John C. Wright #crackpot #homophobia #fundie

{from 2017}

Before YOUNG JUSTICE, my favorite show was LAST AIRBENDER. That show came back from the dead with LEGEND OF KORRA, But the writers there rewarded my love and loyalty with the ceremonial spit in the face of Christ with their LGBT antics.

A sly hint of it was intruded at the last minute in a way that simply made no sense given the plot so far, so that the PCniks could claim, among themselves, that AIRBENDER supported homosex, but so that anyone who criticized could be demonized and dismissed as someone who objected to two girls “holding hands.” See how that works?

Unfortunately the email by the writers saying that the innocent handclasp and soulful look in the eye between the butch, athletic tomboy girl and the feminine girl in lipstick was exactly their intent to show the erotic love between them. (Not that the PC-niks halt or slow their accusations merely because of facts.)



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