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[From "@CerebroDeQueso_ This is why we can wear blackface without feeling bad"]


i saw a couple of gringxs criticizing Lizzo's rolling stone cover bc apparently she's appropriating our lady of guadalupe?

ok? our lady of guadalupe was/is a tool of colonialism. catholicism is shit. is its iconography becoming meaningless bc of "appropriation"? good
5:13PM·Jan 23, 2020

Last week the massive tub of human-shaped lard known as "Lizzo" (real name Melissa Jefferson, though if she legally changed it to that from "Pure Whipped Butter" I wouldn't be surprised), who spends 90% of her time claiming she's oppressed, spent the 10% of her time playing music in a one in a lifetime history opportunity: a classic flute created for President Madison's inauguration[…]
Many were disgusted by the performance, of an unslightly woman's ass begging men to please please fuck her or at least buy her lunch, and more than a few noticed the internal contradiction: the whole event certainly seemed like a lot of, oh, what's that word? Privilege. White male nobodies interested in playing the flute would be shot in the neck for trying to retrieve it, but the United States Government gives yet another negress special permission[…]
Incident that Cerebro references from 2020: Lizzo in hot water for cultural appropriation[…]
Cerebro performs a much-needed public service. He gives us a free excuse for when "cultural appropriation" is a bad thing: whenever the overarching culture is[…]
So go ahead and wear that blackface, then talk like the most stereotypical coon you can possibly imagine



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