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Ok so basically. . . Why the fuck aren't you in the kitchen Karen. God damnit Karen give me back the kids and make me a fucking sandwich. You stole all my shit. Fuck you Karen. God damnit Karen ur my property you dumb bitch. I swear to fucking buddhism that I will beat you again
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Woman Are Fucking Property These things have multiple uses. It can cook, Clean and fuck. There should be a woman property market. FemaleRealEstate. Com is what I suggest. This multipurpose tool could revolutionise the future if we put them on sale instead of being free. Woman slavery is the way of the future. These objects are valuable.
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Women are slaves of men and should be raped to death if they are not following commands of their masters Women are slaves to men. If men want to beat women, Women should happily let him best her. She should give him all his sexual desires and should put her life on the risk to save him. Men should get the best of everything and women should get raped if they don’t listen to his every command.



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