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But I mention this today because

1) The messages/emails were particularly vitriolic and venomous, even by modern standards, and prompted by an extraordinarily uncontroversial statement and

2) I want secularists and left wingers to stop hiding from the fact that the real bigots and prejudiced dirtbags are on their side. There is something in your worldview that produces this, neo-liberals, and it’s time for you to own up to it.

My faith is not just an opinion. An opinion is “the Godfather is a good movie”. It’s not just my personal “taste”. Taste is “I like hot sauce with every meal”. It’s not just a “belief”. A belief is “I think there are microbes on Mars”. My faith is my identity. It’s who I am. I’d die before I’d give it up. I wouldn’t die for hot sauce or my De Niro DVD collection. I don’t identify myself by my belief in space creatures. But my faith is my IDENTITY. Do you get it? If I called it my “lifestyle” would you afford it the same respect you afford sexual proclivities? What if someone posted on Facebook discussing their homosexuality and a bunch of people messaged him saying they’d “lost all respect” for him, and now found him to be “disgusting” and “stupid”? I imagine those people would be liable for hate crime prosecution, and you’d be the first one at their door with your pitchfork and your hangin’ rope.

Look, if you hate me or insult me because of my Christianity, you are a bigot, an intolerant neanderthal, and a hypocrite. But go for it. And, please, if that’s your attitude, stop reading what I write and listening to what I say. Go away. Do me that favor. But while you hide in that nice little bubble, at least face yourself. See yourself for who you are. You’re too scared to confront conflicting ideas, but are you man enough to confront yourself? You’re hateful, prejudiced and bigoted. That’s you. Time to own it.



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