Be Pussy Free #elitist #psycho #sexist

Be Pussy Free

A pussy free loser is not an easy thing to be. But it is the right thing to do if you're a loser. A loser is physically flawed (unfit, too fat or skinny, balding, moderately or un-attractive, deformed) and/or fiscally flawed (moderate or low income, little wealth or property), socially flawed (shy, unconfident, uninteresting), and sexually flawed (short and/or skinny endowment, inexperienced, impotent, premature ejaculater). Entitled losers reject their inferiority to other men, angrily blame women for overlooking them, and leave any women who gives them a chance dissatisfied. Enlightened losers accept their inferiority to other men, applaud women for choosing better men, and vow to lead pussy-free lives for the benefit of others. So if you're a loser (a nice guy, a beta male/boi, a cuckold/wannabe, a reject, and/or a sissy) do the world a favor and take the pussy-free pledge today.



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