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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: worshipping the image of a long haired Caucasian man nailed up onto an unfolded Saturn Cube with a Babylonian Sun disk halo behind his head, is about as blasphemous as it gets.

I know it’s not easy to let go of him. I was a Christian for most of my life until I started actually doing real and honest research on the matter. I know that these realizations can be a jarring experience and there are many who will choose to simply lie to themselves rather than face reality. I used to love the guy too. I used to love a lot of people and things that I no longer do. That’s life.

This Jesus character is most obviously just another one of the many avatars of the Progenitor of the Demiurge and is very much of this world and not of God. The original Creator God would never need a worldly middle man. Only an imposter would need to continually create avatars over the eons to be worshipped.


I believe that many of the Mesoamerican cultures are in fact older than Sumerian cultures and we can see that the Saturn and Cross symbols were deeply embedded within their mythos as well.



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