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The jews have manipulated things so that babies/children are seen as ‘owned’ and as a ‘commodity’. It is well known that Israhell has a very vibrant underground and illegal/immoral/inhuman trade in human body parts (also witnessed in war-torn Gaza), well they are only goy after all.
In the UK we don’t have the Fed, we have the Bank of England, which is also a fraud and nothing to do with England other than to sit in its own sovereign plot in The City of London and bleed the UK dry like any good jew business.

Despite appearances, it, too, is a wholly privately owned bank, allowed back into existence by that traitor Cromwell. As you propose of the Fed +BN, we must also end the BoE, it is like a vampire on our neck, slowly sucking out our life force, but never enough to kill us, just enough to hold us constantly sickly and weak.
Hitler when he was rebuilding Germany, after throwing out the jew central bankers, he also issued his own money which funded the regeneration of German industry and infrastructure and within few years for a societal change made Germany the envy of the world for industry and technological development. Notably their Catholic faith played a huge part in helping raise them out of the deprivation inflicted upon them by the wicked jews of the West.

And interestingly, this is pretty much what Putin did for Russia, paid off the jew central bank debt and kicked them out, returned the bank to state control and rejuvenated Russian industry and technology and supported and exploited the brilliance of Russian invention. It should not be overlooked either the central role the Orthodox Church plays in Russian society and how it unites them.

And, look at what Qaddafi did for Libya and its people when he kicked out the jew banks and issued his own currency, and used the country’s oil wealth for the benefit of the people.

How can you inherit the Earth if you don’t take everything from everyone?



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