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Norwegian Girl Disappointed to Discover She’s ‘So White’

“White” has become an “all-purpose insult.” If something is too white, there’s something wrong.

Cornelia Grismo is a young Norwegian woman with about 202,000 subscribers on YouTube. She is a vegan and mostly talks about travel, fitness, and health. Recently, she posted a video called “How NORWEIGIAN Am I Really? DNA Test Results.” She begins by explaining that her relatives researched her family tree, and she is supposedly descended from royalty.

At 5:25, she reads the results, showing she’s mostly from Scandinavia, along with some Irish, Scottish, and Welsh blood. “I’m so white,” she says laughing, and rolling her eyes. “I couldn’t have been more white. No! I had hoped for Asian, African.” “I couldn’t have been more boring than that,” she adds.

Comments were overwhelmingly negative. Her fans were disgusted that she seemed ashamed to be white. There were about 8,600 dislikes compared to about 1,100 likes.

Miss Grimsmo, visibly shaken, responded on April 20 by “addressing the situation.” On the brink of tears, she said she had been receiving threats. She said she had just been was “trying to be funny” and hoped her DNA would show a “cool surprise.”

So it would be cool to discover that her ancestors miscegenated? Somehow, this doesn’t work for Hispanics or blacks. It’s not a “cool surprise” to discover they are whiter than they thought. It’s potentially career threatening.



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