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I posted this on my Minds page just a moment ago...

While I'm open to the possibility of being wrong, I believe the reason Liz and her father are so obsessed with trying to stop President Trump is probably very simple...

President Trump was and is a peacemaker, as evidenced by his refusal to start new wars, the Abraham Accords, the fact that Russia hadn't gone after Ukraine and China after Taiwan during his First Term are proof of this. He was a keeper of the peace, not a warrior.

The Cheneys on the other hand, their family fortunes come from war. They are war profiteers, for them, they NEED war so that they can rake in profits on death and destruction. And President Trump threatens all of that.

So Liz and her dad are personally threatened by President Trump and his America First, no foreign wars, no new-wars, peacemaking agenda as if the US is not involved in war, the Cheneys' money spigot gets closed off and so their cushy lifestyle gets threatened. Liz and Dicky can call President Trump every name in the book, but they'll never admit that the real reason they oppose him is because they hate peacemakers like President Trump. That would be admitting that they're war profiteers and that letting them take power would mean war-war-war!

But God willing, the Cheney dynasty died last night with the ouster of Liz in Wyoming...and good riddance.



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