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[In response to several articles being approving of a female British politician’s “not […] entirely serious suggestion” that a cufew should be placed upon men in response to a missing person case where the police had advised women to not go out at night.]

Being a man you would think that being raped and kidnaped isn't an issue, but have you ever had a gay buddy of yours jokingly say they're going to rape you? I can't jokingly say I'll rape my female buddies. Even my brother openly said he wouldn't want to work at a gay bar because of the potential stalkers. If you were in jail back in the 1980's, and if you were a man your botty was for sell no matter how big you were, but now it's not too much of an issue, and honestly you're more likely to play Dungeons and Dragons then be raped. That being said, more men get rapped than women, usually in prison, by deranged criminals and stuff, not normal men.

Stalking and assault is an issue for all solo targets, including myself. Do you think I like it when a random stranger, man or woman, walks up oddly behind me at 3am? No buddy, and that's when I start to thumb my switch blade or get prepared to run, LIKE ALL ANIMALS ON PLANET EARTH! Heck a random coyote/large dog started running down the street towards me and I noped out because I wasn't in the mood to throw down, I'm getting older. Perhaps we should put a curfew on wild animals to make the world a safer place?



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