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[From "Memorializing a massive mistake"]

Already, nearly one-third of Americans either aren't sure or believe that US involvement in WWII was a mistake[…]WWII was a massive mistake for Americans, a far more catastrophic and costly mistake than Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan combined
If every U.S. citizen were to read Stalin's War[…]by Sean McMeekin that relies heavily upon Soviet records that were not available before 1989, that 32 percent figure would rise to at least 98 percent
President Roosevelt didn't make the right decision[…]Both President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were very clearly taking orders from someone, presumably someone connected to the small group of Jews who declared war on Germany in 1933[…]both elected leaders were instructed to back Stalin without question
Stalin not only double-crossed Roosevelt and Churchill, he also eventually betrayed their masters[…]Today's neoclowns now reside in the United States and are still banging the drum for a revenge war with Russia
Roosevelt summarily rejected Germany's attempt to surrender to the Western Allies in April 1943, despite the fact that Stalin was not only willing to accept an end to the war, but offered Germany a separate peace in two rounds of negotiations held in Stockholm through the spring of 1943[…]Of course Hitler, being an idiot, didn't accept the Soviet offer



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