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[From “How the West could co-opt Zionism to rein in Islam and the Left”]

World Jewry is behind the radical Left and the Islamo-African invasion of the West, but Zionism has a script to follow, and it is one that could be exploited for Western gain

Zionism is a tool for world Jewry (elite Jews)[…]For many average Jews (especially conservative ones), Zionism is the end[…]These are the kind of Zionists with which the West could ally in order to help battle world Jewry’s greater plans of using the Left and Islam to clear the world of whites, Christians, and conservatives in preparation for their world Communist Hasidic empire

The Zionist script is fundamentally nationalistic, moralistic, and ethno-centric, which is what the West had been up until about the 1960s when world Jewry introduced their immigration schemes and cultural Marxism. World Jewry doesn’t care for nationalism because world Jewry is cosmopolitan[…]
The trick for us is to use the Western-friendly aspects of Zionism to keep Islam and the Left under control[…]World Jewry knows that Zionism does not have the full support of the West and conservatives, and it prefers it this way so that it doesn’t have to push too hard in advancing the conservative values that little Jews want[…]World Jewry just advances Zionism enough that it suits their cause of keeping the Middle East perpetually destabilized[…]draining America and Britain’s reserves, and in turning the world against the West[…]
World Jewry fears the little Jews realizing that they are being played by their elder brothers, so they must meet their demands[…]
More Jews would have to support Zionism[…]Zionism is losing a lot of support in Israel itself, as many Israeli Jews are moving toward the Left. The evidence of this is the growing support for LGBT, unfettered immigration, and anti-Zionism in Israel. The popular anti-Bibi rhetoric is an effect of this and not some awakening to the Soviet Israel control over the region as it might seem

Fundie Fight!

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[From "Moscow Makow drops his mask"]

It’s taken years for Henry Makow to let his mask slither down his face to expose the snake that he is

But he has fully exposed himself now.

After years of using the lure of anti-Feminism and anti-Sabbateanism to build his audience, the Polish Jew from Winnipeg is now feeding his helpless readers a steady diet of propaganda manufactured in the Lubyanka. It’s as if the KGB/GRU’s Operation Trust officers in charge of these fake alternative media “analysts” have given orders to intensify shilling because an end game scenario is right around the corner and the game of pretenses is no longer necessary

Once you take away the deception that Russia is an anti-globalist dissident fighting the Jews and the “evil West”, what is left? Russia is nothing but a long impoverished multi-ethnic state run by a cabal of criminal Jewish mobsters seeking world domination—the same as it was under Gorbachev, Khrushchev, Stalin, and Lenin. Nothing has changed but the design of the national flag and the official titles of the country and its massive internal security apparatus (Putin even reverted the national anthem back to the Soviet one, although without lyrics). If you haven’t figured this out by now, you absolutely must read the revelations of late Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn in New Lies for Old and The Perestroika Deception[…]
Moscow Makow’s game seemed to be to allow some dissenting views on his site—his alibi
Makow begged his readers to financially support fellow Jew-in-Kremlin shillery “Brother” Nathanael Kapner, a member of the KGB-controlled Russian Orthodox Church[…]Moscow Makow’s pro-Kremlin, anti-Western propaganda is a daily thing now both on his site and on his social media accounts
If the West is so evil and Satanic[…]why does he still live in the West? Perhaps Makow should put his money where his mouth is and go live in Russia, the “workers paradise”

Timothy Fitzpatrick #conspiracy #racist fitzinfo.net

[From "The kabbalistic roots of today’s hyperinflation"]

The Judaeo-Bolshevik long-range goal of destroying free-market capitalism might finally be realized through the current trend of worldwide hyperinflation

Although the current usurious bankster-inspired inflationary environment is not the result of an inherent defect of the free market, it is and will continue to be presented as if it were, as per the Soviet long-range strategy of discrediting capitalism[…]
When prices get so out of reach for the average Western person, the only ones who can afford to buy are banks, institutional investors, government, and individual billionaires. That seems to be the first goal of this hyperinflationary period: consolidation of assets into the hands of a few (the banks, press, and governments of the world have already been overtaken in a similar manner, as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion said they would). The second goal seems to be to impoverish the “goyim” to the point where they are begging for a solution[…]That’s where Soviet-styled social credit may be presented as the answer[…]a centrally managed world economic system introduced—complete with implantable microchips and absolute tag-and-track technology

This diabolical conspiracy to enslave every man, woman, and child despite his God-given freedom has been aided by the dark arts. The kabbalistic concept of dialectics was formulated by the Soviets into various strategic methods, one of which is called “accelerationism”[…]
Corporations have exploited the openness and benefits of free market capitalism to the extreme[…]that the free market is now manipulated[…]Ironically, corporations have become communistic
“Russian Federation” president (CPSU General Secretary) Vladimir Putin’s foreknowledge of inflationary warfare was revealed in 2008 when he told Western journalists that their wives should learn ‘how to cook cabbage soup’