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The only thing that women excel at are childrearing and giving blowjobs.

women are better at breastfeeding, not childrearing.
they kill their infant children at rates of five times as much as men, and that's not counting abortions.
if abortions counted, they would kill children at a rate of more than 70 million to 1, probably.

Brutal. The abortionpill killed pretty much all my preconceived romantic sentiments about the beauty of a woman in motherhood. How callously they disregard the sacred bond between mother and child is one of the few things which is truly heartbreaking to me.

it's never been a sacred bond. there's so little commendable about women, so a "sacred bond" between mother and child had to be invented to pretend that women are capable of any kind of love at all. since it was so obvious women can't love men, it was decided arbitrarily that they must love their own children (otherwise we'd have to admit that women are incapable of love). this is not the case.

mothers despise their ugly children. think back on how your mother treated you and if that was a relationship of love or hate. they are very vain and hate seeing their own ugly genes as a constant mirror before them. only good-looking men believe in maternal love. and no hapa has good memories of his noodle mother, who despises her son for not being fully white. (i'm not a hapa)



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