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Wait!!! Why don't we round up the VACCINATED?

Wait a minute here!!

Why don't we round up all the vaccinated and put them all in quarantine??? They seem to be the ones (really) spreading the Chi-Com Flu.

Cruise ships of fully vaccinated getting covid, hospital ICU's filling up with the vaccinated who have covid, breakthrough cases every day. This isn't because of the un-vaccinated, people! This is because of the vaccinated spreading it amongst each other and everyone else.

Oh wait, I know why. Because the vaccinated represent the majority...which is just EXACTLY what TPTB wanted so they could use this exact excuse / reasoning. This was the agenda all along...get more vaccinated than unvaccinated then you can force majority rule on everyone else, regardless of effectiveness, right or wrong.

I'm really sick of this backwards agenda and narrative. Even a caveman could figure this out!



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