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I fantasize about killing dogs /vent(self.Dogfree)

The barking reverberates in my nerves throughout my body, it literally causes muscle tension in my hands and feet. Sitting in my room studying, out of no where the thing loses its f* mind, over nothing, on a regular f* basis. I fantasize about slitting a dogs throat. Chopping it up and cooking it. (I wouldn't do that only bc we have laws against it). I am here to vent as a stranger about how much I dislike, hate, dogs. All of them. I see their purpose in services, by that I mean strictly for the handicapped, as police dogs, etc. a TOOL. Regardless, I wish they would all disappear, into a national park for them, no one should OWN them unless for special needs. Which most dog owners act like it, they "need" them in their lives.

I can't stand the infatuation with dogs online, it's Everywhere, this isn't normal! The obsession is a sickness. Especially the people who value a dogs life above another human, that is a mental illness.

I don't understand why we can't eat dogs. What's wrong with dog meat?? Why can we eat fish, cows, etc. but dogs are somehow not ok?
When I hear the neighbors dog barking incessantly throughout the day and night, I fantasize about poisoning it. I don't date people with dogs, I have a theory dog people are emotionally stunted, they feed off that crutch, the positive feedback that Something "needs" them. I hate dogs bc they have no autonomy, no self-control. They have no reason to exist. No dog does anything good of it's own will. When I see the neighbors dog shit in the public space, I want to throw it at their home. I want to rip the ears off a dog, break its legs with a bat, and stomp on it.
Not even dogs, the ownership, I don't understand this, how can a being OWN another life? It is modern day slavery, conditioned from birth to be around you, IT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU, it doesn't need you and you don't need it. Unless you have the breeds conditioned to Need you, bc without f* up their genetics, making breathing or running difficult, they wouldn't Need you or their Rx medications. Slavery isn't the right word, I don't have it.. manipulating their existence for your vanity, yet those same people claim they love them, no you don't love them, you love yourself and you love control. I don't really care for any animals, bunnies, cats whatever, but dogs.. god, I just want to rip them to pieces, set them on fire. /endrant

you(r) = dog owners



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