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In Germany, gay Roman Catholic priests are coming out, literally, and demanding that it is time for the world to see the ‘true diversity’ of the Roman Catholic church, and to demonstrate that the Body of Christ is ‘wonderfully queer’. Hoo boy. They are doing it, they say to put an end to ‘discrimination and exclusion’. To borrow an expression from the lukewarm evangelicals, there is a lot to ‘unpack’ here, so let’s get right to it.

It’s not so much that the Roman Catholic church is getting ready to welcome the LGBTQ into the fold, so to speak, because they are already doing that now on many levels. Pope Francis and his infamous remark of “who am I to judge?” when confronted with homosexuality in their church really tells you everything you need to know. But as the One World Religion continues to assemble itself, this type of thing will be ‘par for the course.’ Yes, the Roman Catholic church will embrace the LGBTQ, but also the Muslims, the Buddhists, the agnostics and just about everyone else including Bible-deficient Charismatics who are anxious to ‘return to Mother Rome’. Revelation 17 and 18 are quite clear as to who Mystery Babylon and the Great Harlot are, and guess what? It is the Roman Catholic church and the Vatican state respectively.

Regarding the ‘queering’ of the Body of Christ, let me just say that that idea is demonic in nature and satanic in execution, and can only happen in the counterfeit Roman Catholic “church” which is in no wise the Church that Jesus shed His blood to create on the cross. You can queer up the body of the Roman Catholic church members, that’s for sure, but the Body of Christ? No sir, those gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.



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