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spoilerDo not ever let anyone
forget that this
administration tried to
use OSHA as a tool to
force vaccination. Do not
let anyone forget the
absolute horror show
they put people through.
They want people to
forget by November.
Don't let it happen.

@Nico2492 people are still dying upwards of billions when the final count comes in. Problem is, nobody is testing the dead for the presence of having taken the vaccines. I'd guess 90% of deaths around the world all have the vaccine in their dead bodies. #SheriffMilitia #NewResistance

@Nico2492 They also forced businesses that sold to the government to get their employees vaccinated. Our government and all the bureaucrats are evil.


Trump Created The Vaxxine Genocide, Joe Fanned Clot Shot's Flame

Both Are Complicit In Genocide


spoilerIf the government can stick a needle in your
arm without your consent, it can do anything
to you, literally, anything. If you cannot
grasp this, you are already a slave and should
be stripped of your citizenship forthwith!

@Nico2492 Yup, the same people that used OSHA to force vaccinations just passed a bill that will add 87,000 new IRS agents. Everybody whose head isn't stuck up their ass knows how that will end.



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