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[Blackpill] Most women would consent to sex with a strong and masculine man, even if ugly, if he could force himself onto them

Women are not like men. As a man, you just see a pair of tits, a round, feminine butt or even a feminine face and you're already good to go and fully consent with a sexual intercourse. Women don't fully consent from the start (with VERY, very rare exceptions), they take a lot of time to get aroused. If one could physically overcome them and begin the mating process, they'd eventually get aroused and wet enough to start consenting to being overcome by this powerful male and having sex with him.

This is how it happens in nature, with cats, dogs, etc.

Being strong and masculine as a man matters, but only in a way which we can't make use of nowadays. Since women were put on an artificial position where sex can only occur with their full consent, our society became sick and what matters the most is not being a strong, dominant, healthy "alpha" male anymore, but rather having an attractive face regardless of whether you're masculine or feminine.

It's like all women became lesbians in a way. Deep down, they still crave being overpowered by masculine men sexually, but in a repressed, cognitively dissonant way. Kinda like how a moral pedophile would hate his desires of wanting to dick children.

We abandoned the "natural way", then we abandoned monogamy (my personal favorite system since it's the one compatible with civilization) and now we picked the worst system, which is the gynocentric matriarchal one.



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