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Here's how moronic the whole climate change thing is. They are demonizing carbon with no thought that this is a carbon-based existence. So if all life is carbon-based and we go and wage war on carbon, then aren't we shooting ourselves in the foot? Everything recycles down here. The pressure underneath the ocean floor spews out oil into the ocean and the ocean recycles it daily. That is a natural function of the earth. If the earth did not recycle, we would be toast.

For example, they worry about air pollution (as well as many other things because they are just a miserable lot of people). Polluted air is heavier than pure air. If you shut down all factories and automobiles, then the polluted air will settle to the ground and it will recycle. In cities where pollution is a problem is because they keep pumping it into the air every day. The problems these crybabies whine about are not real.

Let's look at what God says:

Gen 8:22 "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease."

So He's promising us that while we're here that He will ensure things continue so we can live. Notice He first said "seedtime and harvest?" This is a firm statement that He will keep the climate working normally so that we can grow crops - that we can farm and have food. If the climate ever got out of whack all life would perish eventually.

I mentioned very little here. There's a lot more that debunks this nonsense. The point is, they don't think anything through. They are just a bunch of parrots (useful idiots) that only follow the narratives they are given because they won't think for themselves.

So . . .I'm pro-carbon



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