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Nothing wrong with pedophilia, man. If people can accept that someone gets their sexual/romantic satisfaction from the same gender as the one they belong to (Which, although I have nothing substantial against homosexuality, seems much less "natural" to me than fantasizing about 10 year olds of the opposite sex), then people should also accept that at least the fantasy of deriving sexual pleasure from minors is ok. I can see many practical problems with pedophilia, as actually getting the sexual pleasure obviously is impossible because of our laws, and because it simply seems immoral to me as the child does not yet have the mental capacity to make such decisions for itself. But as long as pedophiles explore their sexuality only in theory, only simulate situations through pictures, videos and their own imagination, I think everything is ok. I don't think I need remind you that there is a difference between being a pedophile and a child rapist/molester, although our media has, as with many other things, mixed those terms so that the term pedophile nowadays almost completely consists of negative connotations.

Also, consider things like beauty peagents for extremely young girls in the US and to a lesser degree, in other countries. The whole idea behind them is that little girls (I honestly don't know whether a similar concept exists for boys) are made to look beautiful, and at least for me, there is only a small step from beautiful to object of lust.



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