestry. Furthermore, niggers did not exist at random, anywhere else in the world, besides sub-Saharan Africa, i.e., there are no niggers born of ancient Asian, Caucasian, Indian, etc. descent.

That being said, why and how did this ape species even exist in the first place? It's bizarre, when you think about it. The blue-gum, shit-skinned, curly-fur, yellow eyed, huge nostril, sloped head, spear chuckin', click "talkin'," filthy, stupid, etc., nigger... it truly is an abomination, especially when you look at the variety of humans around the planet, who not only look nothing like niggers, in every detail, but have nothing in common with them, nor ever had! Even darker humans, such as native Indians or Pakistanis do not have nigger features, but HUMAN features, nor do they share the same feces coloring; they simply have darker, brown skin of their heritage, where niggers have a sickening, yellowish-bowel movement tint to theirs, as evidence that their internal systems are not functioning properly, hence the yellow eyes, the foul smell, etc.

This even goes further with the ape physique, the hideous "females" and their disgusting proportions, e.g., huge ass and skinny, ugly "legs," or the males with the knuckle dragging, peanut-headed, stooped shape; all that is missing is a tail, or the enflamed buttocks of different ape breeds. Perhaps some genetic mutation occurred, removing the tail? With the commonality of nigger burff defecks and mutations, this would be entirely possible.

For all sense of purpose though, niggers should have long been extinct, as they were supposed to have been, yet.... here we are.



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