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Ok so we have the first man on earth Adam and first woman on earth eve
so hey they were the first humans on earth and who started the human race (we did not come FROM FUCKING MONKEYS most stupid scientific bullshit theory there is GIRL AND BOY
and so they made babies and so it kept on and on and generations and on and on and ON AND OOOOOOOOOOOOOON FOR LIKE FOREVER LOL till we get to this era
Idk who originated the liking same gender thing but who ever it was the first homo or lesbo person that person either was weird or really was neglected by the opposite sex
ok cool so u like ur own gender...but u can't breed.
now why is that? why do you have to adopt? (love is what matters) yes but you cant have babies... ok? logic?
why can't you have babies with ur own gender?
because shamefully same gender was not meant to have babies unless it was your opposite whom you would fuck with.
and is logically WRONG.
is not ok to be with your own gender is just...... plain.
IF IT WAS OK FROM THE BEGINNING if there was man with man in the goddamn very beginning then fine...but it was not like that.
somehow humans thought and created the idea is ok...
and when someone points it out that is wrong they either call you a hater or homophobic I DON'T wanna ruin anyone's beliefs but letting u know LOGICALLY same gender not being able to breed is one of the biggest facts you will get out of a same gender relationship.
IT WAS NOT MEAN'T TO BE like that.
the joy of a man inside of a woman is much better then a man inside of a man (don't make me describe how would that work)
is a well poor reality but no one cares and no one will change.
But it will always be wrong.
same gender people are trying so hard to push it to society so they may be accepted and is a sad case.
why do they have to force it? why? because is basically wrong and the majority of the people around the world
know this.
I don't hate anyone that is gay. but the action of being homo is wrong.
it will always be wrong
that also goes to yaoi/yuri it equals real life.
and those who are bisexual have issues. either they were not taught from home what gender to like or something is going for them to lead into having such preference
and those who are pansexual (most ridiculous thing ever) means ur a narcissistic lil piece of shit
you love your to much thinking ur all the all and if you marry yourself you have mental fucking issues.
gosh this world is so fucked up.



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