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Honestly think how fucking much world be better if Nazis won IIWW, out technogy would be much better, because half of the world would work together, there would be less crimes, less homeless people, no political problems, better goverment in the retarded fucking braindead eastern Europe, and whole world would be purged from those filthy fucking disgusting untermanschen that only bring chaos and disorder

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Goegre Floyd was a rotten criminal. He deserves to be killed and then burn in Hell with Staan. He should have enever even been born into this world. Criminal apes need to be aborted and their little brittle baby bodies stomped on the floor and cast down to Help where they will be raped by the Devil for eternity. Fuck Goerge Floyd! Fuck his gay retarded family! Floyd was a hideous mongrel monster that never meant to be born! His mother should have had hear motherfucking tubes tied to prevent this beast creature from ever having been born at all!

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Homsoexual babies need to be aborted. They were enever meant to be born at all. Jesus heart breaks every a time a homo baby comes into this world. They shouldn't exist here at all. They shouldn't even be looked at or even be breathing. They should be banned form ever being born because God hates them! The aborted homo babies belong in Hell ehing raped and molested and penetrated by the devil's big red ffatass cick in hell! Fag Fetsues, PREPARE FOR SATANS COCK IN HELL!!! HES WAITING!!!!

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How can Americans be so stupid Buildings dont fail from jet fuel. There were bombs in the basement. Thermite was found..Military grade..No investigation of the structure..All the steel quickly loaded on ships and sent to China. No test of explosive residue..People wake up...Building7 fell at 530 no stuctural damage.. No Jewish people died in 911. They were all told to stay home...Its so obvious and in your face...But we can believe our government would kill 3000 Americans on purpose to promote their agenda in the middle east..We are so dumbed down by the media, our food, air and water..Sports, fashion music and false flag after false flag..You cant remember, 911, Sandy hook, Boston marathon, its amazing that we are so brainwashed by the television..Can't even try to think things through with your own mind..We are nothing but wasters and breeders to the new world order..We are lime cockroaches to them and they have no problem killing any of us...Wake up!!!!!!!
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Basic laws of physics. Unless Conservation of Energy can hide once an a while, 9/11 was a magic trick. Uncontrolled jet fuel (kerosene) burn does not get hot enough to weaken entire building, never mind a couple of floors. This Uncontrolled event could not result in such systematic damage to steel framed buildings, (three of them).
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Physics violations prove 9/11 a hoax The official story of 9/11 violates basic laws of physics and is therefore proven to be a massive psychopathic hoax. The official story of the Twin Tower collapses is that the falling upper blocks crushed the lower buildings. But the falling upper blocks did not decelerate when "hitting" the lower building. Thus no jolt, no transfer of momentum, a serious violation of the law of conservation of momentum. Middle school physics proves 9/11 was indeed a hoax.
Posted by: MichaelFRepor

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With my strong gorilla arms, i will right all the wrongs committed by the ugly against the righteous people.
i will surely laugh over their degraded bodies. i will also laugh at the emos, retards, people with cancer, kids with disease, and idiots in general.
Stillborn babies are weak, they make me laugh and feel even more superior.
The earth will shake to rid us from the freaky aliens. (and lots of women might get raped).

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Another one of my spare channels that I use to laugh at cancer patients and troll on dying children.

Cancer patients are the best victims to pick on because they can never win the argument.
If they ever come up with something witty or clever I can always reply with "But you're gonna be dead in a few weeks!" and I will thereby instantly win the argument.

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Yeah, it was NEVER about that. You just sucked down every drop of zionist propaganda force-fed to you by the public school system. Prior to Hitler, JEW bankers had basically destroyed Germany through USURY (a term you should become familiar with). Berlin was rife with prostitution, pornography, pedophilia etc. It was a festering wound, A disgusting filthpot thanks to the JEWS. Sounds a lot like the USA now. Degeneracy, communism, force-fed miscegenation, misandry, all brought to you by the JEWS once again. Thye NEVER stop. They are the destroyers of everything GOOD. There was always a reason for them being booted out of 108 countries. It wasn’t because they were humanitarians I can assure you that. Either way no document has ever been uncovered about any holocaust whatsoever. Stephen SpeilBERG would have you believe other wise

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Question: "Should father's be allowed to rape their daughters?"

Women are objects I don't understand why feminists care so much about consent, Women should be raped because it's natural, It happens with animals and they enjoy it because nature made sex pleasurable. Women are no different, They should be raped and used as objects by every male, Regardless of her age or relationship.
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Daughters need rape Yes, Fathers should always rape their daughters. Rape is good for girls and women. It teaches them what they were made for. By allowing fathers to rape their daughters from a young age, They can teach their daughters exactly what they are going to be used for during their lives. Fathers raping their daughters is natural and good and should be legal. Daughters need to learn how to take daddy’s cock down their throats, They need to learn to take daddy’s cock deep in their little pussys, And they need to learn how to be good little girls so their daddies can rape them over and over. Prepare her for her main duty in life; to please men and be a good little cum dump.
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Little girls need to be prepared for patriarchal living Women are, By design, Homemakers, Servants, Baby dispensers, Child-bearers, Dick-takers, Fucktoys, Cumdumps, Objects for Men's enjoyment.

Men are, By design, Dominators, Masters, Seed planters, Disciplinarians, Dick-givers, Powerful protectors.

Men were designed as Gods, Women were designed as objects to use and play with. Thus, Fathers should be be allowed and encouraged to prepare their daughters for patriarchal living. The preparation would consist of many things, But sex would be one of them, Of course. If a father wishes, He may have take his daughter's virginity so that she is ready for when the time comes to have sex with her future husband. I'm not saying it should be required, But it should definitely be legal.

Hail Patriarchy!
Posted by: Submissive_Lucy

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I would NEVER date or procreate with a black woman. Not in a million years! You shouldn’t either. You’re as Aryan as they come. Your ancestors were probably Vikings considering your last name. You’d be doing your lineage an extreme disservice if you crossed genes with an African. You know in your gut that the races aren’t the same unless you’ve fallen for the global Jew programming. Keep the white race pure. Research the Kalergi Plan in your spare time.

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That’s too bad. It's such a beautiful flag. It was intently designed to strike fear into commie Russia. Hate him all you want but Hitler prevented Stalin from invading all of Western Europe, which was his plan. I’d much rather speak German than Sputnik. German were christians and were viewed as liberators to Stalins regime. Many Russians joined the Wehrmacht to fight against the Soviets conditions were so bad in that country. Alas, the winners write history books. All we hear now is that six gorillion jews died. WHO CARES. It’s been 80 years, We don't need another FAKE Holohoax museum to brainwash children into thinking communism is a good option.

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Tornadoes are a government contrived myth, and a part of their overwhelming conspiracy to control the population!
Beware the Tornadoists! That evil tornado worshiping cult will do everything in its power to brainwash you into believing tornadoes are real!

I hold a doctorate in Meteorological Studies, obtained from the most prestigious institution on the planet Earth, so I know everything there is to know about the weather! I have nine black belts, for nine different forms of elite martial arts, which means I am undefeatable!!!!

For thousands of years people have believed this myth that tornadoes are real. Primitive humans would go hunting for them by covering themselves with mirrors, believing that the tornado would see itself and be frightened to death. The government has been producing fake tornado footage for hundreds of years in an attempt to control the populace which would give them the power to do anything they wish, such as invading Syria.

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Why isn’t Encyclopedia Dramatica shut down?
Why hasn't Israel surrendered to Palestine? Because the Lord won't have it!

ED routinely exposes the lies and fraud of NASA and the evils of American politics. That's why the Illuminati/Deep State/globalist parasites want it dead. Their diabolical agendas are slowly but surely being cast out of the woodwork and the rose coloured glasses are being lifted off the masses. They know their hour is dying. Where will NASA run off to when the Lord comes back and demolishes their system for good? They'll be crawling on all fours for a dime. ED is a Godly website for standing up against the craziness of our world in these apostate times!

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And what happened to Laika the dog after she was thrown up into the firmament? SHE DIED! NASA is no better than circuses who beat and torture animals for sick people to enjoy. If you've ever been to a circus, you're not right with God! If you support NASA at all, you're not right with God! NASA is of the Devil, abusing animals and killing people to get political power and play God. Hell will be hot! Everybody involved in NASA will stand before Jesus Christ on Judgment Day if the Lord doesn't tarry. Come Lord Jesus and DESTROY NASA!

Freudian Slip Award

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A Godly America is one who teaches Puritan Christian Dominionust Values, who teaches the strongest fact of science there is, that the Earth is a flat disk topped with a firmament, like Sandy's threesome from SpingeBob. One who teaches men are a beautiful creation of the Lord they God, not a monkey's mutated period blood. One that teaches that Man's purpose in life is to Serve and Fear God all our days. I miss the puritans every day and I cry of nostalgia just thinking of the times! Good old days!

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You’re no Christian if you believe the Bible has textual issues. Did you know that even Muslims believe that Jesus existed? If you follow Jesus, but disbelieve in the Bible, that makes you a Muslim, which is a stepping stone to atheism.

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f**k the jews I ahte the goddamn jews The jews can go f**k themselves! I hate jews they so stupid they all destroying my county and mutilating their childrens genitals and telling us what tpo do amn, We gotta gas they! They so stupid yo man dog wea gotta kill em yo! F**k the jews and f**k em hard
Posted by: StirnersRevenge1943

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Ok so basically. . . Why the fuck aren't you in the kitchen Karen. God damnit Karen give me back the kids and make me a fucking sandwich. You stole all my shit. Fuck you Karen. God damnit Karen ur my property you dumb bitch. I swear to fucking buddhism that I will beat you again
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Woman Are Fucking Property These things have multiple uses. It can cook, Clean and fuck. There should be a woman property market. FemaleRealEstate. Com is what I suggest. This multipurpose tool could revolutionise the future if we put them on sale instead of being free. Woman slavery is the way of the future. These objects are valuable.
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Women are slaves of men and should be raped to death if they are not following commands of their masters Women are slaves to men. If men want to beat women, Women should happily let him best her. She should give him all his sexual desires and should put her life on the risk to save him. Men should get the best of everything and women should get raped if they don’t listen to his every command.

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Lincoln was one of our worst presidents. He made enemies of succeeding states instead of creating an alliance with the CSA and pitted brother against brother in a bloody war. Lincoln violated the civil liberties of Americans on both sides both before and after the war between the states. I would dare say that Abraham Lincoln was under the influence of the anti-christ.

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Obadiah 1:21 speaks of saviors, in the plural, or guardians of God's Word, who will come to the Aryan-Israel nations and purge the jews, Esau-Edom, and establishing the government of Christ. Adolf Hitler, whether you like it or not, saved Germany from those who hated Germans, because he was a man of God. He remains an enigma to our people, wondering how one man could lead a small organization to political triumph against such incredible odds. Being outnumbered by Marxist communists, jewish-infected churches and out financed by antichrist bankers, Hitler was lawfully voted into office, not because of rigged elections like we have today, but because of the promises of II Chronicles 7:14 where we read, "If My people, which are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." With the election of Hitler, Germany began to heal. The posterity of Judah repented of the jew. Germans are the true heirs from the same tribe as Christ, the tribe of Judah, to whom God gave the sceptre. But, they were lost to their identity and imposters claimed what didn't belong to them. The jews fulfilled the prophecy of killing the heir and confiscating His property. They war against Christ and Christians and continue their ambitions for global control.

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Because I am traditional. I don’t support either gay rights, either gay marriages. Homosexuality isn’t natural, it just grows into you like a demon. I act like I support them in real life, but I smile when I remember they’ll burn in hell for the rest of their lives. My native country isn’t pro-gay either and I wish it remains that way, pure and not disturbed by these retarded queers.

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Those are NOT ridiculous. Both acts are dangerous and sinful deeds which should not go unpunished. Marijuana causes hallucinations and feelings of paranoia, which can lead to violence. It also may cause somebody to hallucinate a pagan “God” and turn Muslim or atheist. Prostitution, aside from being atheistic, sinful, and often homosexual, promotes the spread of diseases, many of which are incurable and untreatable. People definitely SHOULD be jailed for their crimes against God.

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A true President Trump supporter, like me, would SUPPORT the protestors at the Capitol today. If you condemn them, you are a progressive socialist Never-Trumper MASQUERADING as a Conservative. I put people like you in the same category as AOC. I think you are secretly an atheist, too.