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Women generally try to cope with how imbalanced reality actually is by trying to pretend that women can be dangerous as men

Exactly. And they do this in every other way too. For instance, women take up a hobby like knitting and think that they are “equal“ to men because they have these female centered hobbies, meanwhile men get to enjoy hobbies like visiting prostitutes, where they get to feel real and complete power over another human being who services their every need sexually. And then men are pleased sexually in visual ways every moment of the day through mainstream media and just being out in public (bc the vast majority of women perform femininity), and yet women think nothing of this, or maybe osa xx make up a story in their head that women are beautiful and “I like looking at attractive women too” or some shit. To say nothing of pornography.

Women are so braindead retarded and unimaginative and lacking in theory of mind, and this explains why they’ve always been slaves and always will be, and they’re too unimaginative to even realize that they’re slaves, which is why there isn’t any hope of freeing them. You can’t free people who don’t even know that they’re fucking prisoners.

God that shit is so stupid it drives me up the wall. They seriously think that convincing themselves that they are some sort of pseudo bisexual who "like" looking at other women "because they're so pretty" is the same as a man naturally juiced up on testosterone and being raised in an environment that caters to his visual sexual stimuli

Exactly. That het partnered women don’t feel humiliated 24/7, even if they have some unicorn man who doesn’t use pornography, makes me feel so much utter contempt for them I want to ring their slag-whore necks. Men feel powerful, validated, as though their sexuality of utmost most importance by all of the objectified women in the media (and women performing femininity in public). It literally gives them a constant boost to their sense of self, confidence, sense of power, sense of value, etc.



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