ATF and Amsterdammaxxing #homophobia #sexist #psycho

I agree with you on the more flamboyant, annoying and pushy ones, but real, authentic manly gays are actually decent people who hate women, so in that regard they're better than the vast majority of the modern straight populace. And they're men. If anything, you should focus your hatred entirely on women and cucks.

It's still not acceptable to become a degenerate because you haven't got success with women imo. The amount of gay men that are sub 5 is unreal. Just change gender preference on online dating and you'll see how many faggots are just simply too ugly/short to have a woman. The amount of incels that are voluntarily gay is immense.

Homosexuality is a choice and as the amount of involuntary celibates rise, the amount of homosexual men will rise as well. Dozens of men love to be filthy degenerates



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