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I voted for Donald Trump for president in 2016, again in 2020, and would like to vote for him a third time in 2024, but it’s getting harder and harder. Earlier today on his Truth Social site, Donald Trump shared a video called ‘So God Made Trump’, which borrows liberally from the Paul Harvey classic ‘So God Made A Farmer’, and injected this new creation with an extra-helping of messianic fervor. It’s not good, it’s really not good. Some are calling it ‘blasphemy’.
Politics in any nation, and especially in America, is a dirty and disgusting enterprise run by corrupt people with their own agenda looking to enrich themselves and grab power. If Jesus was walking amongst us now as in the New Testament, He wouldn’t be running for any office. The Bible says that at the Second Advent, He comes as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, and wipes out all the governments of the world. Christians are not called to ‘reclaim the governments of the world’ to create a kingdom here on Earth, we are called to preach the gospel. The ‘So God Made Trump’ video takes the Good Shepherd of John 10, Jesus, and applies those attributes to Donald Trump. Even going so far as to say that Trump will ‘never leave nor forsake’ the America people.
This video is very much inline with the beliefs of the New Apostolic Reformation, or NAR, and their ‘7 Mountain Mandate’, and just about everything that the corrupt Evangelical Movement believes about combining politics with the Bible. Something cannot and will not be done. This video was created by the Dilley Meme Team, and given Trump’s endorsement when he shared it earlier today.

Is this borderline blasphemy, or does it cross the line completely?



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