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RE: Anti-Brexit Ex-Speaker John Bercow Finally Joins the Labour Party

When the Soviet Union collapsed back in 91, the Western Worlds revolutionary leftists morphed into identity politics and infiltrated every single institution in their respective countries. It was a long game but planned and with strategy behind it. Bercow was one of them, 100% guaranteed. If this Tory abomination of a government was even remotely of the right and righteous, it would make sure Bercow had an unfortunate accident. Sally the Alley and their runt family as well. The lot of them are parasites and wouldn't be missed.

leftists morphed into the environmental brigade

Identity politics came later

No it didn't, the politics of race were being implemented bit by bit from the 60's. After Bush (senior) NWO speech in 1990 and the fall of Bolshevism, the left and their globalist masters actively pushed mass immigration upon Western and Northern Europe, North America and Oceania. The green agenda was just another tool to batter us over the head with.

The leftwing doctrine battered their white populations with endless stories of race. When I was at school through the 80's, the green agenda was hardly mentioned. It was race drip fed into everything and the evils of Empire.

The race question has been ongoing for nearly 400 years in the main. People were fighting race, when the industrial revolution was still an infant. The green agenda was jumped on by the left in the 90's, when the class war was over. That was real Labour being taken over by a bunch of druggie university "liberal" types. Old Labour wouldn't answer the door to mobs like Greenpeace and co. Old Labour was industry, New Labour is anti-industry.



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