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Thus the Zetas laid out the timeline showing that massive quakes in Japan would be the next step prior to the New Madrid Adjustment. The Zetas confirmed last October (when Japan, Taiwan, and Beijing had simultaneous UFO sightings) that Japan would rock when China exploded with a massive stretch incident. The next step was to be the New Madrid Rupture.
The problem with ZetaTalk readership expectations on the New Madrid process is the exact definition of what 'it' is. In the early days we described the New Madrid Fault Line rupture as breaking bridges up along the Mississippi River and collapsing structures along the Fault Line, with a void in the Atlantic at the Azores causing a massive tsunami rolling up against European shores. This is a process, with innumerable steps in the timeline.

In trying to give Obama time to announce the presence of Nibiru, the Council of Worlds had installed humming boxes and monoliths to delay Plate Movements. These delays impacted schedules and timelines elsewhere in the Universe and consequently the Council of Worlds is now under great pressure to catch up and has instituted a Severe Wobble to do so. The New Madrid process is of intense interest to those in America and Europe, and because it includes the Africa Roll, to those in the Middle East too.
But there are celestial timelines beyond the Earth and by slowing down the New Madrid process, the Council of Worlds was scolded. They had to catch up, and are in the process of doing so by effecting a Severe Wobble since November 2021 to encourage Plate Movement. Like a softball pitcher winding up before releasing the ball, one gets momentum and direction established first. This is happening now. The Severe Wobble being caused now by the Council of Worlds is similar to the Severe Wobble of the Last Weeks, but is only temporary and is less severe.



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