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(lyrics to “Fodder for the Shoah”)

Herded into ghettos, loathsome streams of insects
Cordon off the sewage, quarantine the Judah
Gestapo street-cleaner bulldoze sons of Zion
Hovels and shanties, cages for the rats of David

Gestapo boot stomping, strong-armed fungus purge
Teutonic sledge is law, propaganda chokehold
Ghettos funnel swill into disposal camps
Flush away the flotsam, excise the swarthy blemish

Rats in the well pollute the drinking water
Hebrew-rodents, Fodder for the Shoah

Boxcars of Semitic detritus
Gypsies and faggots ankle deep in feces
Barefoot siblings cry, urine soaked tattered frocks
Pregnant women retch, sweating and swooning
Wrinkled old men choking on stale air
Decomposing kin that expired between depots
Rats and beetles carry away sour morsels
Disintegration of the bubonic family unit

Undesirables and threats to the Reich
Sodomites, felons, and usurer kikes
Fodder for the Shoah

Laboring worms, stained industrial beetles
Factory larvae, slaves, emaciated mosquitoes
Fodder for the Shoah

Putrescent bog, decaying synagogue sludge
Judaic throng, inhumed beneath the rank mud
Fodder for the Shoah

Iron wheels thunder into the train yard
Cockroaches shoveled out of freight cars
Cold and imposing tuberculosis-blighted barracks
Crematory towers expel carbonized smog
Militant throngs in pressed uniforms
Barking orders, belting stragglers
Incise and drain the societal boils
Enforce the Nuremburg laws

Running through the mud in rotting shoes
Families wrenched apart, the fodder cues
Exhaustion plagues the limbs
To collapse carries a Luger casing
Small ones to the furnace
Old bodies to the bulldozer



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