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( @Artraven )

spoilerObama is a Muslim
He was born in Kenya
His "parents" were CIA
His college admissions and tuition
were greased by Saudi Arabia
He should never have been POTUS
His Elections were rigged
His birth certificate is forged
He hates the United States of America
Someone had to say it.

( @TheFrankster )
@Artraven And the democrats love him for it. If things like this continue this country will implode.

@Artraven and trump exposed it, its why they are relentlessly attacking him


( @californiasailor )

( @OKAmerika )

I am firmly convinced that Obama's father was a black American communist agent working for the Soviet Union named Frank Marshal Davis.

The Kenyan birth story is a smokescreen to hide the fact that Barack Obama was the natural born communist son of a 50-year-old black child pornographer and rapist of underage white girls, including Obama's mother, who appeared in his pornographic photos and publications. She got impregnated by him in the process and he never went to jail for it.



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