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[SuicideFuel] Even the crippled girl at my school has a boyfriend. Wtf??

There's a female that attends my High school and one of the main things about her is that she has a condition that leaves her immobile, so she's only regulated to her wheelchair. The way that she communicates is through an app on her tablet (Think: Stephen Hawking). Later today me and my brother were walking home from school, and he told me that one of his friends was dating a girl in a wheelchair and I said: "What?" and my brother said: "Yes the girl in the wheelchair, one of my friends is dating her". I even made my brother clarify who she was, I couldn't fucking believe it that a crippled girl, A DISABLED FOID got in a relationship before I ever did. At the time I didn't know whether to cry or laugh, I felt so behind from my peers, like I was subhuman.

Then my brother kept on mentioning how he was cheating on her and how she kept taking him back, and at the time I didn't really care because my mind was so fixated on what he told me earlier, only to realize what he just said was a Blackpill in it of itself. He cheated on her multiple times with other foids and she didn't care (Thinking back on it, she must have been pretty desperate not to breakup with him). I eventually said what I was thinking to my brother, that she got into a relationship before we did. And he here's what my naive brother said: "I don't why I don't have a girlfriend, I'm not even that ugly". My brother is basically an Incel but he just doesn't know it (Short Height, Nasal Voice, Glasses, Boyish Face, Small Frame. He's a Junior in Highschool and I'm a Senior)



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