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Why the endless delays to set the 2020 election fraud right? If the 2020 election fraud was confirmed by a SCOTUS finding, presented to the US Senate last Memorial Day when Satellite Phones were issued to the Senate so that Biden could be impeached and Trump sworn in, then why is Trump allowed to endure endless civil trials?
ZetaTalk Confirmation 4/18/2024: The Junta has many challenges awaiting. In April 2021 when the illicit Biden had been sworn in, we mentioned they were dealing with a 5 front war - a CCP invasion, Satanist Moloch worship via a child sex traffic network, Antifa and Defund the Police, Deep State treason, and finally the 2020 election fraud. Where some of these issues have been resolved, others have emerged. The Southern Border is being overrun at the hands of the Biden Administration, and where demands to finance the Ukraine and Israel wars are pressing, the Junta has refused. The pending admission by Putin that Nibiru is a real and present danger also will cause panic that will need to be contained.

Meanwhile to avoid exhausting the US Military with a civil war when and if the Democrats erupt in anger over a Trump reinstatement, the Junta has delayed informing the public about the SCOTUS findings that the 2020 election results were fraudulent. The Senate was informed on Memorial Day, 2023 and sworn Trump in as President, but the public continues to be uninformed. The fact that President Trump is the true President at this time means that he cannot be harassed by civil lawsuits, by law.

Now the Junta is pressed to announce Trump as the sitting President, to end these frivolous lawsuits and cleanup the mistakes being done by the Biden Administration. Why does the Junta seem to have reluctance? They are waiting for the New Madrid Fault Line Rupture, which their scientific advisors say is imminent. The disasters up along both the New Madrid and East Coast Fault lines will force the issue, so that riots and panic will be contained.

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Due to the coverup over the presence of Nibiru, the truth about what happened to MH370 or AF447 is withheld from the public. EMP involves a massive swarm of electrons and magnetons, which create a local magnetic field and blows out any electrical circuitry in the area. EMP will produce ball lightning, now being interpreted as UFO, which they are not. Light and heat particles are easily redirected from their former route, so any attempt to image heat or light from space will show anything but the real situation. Light bends readily, as anyone standing in water can attest.
Will it be Nibiru visibility or a Russian announcement or the mere fact of New Madrid Plate Movements? Any and all could occur but as firm plans are in place, the matter is in the hands of man. Putin has warned the Junta that it will wait no more, and the popularity of Putin supports that. Do we have a date? Of course the New Madrid Rupture would be helpful but not necessary. The Junta is braced for this to occur any day. But since Internet access might have outages, Putin might not wait. Just prior to the Rupture would be ideal, a topic of discussion then on social media or the kitchen table through any outages.

What has happened since 2014 to empower Putin in an announcement? He is a founding member of the BRICS consortium, a rival to the Jewish Khazarian Mafia that has controlled western media with an iron grip. BRICS is flourishing, while the western banks are going bankrupt. The contract between the US Federal Reserve and these western banks is being dissolved into insolvency, thus removing the National Debt from their coffers. In private talks between Putin and President Trump, the true Commander in Chief in the US, Putin made his intentions clear. No more stalling.

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Thus the Zetas laid out the timeline showing that massive quakes in Japan would be the next step prior to the New Madrid Adjustment. The Zetas confirmed last October (when Japan, Taiwan, and Beijing had simultaneous UFO sightings) that Japan would rock when China exploded with a massive stretch incident. The next step was to be the New Madrid Rupture.
The problem with ZetaTalk readership expectations on the New Madrid process is the exact definition of what 'it' is. In the early days we described the New Madrid Fault Line rupture as breaking bridges up along the Mississippi River and collapsing structures along the Fault Line, with a void in the Atlantic at the Azores causing a massive tsunami rolling up against European shores. This is a process, with innumerable steps in the timeline.

In trying to give Obama time to announce the presence of Nibiru, the Council of Worlds had installed humming boxes and monoliths to delay Plate Movements. These delays impacted schedules and timelines elsewhere in the Universe and consequently the Council of Worlds is now under great pressure to catch up and has instituted a Severe Wobble to do so. The New Madrid process is of intense interest to those in America and Europe, and because it includes the Africa Roll, to those in the Middle East too.
But there are celestial timelines beyond the Earth and by slowing down the New Madrid process, the Council of Worlds was scolded. They had to catch up, and are in the process of doing so by effecting a Severe Wobble since November 2021 to encourage Plate Movement. Like a softball pitcher winding up before releasing the ball, one gets momentum and direction established first. This is happening now. The Severe Wobble being caused now by the Council of Worlds is similar to the Severe Wobble of the Last Weeks, but is only temporary and is less severe.

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What if disclosure is no longer able to be continued? Will the Junta be compelled to admit Nibiru’s existence? This day will come and is scheduled to coincide with the New Madrid Plate Movement. The Junta will do a 50/50 with denial continuing but also discussion on the reality of what people are seeing at the same time. ZetaTalk will be part of the discussions on media admitting the truth.

What James captured this day was an artifact of light at the hands of benign aliens. They generated this disc to display their capabilities to James as he is expected to be forced to lead many discussions on what is being seen in the skies. To deny Nibiru there will be some presenting artifacts that are false, while others such as this one captured by James will be true.
The 3 remaining Plate Movements to complete the series are the Eurasian Stretch with the anticipated China blowout, the Africa Roll which will finalize when given room to roll into the stretch zone voids that will open up in Eurasia, and the New Madrid Rupture that will also be given room to maneuver as the Atlantic opens up. On this day in May, 2023 we would estimate the Eurasian Stretch at 72%, the Africa Roll barely begun at 63%, and the New Madrid Rupture at 92%. The steady compression of the Pacific will allow the Eurasian Plate to continue to open up her voids causing the Russian Rip up toward the Urals, and both Africa and S America.
Martial Law is anticipated worldwide when Nibiru can no longer be denied and the public begins to make demands. The elite have long arranged for their own safety, meanwhile not warning the common man about the approach of Nibiru. The elite will demand that the Military protect them. But does this not make the people, the common man, the enemy? What will happen if the riots and protests overwhelm the Military? What if the politicians and the Military give different and conflicting orders? Will a Mad-Max scenario emerge?

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When a leader dies a Double can be installed in their place. Bibi’s Double is being run by the White Hats since 2020 to entrap the Khazarian Mafia. The Soros Double in place since 2016 was eventually replaced by the Soros family elder son, with the original Soros agenda being continued. Erdogan was replaced by a Double after a heart attack in 2019, but his political agenda was continued by his staff who quickly mustered several Doubles. Erdogan’s popularity in Turkey has once again been proven in 2023. Turkey holds the line against new NATO members such as the Ukraine. Turkey likewise sides with Russia on oil embargo issues. Thus this election is a win for Putin as well as the people of Turkey.
<Q> Hi can the zetas talk about all the forest fires going on in Quebec?
<A> Until the New Madrid Rupture pulls the Mainland and SE Portions of N America apart, there will be extreme dynamics pulling on the Mainland. As the Pacific compresses, the Mainland is pulled West and is pulled down heavily onto Mexico. The tug-of-war between the Portions shows up along the Mississippi River and under the Seaway in the record of almost constant building collapses, pipeline breaks, and train derailments. But the tugging that Canada must endure is relatively new, and is due to the African Roll continually pulling the SE Portion to the East.

The northeast portion of the N American Plate above the Seaway is firmly attached to the Eurasian Plate. These plates are bonded through the Arctic and remain bonded at Iceland and Norway until they reach Africa. As the Africa Roll picks up the pace, the Mainland Portion attempts to yaw open the Seaway. Stretch zone tugging is a silent matter, but the rock layers nevertheless pull apart, release methane from trapped vegetation, and cause underground fires. Thus Canadian provinces are showing SO2 and CO emission and wildfires emerge.

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<Taken from a Q&A from the Zeta aliens>
Why are they sending the double Nancy to Taiwan with all this war talk? What is the point? [and from another] The Zetas have previously stated that Nancy Pelosi is now a Double, under the direction of the Junta. What is the Junta's purpose in arranging for the Pelosi Double to visit Taiwan? The Chinese Communist Party believes Taiwan is part of greater China and not a separate sovereign entity. The CCP vigorously opposes any action that would recognise the independence of Taiwan, especially official visits by high ranking politicians. Can the Zetas explain why the Pelosi Double's visit to Taiwan was necessary, given its obvious effect of antagonising China?
Internet rumors are increasingly focusing on the fact that the Biden Double seen on TV is not the Biden of old. This is clearly being made obvious. The public is being gradually educated about the Secret War that has been ongoing since President Trump signed his Executive Order starting the Tribunals. Pelosi was one of the first to be executed for treason, and the public Biden and Harris are Doubles under the control of the Junta. Since the US has been under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015, the Doubles in the White House and in control of Congress are scarcely relevant.

So why would the Junta send their Pelosi Double to Taiwan for a visit? When Q returned and SCOTUS overturned Roe vs Wade, virtually on the same day, we stated that the Secret War had been won to the extent that President Trump could be reinstated. We have predicted that the New Madrid Finale would occur before the end of 2022, and the Junta is braced for this. The FAA weather cams have been blinded to reduce panic and the Military is being activated. Since the coverup over Nibiru is ongoing, the Junta wanted a reason for the military going on high alert. Pelosi’s little trip is the excuse for the current military activation.

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The Zetas talk about cataclysmic changes described in a Zeta Vision given to Nancy; that a Sudden Impact is predictable but there is Millennium Denial in spite of Millennium Fever that the government will not Sound the Alarm; that the Earth stands witness to Past Cataclysms and Wandering Poles; how the Prior Shift during the Jewish Exodus and Passover relate; how flash froze Mastodons and Asteroid Traffic are proof. Why books by authors Velikovsky and Sitchin and many Prophets and Differing Prophecies and Future Maps seem to contradict; how there were Lost Records and Calendars and Clocks adjusted. The Zetas state that Emotional Adjustments to the news inevitably occur; that Resistance exists so that a Subtle Message is often best; that there will be Crop Failure for years going into the shift with Crop Adjustments and Diet Adjustments; that Threats of War and a Financial Freeze is possible, and a Market Crash will occur with a varied Crash Impact likely. The Zetas explain why the Mayan Calendar or a planetary alignment on May 5, 2000 are not clues, and why Precision is difficult in determining the Pole Shift Timeline; how New Orleans, a Preview and Disaster Movies portent. The Zetas say that in spite of Manifest Clues there will be diversionary False Alarms; and hiding the truth behind Cataclysm Masks even though Proof Existed many years before with Heralding of an approach with harbingers such as Green Meteors, Space Trash, a New Moon, Permafrost Quakes, Moon Halos, Black Water, a Lowered Jet Stream, and signs such as Deformed Frogs and Big Birds and increasing incidence of Deep Quakes. The Zetas talk about whether Atlantis and the Land of Mu exist; whether The Flood occurred and why Noah anticipated this; how Moses was guided; whether Tales such as the Red Sea Parting and Jonah and the whale describe Pole Shifts; why there are Submerged Roads near Bermuda; what Ancient Maps reveal; and what the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti and Brainerd Lake have to do with Pole Shifts.