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Bernie Sanders Is Pro-Rape? Where’s the #MeToo Outrage?


While Bernie Sanders continues to tout his Socialist pipe-dream, his followers seem to not know or not care about Bernie Sanders’s views on rape. Ever since the #MeToo movement, the acceptable boundaries of flirting and sexual harassment has become smaller and smaller. Although allegations of decades old sexual abuse claims have brought down many powerful people in the #MeToo era, it seems Bernie Sanders is immune to the same level of scrutiny.

In 1972, Bernie Sanders wrote a filthy rape fantasy piece for now defunct “The Vermont Freeman.” For those Bernie-Bros who are quick to dismiss the previous, not even Left-leaning Snopes could deny Bernie’s rape fantasy stories. In Bernie’s sick rape story, he writes:

“A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously”

In another part of the article, he gets even more disturbing by making pedophile-like statement:

“Do you know why the newspapers with articles like ‘Girl, 12, raped by 14 men’ sell so well? To what in us are they appealing?”

Unfortunately, this perverted article was dismissed by Bernie Sanders staff in 2015 as, “dumb attempt at dark satire in an alternative publication intended to attack gender stereotypes in the 1970s” that in “no way reflects his views or record on women.”

Ironically, the same Bernie Sanders “staff” who attempted to justify their boss’s rape stories, were later accused of sexual harassment a year later in 2016. The allegations were so serious that Bernie had to give a public apology for his staff’s sexual abusive conduct (3 years later in 2019).


Is it a mere coincidence that Bernie Sanders openly wrote rape stories, only to have his political staff conduct themselves in sexual abuse a year later? If the Left weren’t such disgusting hypocrites, they would have shunned Sanders in 2015 and saved the sexual abuse victims from being victimized by his staff in 2016. Moreover, now that Sanders is running for President in 2020, one can only assume that this kind of sexual abuse continues in his campaign since no real repercussions seems to happen to Bernie Sanders when it comes to rape and/or sexual abuse allegations.

I call on all Leftists to live up to your #MeToo standards and call on Bernie Sanders to drop out of the 2020 Presidential race; force Bernie to personally acknowledge his role in the promotion of rape and sexual abuse within his campaign operation. By the Left staying silent on Bernie Sanders, it only shows that Democrats don’t give a damn about #MeToo, sexual abuse or womens’ safety in general. It seems as if the only time Democrats care about sexual abuse allegations is when they can be politically exploited, which underscores their lack of true empathy of victimization.

If you are for Bernie Sanders, then you are pro-rape and sexual abuse; period!


P.S. Bernie Sanders is such a hypocritical liar, he refuses to pay his staff the $15 an hour wage he touts on the campaign trail as the “should-be” minimum wage for America; what POS!

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I never thought in a million years that True Capitalist Radio would become a magnet for Autistic, Aspie, Cartoon-fetished man-children. The reason I conduct this broadcast is to create more Capitalists, provide news and commentary in a unique and entertaining fashion. It wasn’t until I brought the “shoutout” and “Radio Graffiti” segments into the broadcast is when the onslaught of Internet tards started listening to TCR in mass. I, unfortunately, condoned this audience for many years until I finally realized that these people are a waste of time, breath, effort and life.

I’ve been doing the broadcast for 10 years and have witnessed enough Autistic, Aspie, cartoon watching losers to realize that these People are nothing but burdens and dangers to our society. I personally blame the Parents, the public education system and the psychology industry for creating this problem. Not to mention, I blame society for condoning and coddling this bullshit.

In most cases, Autistic kids are just brats that either have pussy-whipped Fathers who refuse to properly discipline them, or no fathers at all. Below is a perfect example of a Autistic brat having a “meltdown” because he refuses to go to his room. The Autist begins to get physical with the Mother, until a Man (Father?) comes into the room and sternly tells the little jerk to stop his tantrum. Look at how miraculously this Autist goes from almost donkey punching and biting his Mom, to acting nice and holding her hand.


Regardless if you believe Autism and Aspies deserve “special treatment” from society, I still have the RIGHT to criticize them as a mass group because of their actions. These Autists still know how to use a computer, know how to play video games, know how to get on the Internet, know how to troll and harass others; so spare me this sympathetic rhetoric pertaining to these losers.

I have taken the brunt end of Autism & Aspies first hand, just by merely broadcasting on the Internet. I have had these Autistic tards troll, harass, stalk, threaten, send sick images and wrote companies to have me banned me from their services, etc. So I have the ethical and moral position to not only HATE these little pieces of disposable road-trash, I also believe that society should track and database these sick idiots just like we do sex offenders (most Autists I’ve encountered are actual sexual predators).

So if you are Autistic, Aspie and/or a cartoon-fetished man-child, then piss-off! You’re not wanted as a listener, you’re not wanted in the TCR community and you’re no wanted PERIOD! I would NEVER affiliate or be friends with you Autists or Aspies, nor would I spit on you all if you were on fire. So let it be known from now on, Ghost and the True Capitalist Radio show are done with being ANY KIND of entertainment for Autistic, Aspie, Cartoon-fetished wastes of life!

Please make sure to pass that on to your other Autistic, Aspie or cartoon-fetished derelict peers. True Capitalist Radio will NOT condone ANYMORE segments that attracts these kinds of defective people. And if this blogpost triggers you, then go donkey your Mom!

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QAnon Followers Are No Better Than Low IQ Leftists


It’s been a month since the Capitalist Army DOXED QAnon. But since then, QAnon has all of a sudden become “mainstream.” The whole reason we DOXED QAnon was to prevent the mainstream media from making the Right-Wing look like morons. My argument was; if we on the Right accept this QAnon troll, then we are NO BETTER than the lunatic Left.

It didn’t take long for the previous to become a reality. Ever since ignorant and gullible morons showed up in mass to a recent Florida Trump Rally with “QAnon” shirts, signs and other apparel, the mainstream media has had a field-day making the Right-Wing look like complete conspiracy buffoons. MSM is making the Right look like the same simpletons who blindly follow the “dunce from the Bronx” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Which is what we were trying to prevent by outing this Q-Anon ass clown.

But now that so many on the Right believe this troll, its time for those of us on the side of rational truth to shun these naïve, low “IQ” piles of protoplasm. Q-Anon followers have turned the tables, and have us looking like the “crazy side.” If one tries to explain to a Q-follower that this whole thing is a troll, with proof, evidence and facts, they are in complete denial. This is exactly what Leftist do!

Let’s say, the for the sake of argument, that Q-Anon is “real,” and that he’s military intelligence who “tapped” Trump to be POTUS and is giving Trump orders. Then this technically undermines Trump himself, making him look as if he is a puppet of “Q-Anon;” giving credence to the Leftist narrative that Trump “doesn’t know what he’s doing.” It also completely ignores the genuine sacrifices of Trump (life, family, wealth, etc.) to actually run for President. It also undermines genuine soldiers of TRUTH like Julian Assange, who ALWAYS released unaltered facts and information; unlike the linguistically ambiguous rhetoric of QAnon. Even Wikileaks calls QAnon a “Piped Piper” operation.

Its time for those of us who ACTUALLY aided (and put their Freedom at risk for obtaining and/or disseminated information) in the election of Donald Trump in 2016 to call out these simple-minded morons falling for this QAnon garbage. Q-Anon followers are more dangerous to the Right-Wing (politically) than ANY Leftist, for Q-followers are molding the rest of us into a category of crazy that is a HUGE turn-off to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack (you know, the regular voters).

And from my and the Capitalist Army’s investigations, we genuinely believe that Leftists are behind this QAnon troll. But you can talk and prove this till you’re blue in the face with these Q-followers, and they will still believe this troll no matter what. At this point, Q-followers are no different that the LGBTQ when attempting to legitimize the sexualization of children. Now that I think about it, why is Q-Anon (supposedly against pedophiles, pizzagate, etc.) posting on the notoriously pedophile friendly 8-chan? Really makes you think, huh?


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Democrats have recently attempted to emotionally hi-jack the immigration issue by highlighting the law that forces authorities to separate immigrant children from their families. Yet, these same bleeding hearts don’t question the dangerous journey it took to cross the American border illegally. Nor do they emphasis that fact that Mexico has NO AGE OF CONSENT. Moreover, these same Democrats ignore the FACT that this policy was passed by the Dems themselves, activated in 2007 under President George W. Bush via Department of Homeland Security (Public Law 107-296 -Nov. 25.2002 ‘116 STAT. 2205’ page 70), and then accelerated under Obama’s administration. But the political emotional vampires with their weaponized goons in the media have somehow pointed the blame for this policy on President Trump?

Aside from the origin of the policy, the Obama administration used this child-separation law to hand over the children in question to child traffickers. Where was the so-called Liberal emotional outcry back then? Where was the Liberal virtue signaling when Obama’s Department of Justice, under Eric Holder, distributed high-caliber guns to Mexican drug cartels with the intention of “tracking” them (those same guns ended up at the scene of a dead border patrol agent and ended up with ISIS during the terrorist act in Paris)?

Are Democrats above the law? How can they continue to get away with these type of high crimes, and yet still have People who vote for them? Is the recipe as simple as what the Democrats are currently doing with this “child-separation” nonsense; emotional bull shit? The more emotional you shape the political narrative, the more naïve morons forget the criminality of Democrat politics?

Those of us who see through this bogus political attempt at emotional virtue signaling via child exploitation, know that the Democrats don’t care about America. Hence, why the Democrats care more about illegal immigrants and/or criminals than they do about the vary constituency that elected them into power. In 2018, a vote for Democrats means you hate your own country and are consenting to its destruction. Don’t believe me? Remember the of life under the Obama administration; no jobs, food stamps, welfare and sell us out to Globalists. WE WILL NOT GO BACK!

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White Nationalism = Socialism

Why are Antifa and White Nationalists “fighting” each other when both sides want the same thing? Socialism! When confronted with this obvious contradiction, White Nationalists have created terminology in an attempt deflect this question; the “Horse Shoe Theory.” Much like their favorite defense mechanism in debate, “the Jew;” the Horse Shoe theory provides enough rhetorical cover so that their followers don’t become disillusioned with their abstract political stances. But no amount of rhetorical redundancy can eliminate the modus operandi of White Nationalism; Socialism.

How can White Nationalists tout that minorities are welfare receiving, inferior races? When its White Nationalists themselves who are advocating their own submission to the State, with their WHITE hands out waiting for a subsidized existence? By advocating Socialism, White Nationalists are admitting that White folk are incapable of independence and self-preservation without coercion of State authority. Much like how the modern LGBTQ movement has used State power to assert “its” perspective on society.

White Nationalism itself is NOT a natural and organic means of social organization if the State is needed for its existence. Much like Communism, White Nationalism has to be forced onto a populous, which molds the perspective of the masses into its man-made ideas. This is the basis of ALL Communist models throughout contemporary history.

Unlike the individual Freedom of Capitalism, White Nationalism uses the same politically-romantic collective language as the Communists. They emphasize the need for collective unity, recognition and justice; which are the same adherents of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. So are these groups really enemies?

I’ve personally called out the main mouth pieces of the White Nationalist movement on the hypocrisy mentioned previous, only to be purposely ignored. For they know, they can’t articulate the contradictions of their abstract political views. They are nothing more then Nazi cos-players who use the Internet to organize groups of disenchanted life losers who need someone else to blame for their own bad decisions. Just LIKE ANTIFA!


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LGBTQ Slippery Slope? Man Wants To Become Genderless Alien.

In a previous article in which I highlighted the organized LGBTQ movement’s ambition towards children, I asked the readers, ” What’s next?” It seems that people within the LGBTQ movement are moving the bounds of morality simply for vindictive shock value, or these people are suffering the side-effects of psychosis due to being infected with HIV/AIDS. Either way, the more disgustingly perverted the LGBTQ gets, the more support they lose from sympathetic supporters.

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, the LGBTQ comes up with more disturbing ways to take its “movement.” Below is a video of a man who wants to become a “genderless alien.” Now remember, if you are repulsed or appalled by this person, then according to the LGBTQ movement, then you are a homophobic bigot.


As you can see, this slippery slope continues on this downward fall towards the ridiculously perverted. If you listen at around 4:00, this genderless alien talks about wanting to adopt children. Now what is it about the LGBTQ movement and their infatuation with children? One can only assume, based on how they define their existence on how the like to have sex, the LGBTQ has a sexually nefarious motive for this children fetish.

Regardless how one justifies it, this LGBTQ slippery slope continues and will not stop. They got hate crime bills, new definition of marriage and the general acceptance of America; not even these special privileges (not equality) can pacify the perverted appetite of these people. So unless voices on the civilized side of the LGBTQ start denouncing these type of freaks from their community, their movement will take a giant step back. And when that happens, the majority of people are not going to care. For the evidence of LGBTQ’s past will speak for itself in the future.


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Not a Slippery Slope? LGBTQ Are Now Going After Children!

I remember when proponents of the so-called LGBT movement said that they needed hate laws to “protect” them, and they got it. I remember when LGBT wanted “gay marriage,” insisting it was not a sexual “slippery slope;” and they got it. Now it’s legal to have sex with animals in Canada and now they’re coming after your children.

irst of all, I don’t care what your sexual orientation is; exposing children to sexuality (homo or hetero) only helps desensitize pedophilia. And now that the organized LGBTQ movement have achieved all its past supposed grievances (hate crime bill, gay marriage, etc), what else do they have to fight for?

Lest we forget that we’re talking about a group of people (LGBTQ) who define their life’s identity on how they like to f*ck. And if one’s existence is defined by lust and carnality, then what does that truly say about one’s modus operandi? Below is a video that may answer that question.


What you just witnessed is a microcosm of the slippery slope” that the LGBTQ movement said was a rhetorical figment of religious imaginations over 20 years ago. That “rhetorical figment” has become reality. Are we, as mature adults who are supposed to protect children, just going to accept this pro-pedo behavior? Is this the reason why the Leftist LGBTQ movement champions Islam and the protection of its sexually accepted practices?

This is NOT a Right or Left political issue! You are either pro-pedophile or you believe (like I do) that pedophilia should be an automatic death sentence. This is the last line of morality left in our morally bankrupt society. If we cross this line, what will be next? Legalized sex sacrifices, cannibalism and/or necrophilia? Don’t think it’s out of the question! Everyone ignored the “slippery slope” the last time.


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It seems as if Ghost has found the kryptonite of words for Liberals in modern-day America; “poz-hole.” It seems Jack and his fruity team at Twitter can’t seem to stand this term; does this mean most of the staff at Twitter is infected with the AIDS? This is a serious question, for I have noticed a pattern with People with HIV/AIDS. It seems, through mere observation, that people with HIV/AIDS need to be reevaluated mentally; they are a danger to society in more ways than one. And that’s the reason the term “poz-hole” is being censored by those with AIDS/HIV in positions of power and/or influence.

Let’s just give you a few examples. First one that comes to mind is Black Lives Matter leader, DeRay McKesson (good friend of Jack from Twitter). Deray once compared fighting HIV/AIDS to Black strife and is a HIV/AIDS activist himself. Only folks I know that are active in such activism are usually infected the virus. Moreover, Deray McKesson’s activism has resulted in him using Black Lives Matter as a tool of Black self-destruction by instigating rioting and destroying its own communities. He purposely travels the country doing this to communities he doesn’t even reside in. Why would a “Black activist” inspire the destruction of his own People?

Second “poz-hole” that comes to mind is Democrat operative Scott Foval, who was exposed by Project Vertias for organizing riots & violence (aka birddogging). Foval has been open about being “poz” for 8 years in a piece he wrote for HuffPo in 2011. So why would someone infected with a deadly disease have no problem hurting other people? What in Scott Foval’s AIDS infected head makes him believe that this is acceptable behavior?

Other “poz-holes” that comes to mind are the Liberal lunatics who were caught inside of Comet Pizza (of all places) by Project Veritas planning a terrorist attack on a Trump inaugural event. Below is a video of these “poz-hole” terrorists.

I could probably keep listing “poz-hole” examples, but I think you get the point. Hurt people, hurt people! And I think America needs to have a dialogue about people with AIDS/HIV, and whether or not they’re mentally fit to hold ANY position of leadership and/or authority. We, as a society, need to come to grips with the reality that AIDS/HIV affects the brain in those infected and America must shine light on this FACT!

Now I know the organized LGBTQ movement (who are now promoting sex to children) will say that this blog is “hate speech.” But I can tell you “poz-holes” this, my words could never damage the world like a group of “poz-holes” who are blaming the world for taking bad meat in the can. Many people who are HIV/AIDS infected are using the virus like a slow ticking suicide vest, trying to take as many people down with them. And if one analyzes most “poz-holes,” you’ll find similar patterns mentioned previous.

So, in closing, the term “poz-hole” is the new taboo word on the Internet! Is it because Silicon Valley mostly have HIV/AIDS? And even if they do, what are they hiding? It’s time America starts talking about this genuine danger to our country.

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The Assault on President Trump is America’s Biggest Threat to National Security.

The mainstream media, the political class and the deep state have shown their true authoritarian colors by stopping at nothing to undermine the Peoples’ vote with their nonstop assault on President Trump. The consortium mentioned previous are working in concert in an attempt to remove President Trump, which will set a blatant precedent that People’s vote is truly ceremonial. The American People spoke loud and clear that the vision laid out by then candidate Trump was the direction the People wanted to take the country. Yet, at every single direction, President Trump has been betrayed, character assassinated and stymied by the very bureaucratic system he was elected to be in charge of. This, in itself, is the biggest threat to America’s national security since the American Civil War.

This rouge consortium truly believes (based on their actions) that they are the true secret authority to America. When Trump won the presidency by an overwhelming number of electoral college votes, the plan to undermine his presidency was already set into motion. The “Russia meddling in the election” narrative was rolled out by this consortium and amplified by the MSM.

The unfortunate part about this 24/7 news cycle is that it’s very easy to forget. When then President Obama was asked about the election being “rigged” back in August of 2016, he laughed with arrogance and ridiculed the notion of a rigged election. Video below:

Now how did Obama and his surrogates go from this perspective of “rigged elections” to the elections were meddled with(whatever that means) by Russians? Simple answer, the political class lost the Presidency. Establishment Republicans throughout the primaries and election of 2016 made it clear that they had no problem with Hillary Clinton winning the election, for Hillary was one of them and not an “outsider” to their class system like Trump. Hence, why Republican politicians are championing this Russia/Trump narrative with the Democrats, MSM and the deep state today.

The next question, what’s the glue keeping all these people who support the consortium of the MSM, political class and the deep state together? Simple answer, money; the ability to fleece the American tax system and redistribute it to themselves and supporters. Case in point, The Stimulus Package 2 aka American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Stimulus Package 2 (SP2) was the biggest wealth transfer in American history. It literally was a payoff to everyone who donated and supported the Obama and Democrat campaigns of 2008 (they were in charge of Congress and the Presidency at the time). If one breaks down the almost $1 trillion given away in SP2, one will find that the most vocal critics and haters of now President Trump received a piece of this trillion dollar fleece job. So it’s NOT political philosophy keeping these people together, it’s their ability to rob America blind and share the loot amongst themselves.

This is why the nonstop assault on President Trump from this consortium is the biggest threat to national security. If they are somehow successful at removing Trump from office, then it will truly be the end of America as we know it; for what’s to stop them from perpetuating these treasonous actions again and again? And what gives this consortium the Right to do all this? Silence! Silence is consent! So if you’re only political during election cycles, then you’re playing right into their hands.

We’re a government made for the People and by the People! But if most of the People fall asleep at the wheel, then who is in charge of steering the ship?



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Dear President Trump: How To Combat The Russia Narrative

Mr. President,

There is a current psyop coup attempting to overthrow your authority that is comprised of the Political Class, the mainstream media and factions of the Deep State. This consortium of groups are attempting to reshape the perspective of the general America populous in an attempt to seed acceptance in the minds of the masses for your removal. You must use all form of mass communication to combat this message before they build a general consensus.

First thing you must do is to spin the Russia narrative around on this consortium. They have successfully created a bad image of Russia in the minds of the American masses. So use the mass mental momentum and turn it around against them. With the documentation of their own words, show how those conspiring against you are hypocrites, liars and traitors to the United States.

As of this morning, ex-CIA director Leon Panetta was on CNN pandering to the fake news that you released “Classified material to the Russians.” You should point out to the masses that Leon Panetta isn’t even loyal to America, and the proof is in this video below of him claiming that Congress is ceremonial and that Obama’s administration answered to NATO and/or the UN for military authority.


America wouldn’t be too happy if they knew this information. Moreover, Panetta said this to your now Attorney General Jeff Sessions with arrogance and hubris; which is how this consortium mentally operates. By showing America that the Deep State doesn’t work for the People and are acting for unknown international authorities, it discredits Deep State talking heads from getting on a Patriotic soapbox.

Combatting the Russia narrative is just as easy. Instead of trying to persuade Americans about Russia, use Russia’s bad image to your advantage. Pose the question to your critics, if Russia is so bad, then why did Barack Obama say this about Russia during the third Presidential debate against Mitt Romney in 2012? Video below:

Now after listening to Obama let off a steaming pile of hypocrisy, what he described in this debate is the very foreign policy that your administration is currently embarking on. Amplifying this is crucial, for this will confuse the message being pounded in the brains of the masses by the mainstream media. If Russia is so bad, then what changed from 2012 to 2016?

Moreover, what did Barack Obama mean by this open mic caught statement to then Russian President Medvedev? Given the fact that this incident took place in 2012, could it be insight to why US/Russia relations went south? Not to mention that he was telling this message to Medvedev to give to Vladimir Putin. Video below:

I think you get the point Mr. President. There are countless documented pieces of evidences underscoring the hypocrisy, the lies and treason of these individuals. Now it’s up to you and your people to look for more documentation, compile it and properly deliver it to the masses in an easy to understand capacity. Use their own words against them to diminish any credibility they attempt to stand on.

Good luck Mr. Presdient, we’re still out here fighting cause God knows you are.


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In yesterday’s broadcast, I kind of verbally assaulted a huge contingent of my fan base saying that “I will never be friends with adults who watch cartoons.” Now I understand that this is a broad-brushed statement, but you have to look at it from my perspective. EVERYONE that has given me a problem on the Internet (butt-stalkers, cyber tough guys, wanna be doxers, etc) have been active in cartoon fandom. This is a correlation that I can no longer ignore, nor can I palate.

This adult obsession with cartoons is a contributing factor to the immature personalities that seem to dominate modern males in America. It is not cute, fun or innocent! Cartoon fetished people seemed to have no shame of any kind, and seem to relish in the borderline pedophilia their fetish encompasses. They enjoy provoking disgust in others when referencing their cartoon fetish, and they validate their sick hobbies with other like-minded freaks they call a “community.” And when these like-minded manchildren get together, its an utter cringefest!

Let me set the record straight, if you’re a Capitalist and this is what you like to do; then that’s your business. But don’t expect me to understand your perspective or try to convince me that what you are partaking in is normal. As you have the Right as a Capitalist to be a cartoon fetished freak, I have the Right to think cartoon fetished people should be on file at their local police’s vice squad unit. There’s NOTHING that will convince me otherwise.

Lastly, the reason it seems I have a vehement hatred for cartoon fetished people is because of MY PERSONAL experience with these tards. Their actions as individuals and/or as a group has shown me that when these freakshows get together, they are a danger to themselves and to society. Their cringe-based, manchild mentality knows no boundaries when in groups. And I personally feel that leaving any children (which is who cartoons are marketed towards to begin with) with these people would end in abuse; mental and/or sexual. I genuinely, from my personal experiences with these people, believe this with all my soul.

With that said, this is why I’ve been jaded on the show lately. I am disgusted that True Capitalist Radio is a magnet for these societal degenerates. It’s hard to keep the enthusiasm and ambition to continue to broadcast knowing that I’m providing entertainment to people I probably would spit on if I saw in real life.

So keep listening if you like cartoon freaks, but know that I really can’t stand you people because of your actions. In the scheme of things, watching cartoons is harmless. But how you sick idiots manifest it into an adult fandom is disturbing, Moreover, the mentality that the fandom generates is dangerous on a many different levels, especially for the children that are exposed to these people.

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As many of you may know, a lady across the street (who lives alone) gave me some cupcakes a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t really think anything of it, I just figured she was being neighborly. That was until yesterday, right before the scheduled True Capitalist Radio show.

There was 15 minutes before the broadcast, so I took my dog Templeton outside so he can take care of his business. I was out front walking him around then, out of the corner of my eye, this lady is walking towards me with a new batch of cupcakes. She approached me and says, “Happy Cinco de Mayo!” Then proceeds to give me a container of Cinco de Mayo themed cupcakes.

Being a nice, guy I took them from her and thanked her for the last batch she made me. She smiled and said that she enjoyed making them for me and that I should “stop by some time.” And then walked back to her house across the street.

So I go back into my house with Templeton and the cupcakes, and there was Mrs. Ghost waiting with a not so happy look on her face. Mrs. Ghost proceeded to ask me why that “bitch” keeps coming up to me and baking me things. I insisted to Mrs. Ghost that I’ve only spoken with this woman twice (both of the times she gave me cupcakes) and tried to calm her down; but Mrs. Ghost wasn’t having it. Mrs. Ghost wanted to go over to the woman’s house and throw the cupcakes in her face and to tell her to leave me alone.

Meanwhile, it was like 5 minutes till the TCR broadcast and I had a potential cat fight on my hands. So I did the man thing to do and I canceled the show and spent time with Mrs. Ghost. I promised her that I am not exchanging her confections for affection and that this lady is obviously trying to cause problems. She finally agreed with me and let it go after a couple of hours.

In summation, I had to cancel the show yesterday because some lonely broad across the street gave me some cupcakes again. I prevented a potential escalated situation and took responsibility for my home; it’s tough being a man! Why is it that women want other people’s relationships instead of their own? Woman are their own biggest haters!

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As many of you well know, trolls have been a huge part of my Internet presence. I’ve been at fault in trying to Humanize this group by tailoring content for them specifically. But trolling has gone from sending pizzas and dildos, to sending militarized swat teams to peoples’ homes for “the lulz.” Aside from swatting, the Internet allows very disturbed individuals to cause trouble in one’s personal life from remote locations; sometimes countries apart. It is this contingent of trolls who will and are causing the justification for Internet regulation.

I’ve been an advocate for Internet Freedom ever since I first got on the Internet in 1993. But as more of the “general public” has gained Internet access, the virtual tools intended for closer world communication and infinite information, has turned into a fiber-optically connected wasteland filled with the socially immature and morally bankrupt populations from around the globe. This was not what the Internet was intended for, and it has resulted in what your see commonly on the Internet today.

One can’t even produce independent content without “trolls” using it as a platform for their sick, twisted and/or perverted actions. Case in point, the streamer Ice Poseidon (IP). IP streams for people who appreciate what he does (whatever that is) and produces content that is appreciated by a big audience. The problem? Trolls continuously send the swat team at IP during his live stream. The trolls have done this to IP so many times, they recently swatted him while on an airplane sitting on the runway. His most recent swatting had him in handcuffs in a squad car for over 2 hours before police realized it was a “swatting” situation. Below is a video of IP ranting about it; he is visibly upset and rightfully so.

It is situations like this that will cause the evitable censorship, regulation and governance of the Internet. Unless the Internet self-regulates itself and makes an example out of people who do this type of “trolling,” we are all going to see the end of the Internet as we know it very soon. As a long time advocate for Internet Freedom, I cringe at the thought of regulation. But as a Human being, a part of me kind of hopes Internet regulation does happen.

The Internet was one of the greatest creations of our time. But when technology got easier for regular life losers to get online, that’s when we started seeing this type of “trolling” activity. As I’ve always said, “Hurt people. hurt people.” And the Internet has given these people an unlimited number of victims to hurt. Instead of using the Internet to gain knowledge, skills or a job; many just use it for social media attention-whoring and causing virtual dramatic episodes. And if this is the case, I would rather see the end of the Internet than have it continue like this any longer.

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he galvanization of Communist/Socialist fervor seems ever expanding amongst the young. What these young people fail to understand is that they have been programmed into believing their current political perspectives. The institutions of education and media have been integral in cultivating a mass acceptance of this murderous political philosophy. But what is Communism/Socialism?

Simply put, Communism/Socialism is the complete elimination of individual thought, choice and decision. The authority of individuality is given to the State which centrally plans ALL aspects of Human behavior and activity. Moreover, all aspects of economics is given to the State and it dispenses revenues how it see fit. Ownership of business or land is completely prohibited; entrepreneurship and intellectual curiosity is persecuted.

Below is a brief video detailing what has been mentioned previous:

How can the individuals who work for the Communist/Socialist State justify this mass murder of People? One must look no further then Atheism and Dialectic Materialism. Atheism is a tenant of Communism/Socialism that is intended to dehumanize the population into believing that they are nothing but bacteria on a rock. Spirituality is purged and the only entity left to worship is the State itself.

Dialectic Materialism is the philosophy of Communism. It is comprised of two philosophical schools, merged into one. The Hegelian Dialectic philosophy is the understanding of metaphysical contradictions and their solutions (G.W.F. Hegel). For example: when one state of reality’s contradictions are exposed, a new reality is created until the contradictions from that reality are exposed, creating another new realty and so forth. In theory, the Dialectic method will continue this “new reality/contradiction” exposure until there are no more contradictions left. Hence, the utopian society.

Communists believe that waiting for the Dialectic method is redundant and time consuming. They believe they can rapidly advance the Dialectic method by force. That’s where the addition of “Materialism” comes in. The Communist Materialist philosophy believes that EVERYTHING is disposable (including Humans) to swiftly facilitate the Dialectic process. And that is how all Communists justify mass murder and death in their Godless and soulless minds; Atheism and Dialectic Materialism.

Now why is the education system and the media programming the youth to willfully accept this evil political philosophy? Because both entities would be the end authority of those institutions in a Communist State. The motive of any Communist/Socialist is to consolidate and monopolize totalitarian power for themselves. No rational and properly informed Human being would promote Communism/Socialism unless they believed they were to be awarded unadulterated power over People.

Communism/Socialism must be eliminated by any means necessary. It has shown itself to be a danger to ANY geo political mass of People. The empirical evidence proves that this philosophy is blood thirsty and power hungry, with no remorse to anyone who is murdered to achieve its political objectives. It is also the most manipulative political philosophy in the world by conning the regular People with political romanticism and promising its leaders God-like power.

Anyone promoting Communism/Socialism is just as dangerous as Islamic terrorists. Hence, why it’s no coincidence that these two murderous groups have combined forces in an attempt to destroy the West.

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It was late March of 2016, and I made the decision to bring back the True Capitalist Radio show because Donald Trump was running for President. The Internet seemed as if it was mostly unified for that short period of time. Pepe the Frog, MAGA, dank memes and 4chan’s /pol/ seemed like they dominated the Internet in its quest to elect Donald Trump. I looked forward to broadcasting at that time, for I knew I was a part of something the world had never seen. The Internet’s influence superseded the main stream media and had a direct affect on world affairs.

Later in the Summer of 2016, I announced the “Summer of Digital Chaos.” prior to the major WikiLeaks data dumps (not to mention all the other digital damage we did that year). It was a time when so many people were singularly motivated behind one belief; to make Trump President. The spirit was so intense, it was literally magical.

But that all changed once Trump was elected President. The Alt-Right personalities showed that they were nothing more than attention whores. Meme soldiers went back to playing videos games, watching cartoons or trolling for no good reason. Even 4chan’s /pol/ lost its luster by resorting back to /b/-like activity. It’s as if everyone on the Internet stopped being seriously political; as if it never happened.

It’s a sad sight to witness, but it underscores why these politicians are so confident in their corrupt ways. They know, at some point, the public stops being political and goes back to sleep. Hence, why Donald Trump has had a hard time passing his agenda even though its a Republican dominated Congress. The Internet movement that got Trump elected has abandoned him almost completely, and no one in Congress is feeling the political pressure of the once feared “Trump Train.”

Now that it’s 2017, its a completely different feeling. It’s as if the previous year never happened and the Internet is back to its useless trolling, harassing and hacking ways. What happened to the Meme Magic? Video games, trolling and cartoons killed it. And the proof? Just look around the Internet today! Instead of the Internet becoming the mainstream media, it has reverted back to the digital wasteland where people use it to exercise their evilness behind the veil of supposed anonymity.

I will never forget 2016, for I believe we will never see a year like it ever again. I’m glad I was apart of it, witnessed it and actually experienced it first hand.

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Never has their been a bigger group over-rated bureaucrats than public educators. They hide behind the children they supposedly “teach” as a virtue shield from criticism and accountability. Annually for the past 30 years, the products of their teaching have fallen more and more behind the world educational standard. And yet, State and Federal governments continue to increase funding, educator salary and allow reckless occupational tenure in this system? This is the definition of insanity! And it stops by disregarding the championing of public educators, for the fruits of their labor are mostly premature and/or rotten.

Why has public education failed American society? Well first let’s start with how teachers think collectively about the system and the products (your children) they produce. Below is former lawyer of one of the biggest Teacher’s Unions in the country, Bob Chanin, blatantly telling a convention of public educators of what they REALLY think about your children.

You heard from their lawyers mouth, “It’s not about children… It’s about POWER!” Think about that for a second: Tax Payers pay educators to educate their community’s children, and educators turn that around by unionizing against the Tax Payer while using their children as a means of obtaining “power?” What “power” are they talking about?

Well first and foremost, it’s damn near impossible to get an educator fired thanks to the teacher unions and lawyers like Chanin. Educators also get annual raises, tenured positions, retirement benefits, among an array of other perks. But what about doing their job which is educating children? It seems that educating children took a backseat to obtaining “power.” It’s almost as if this “power” is to have carte blanche to abuse your children mentally, physically and (in many cases) sexually.

Below is another teacher’s union lawyer bragging about how he defended a teacher he calls “Mike,” who was alleged to have forced students at knife-point to give him oral sex. Is this the “power” that public educators speak of?

This is the crux of the issue in reference to educators, what power do they seek and why is society allowing them to use their children to obtain it? So on this National Teachers day, I pose that question to the public educators of America. Whatever you bureaucrats are trying to accomplish has been to the determent of our society. Educators have done more long term damage to America than any foreign coercion could ever accomplish.

In closing, I say to the public educators of America that you have no Right padding yourselves on the back. You are soulless bureaucratic trash who utilize other people’s children as a weapon against them. Educators should be thrown in jail for fraud for conning Tax Payers out of billions of dollars and producing products that have fallen behind the first-world and emerging countries. We must stop respecting the “educator” label until they either start producing quality products or are all in the unemployment line. National Teacher Day should be renamed “People Who Exploit Children for Power Day.”