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Like it or not, the Branch Covidian Death Cult is part of the plan because it would be practically impossible to wake up the sleeping sheeple without killing billions of people. You’ve got MSM still spewing crap. They’ll never wake up that way…ever…never. So, I guess the guys in control of the $h!t show figured out they have to show the world what they bought into. What better way to wake someone up than a good old slap in the face. If the BCDC (Branch Covidian Death Cult) can’t wake’em up then I guess it’ll be curtains for the deaf, dumb, and blind brothers and sisters whose path and journey we cannot know. So, the BCDC is actually forcing the hands of the future…one way or another. This is the year of great revelations. If we can survive the next few years, we’ll be in for some pretty cool things coming…like a better world.

I’m looking forward to the great solar flash…a time line split and a new Earth (Tara) ascension to 5D.

The old Earth (planet Psycho) will stay in 3D and all the people who have chosen their path will continue in 3D bs.

Two planet time lines, one 3D, the other 5D. Like a single cell dividing into two. Different frequencies for both…one ascends and the other will fall into an AI dystopia.

We’re being challenged. Can we stay alive and see it through to the other side?

It’s up to each one of us as to how we play the game of life and death, because this game has moved up a notch into the down and dirty, nitty-gritty.

And this year has only just begun.



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