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Alex224922: I was raped by my boyfriend in high school. I was sitting on his bed, with all my clothes on, talking to him because I wanted to have a conversation with him and nothing else. He playfully pushed me down onto his bed and I said, "No hon, I'm not in the mood today." He tried again because he thought I was teasing, so I raised my voice, got angry and said, "NO, not today." He then proceeded to guilt me and tell me he really wanted to, but I stood my ground. Finally, he wasn't having it. He started horsing around with me and then pushed me onto the bed again, got on top of me, and started trying to take my clothes off. I told him NO again, trying to get up but he held me down. That's when I started yelling at him and hitting him, but he didn't stop. I was in shock. This was my boyfriend, and he definitely knew me well enough to know the difference between me "secretly wanting it" and not wanting to have sex. I kicked, I hit, I cursed, I CRIED and he still forced his way in.
There is a DIFFERENCE between rape and consensual sexual dominance. Yes, I enjoy being dominated in bed, but my new boyfriend ALSO enjoys being dominated. My ex didn't dominate me. He forced me to have sex that I DID NOT WANT. I did not enjoy it, I did not like being raped

Jgtemolder: If someone, regardless of sex or gender or sexuality, smashes the door down screaming about being raped like it's a merit badge and demanding everyone better get on their knees and not question anything they are saying, otherwise they'll pull out the rape-victim card to show how ashamed you should be (or just whip that thing out in the middle of a conversation); I say it's appropriate, again, regardless of sex.
(Especially when they admit to enjoy sexual domination games, and their text heavily implies they enjoyed them with the partner that supposedly raped them, yet not using the safe word... or were dumb enough not to establish one.)
If someone is simply relaying their experience, regardless of sex, and explain what it is, it is not.



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