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The J-Seals Removal Session

- Original Divine Blueprint restored
- the removal of these J-seals is the most important thing a person can do at this point in time
- better connection to Higher self
- assists in the DNA activation process
- receive much more intuition from your Higher self and you can start making your free-will choices in line
with the Higher self
- a natural light will be restored, not only to us, but the Earths Crystalline Grid
The J-Seals (Jehovian Seals) are referred also as the Death Seals and are located at the planetary level. They were placed in the Earth's grid about 200,000 years ago, and every human being born has the 7 seals within their own energetic grids. It is especially important to have these 7 seals removed to restore our organic imprint for optimal health and well being. All beings have these seals. Since the Earth and our bodies are built the same energetically, and they share certain energetic connections and we inherit these Jehovian Seals at birth. They are located on the left side of the body. The removal of J seals is a distant healing session where we remove the 7 unnatural J-Seals. These seals may manifest dis-ease in their respective locations.
Apart from the J-Seals there are other implants and seals which affect your DNA template. These seals and energetic implants also include the Templar Seal, the Templar Axion Seal, the Cell Death Programs (Apoptosis), the Crown of Thorns, Avalon Seal, KCU’S – Karmic Containment Units, the Zeta Seal and the Tower of Babel Seal.

Other implants removed:

Arrchon genetic engineered entities or Suppressor Parasites (SPE's), Chest/Heart harness, Dodecahedron mind control harness, Fleur de lis artifacts, Distorted DNA seed code artifacts, illuminati and reptile implants, vampire and predator implants, Distorted Arc Codes, Vesica Pisces implant, Solar Cross, Breeder implants, Predator implants, Reversal polarity, Gender splitting, Genetic experiments, etc...and more.

<Digital - $45.12>

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Extreme Gentleman Spell, Strongest Manhood Magic, Virility & Masculinity Transformation, Become The Irresistible Aura, Black Magic

The gentleman alpha male is a figure that radiates presence, casting a light upon the surroundings. He stands at the center of society as a confident and reassuring leader. His existence ripples through the air like a breeze that commands attention. In his eyes, there is a light that gleams with determination and wisdom, a glow not only emanating from the depths of his inner world but also guiding those who follow him.

The gentleman alpha male is not defined solely by physical strength but also by the powerful vision and emotional intelligence within his mind. This influential leader is someone who understands responsibilities, faces challenges with courage, and inspires others. At every step, he possesses a stance that narrates an epic, casting light upon his surroundings.
In the realm of a community, the alpha male mirrors a work of art, demonstrating the strong bonds, collaboration, and celebrations of success. Ultimately, he seeks balance and harmony not only in the external world but also within his own being. He is a true leader who has found his powerful roots, inspiring those around him and embodying the integrity of an artistic composition.

With this ancient and powerful spell, I will make your aura incredibly and irresistibly intriguing.

You don't need to do anything extra. Just sit back, have full faith that your desires will come true and watch with pleasure the changes in your life one by one.

I will perform this 2 days ritual for you and I will use various special materials for you. So please do not ask for a refund because I will not accept it. The spell cannot be broken or undone, keep that in mind and think twice before you buy. Remember, the effects start immediately, but it may take some time for you to see more clearly.


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It is through the KINESES powers that one creates movement through there energy . This is a real supernatural phenomenon that will allow you to control every aspect of everything ! Things , places , object , people , spirits , wind , water , earth , and so much more !It is the kineses powers also known as the kinetic supernatural abilities that are perhaps the most phenomenal powers that once can possess . These abilities will be binded to you so that you are the a skilled master of KINESES SUPERNATURAL POWERS! You manipulate anything and create physical tangible movement as you speak it into existence . The following abilities will be aligned to you !

Aurakinesis...manipulate auras

Anthropokinesis...manipulate humans
Gerontokinesis...manipulate the age of living things including yourself

Chronokinesis gain the ability to travel through time
***Mystokinesis...manipulate magic most extreme power that allows you to manifest all magick in real time once mastered and gives you magickal KINESES powers identical to god like abilities . ( note : This power requires utmost patience and focus )

Omnikinesis...manipulate the omniverse

**Immortal KINESES ..... manipulate and increase your immortal lives add to power , live multiple lives at once !!

Hypokinesis...possess martial arts

Asterokinesis...manipulate stellar energy

Amarikinesis...manipulate wealth

📝last but not least YOU WILL OWN THE FULL spectrum of KINESES powers . This is a clan1313 exclusive and will be performed priority . It is a direct binding to aura and energy.

🌟Please note THIS LISTING IS FOR a digital download that includes your full update and a psychic reading . This is not a physical item . WE DO NOT PROMISE ANY OUTCOMES AND TEXT IN THIS LISTING IS SOLELY FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT . You are purchasing a digital item which includes detailed text of your work and a full psychic reading.


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RE: MANIPULATION SPELL For Controlling Others | Influence The People Around You and Have Them Do Your Bidding

(Carmella Navarro)
I cant believe it! It all feels too good to be true. I have tried lots of different spells on Etsy for the past year, but I am so grateful to have found angelakaska! The boy that I liked became obsessed with me after purchasing this spell, despite never having noticed me at all before :) We soon met up and had some of the most amazing sex ive ever had! I feel as though my sex drive, confidence, and attraction factor are all through the roof. All of these positive effects at such a good price is a bargain! I will definitely be back for more

(J Bautista)
The best Sex Spell on Etsy by far! I Was shocked to see how fast the results started taking place. I have become irresistible to everyone around me, and have recently developed two new FWB relationships with beautiful women I would have once thought were out of my league. Angel Akasha is the best out there!

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(NOTE: For context, those are a few of the reviews to a supposed mind control spell.)

(Ashley Hill)
It worked, and then some. He's obsessed with me, obedient, and even submissive. He offers to pay for everything, to take me shopping, tells me he's going to give me the world. At one point he even said those three words and that he felt like he had to be under a spell. My jaw almost dropped. So yeah, if you're looking for a sign, this is it!


(Nell Fusini)
Amazing!!! It's like he just can't stay away from me. He wants me badly lol giving me all the attention I need. No more being ignored and neglected. Still hoping for the three words. Fingers crossed. But ski is truly gifted

(Queens Dominations)
Ski is a BEAST she's Extremely Gifted at her craft. This PM Spell is working for me like a Charm and it's not even close to (Full Manifestation) I've been granted Gifts-Money-Favor with my Financial Institution.....need I say more 💜🖤💜

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Puppet Master Spell, Mind Control Spell, Domination Spell, Love Only Me Spell, Thought Implantation, Love Spell, Revenge Spell, Karma Spell

EUR 61.50

Do you want to control a certain person or situation and bend reality in your favor? Let me help!

I am offering this at a very discounted rate, allowing you to work someone like a puppet

I use puppet master oil, demon Dantalion (mind control is his specialty), Belial (revenge and payback) and a spirit I use which only I have access too

Use this to take control of your life

This spell works by bending reality to your favor. There are an infinite amount of possibilities out there and a lifeline exists where you have/get what you want. This spell transfers you that that lifeline.

I take precautions to make sure there is no negative karma or backfiring with my work on my customers. That is my personal guarantee.

To order: Please leave your name and your persons, birthdates if you have them and a photo if you wish

Some customers who have used Puppet Master :

-- Yesterday, I did Puppet Master ritual on someone to persuade then to send me $1,000 for school. Within an hour they sent me EXACTLY $1,000!

I also used PM.....

...... on the judge in a court case to influence her to be annoyed with my opposition and their lawyers...At the final hearing to rule she was short and critical with them but nice to me and my lawyer.

....To make my bf (plan on leaving him soon) not badger me so much for sex and watch porn more instead. He is doing so.

....To make my dad see what a b*tch backstabber Narcissist my sister is and after the trial (2/9/21), he texted her saying he regrets believing a word she ever said, that he refuses to speak to her, and "only has ONE daughter now".

-- My favorite hex potion, get this and watch the amazing happen...I love Belial's energy.

This spell is like ketchup, "use it on everything." I just love this spell. The best mind control ever! I use this potion to make my ex sign paper that she keep promise never to sign. This potion works great"

Please note: This is not for a physical product, nothing will be mailed to you. Spell work done by me.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, including magic. There are not refunds after I cast.

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Werecheetah Transformation Spell PERMANENT & REAL Werecat Shapeshifting Spell Animal Spell


Werecheetahs are strongly independent and are built for speed, not strength. BUT keep in mind that a cheetah is still a WILD animal.. Use at your OWN risk and if theirs ever a time where you do not wish to turn into a werecheetah on the night of the full moon(or just in general), just perform the "Shapeshifting Suppression Ritual" from my shop. It's a POWERFUL binding ritual that will PREVENT you from shapeshifting, as long as your WEARING the item you perform the ritual on. If you wish to become a hybrid of two supernatural creatures, you can perform the "Supernatural Chimera Bath Ritual" from my shop. The Merkaba Spell in the listing will PERMANENTLY heighten any and all of your supernatural abilities to its highest and fullest potential because it will make your soul, chakras, and energy fields radiate and VIBRATE in 20 different directions!!

Due to Etsy's Policies, I Am Required To State:

The law requires that spell and other items that fall into the realm of paranormal are to be sold for entertainment purposes only and that you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase them. I am also not responsible for anything that may or may not happen as a result of my spells or rituals. Our products should not be used as a substitution for medical/Legal/Financial or any other professional advice. Instead we would encourage you to seek advice from professionals. I am not responsible for your transformation or any paranormal events of happenings. Use at your own risk.