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Jeff Younger’s battle against gender-affirming care in Texas became a cause célèbre[…]Become even more radicalized[…]
Claimed that “Jewish students and others have called for the elimination of White people for three decades now”[…]
Professed a belief in “racial differences in intellectual ability.” When[…]Sameera Khan wrote “Authoritarianism is good,” Younger reposted her statement, adding “Analysis: True”[…]
During his interview with Stew Peters, Younger claimed that the question of gender-affirming care for minors is a “more morally obvious question than the slavery question.” And he complained that “you can’t get legislators in conservative states like Texas to protect kids”[…]
“Christian, white males need to be pumping out a future generation of post-apocalyptic warlords, because that’s exactly where we’re heading,” he said

Peters then asked Younger what “entity” or “group of people” is “behind all this”

Younger replied that, according to The Transgender Industrial Complex, it’s “mainly Jewish-controlled NGOs in cooperation” with the “far-left”[…]Added that the “same NGOs that are bringing in illegal immigrants in the United States are the ones that’ve pushed transgenderism,” and that the “largest donors to the Republican Party support this”[…]
Peters asked Younger what the “mechanism for victory” is, since his ex-wife and children reside in California. “I think the mechanism of victory, though, is not in the courts”[…]
“So the interesting thing here is, like in chess they say that the threat of a move is stronger than the move itself,” he continued

“It forces the opponent to weaken himself by making mistakes. … ‘Cause he fears this thing. So the whole concept here is we have to keep alive the threat of political violence. And I wanna make it very clear, I’m not making any specific threats. I’m not making a call to violence. I’m simply saying what the Founders said. And if you actually want to make change, people have to be afraid of you”



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