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(lyrics to “Fodder for the Shoah”)

Herded into ghettos, loathsome streams of insects
Cordon off the sewage, quarantine the Judah
Gestapo street-cleaner bulldoze sons of Zion
Hovels and shanties, cages for the rats of David

Gestapo boot stomping, strong-armed fungus purge
Teutonic sledge is law, propaganda chokehold
Ghettos funnel swill into disposal camps
Flush away the flotsam, excise the swarthy blemish

Rats in the well pollute the drinking water
Hebrew-rodents, Fodder for the Shoah

Boxcars of Semitic detritus
Gypsies and faggots ankle deep in feces
Barefoot siblings cry, urine soaked tattered frocks
Pregnant women retch, sweating and swooning
Wrinkled old men choking on stale air
Decomposing kin that expired between depots
Rats and beetles carry away sour morsels
Disintegration of the bubonic family unit

Undesirables and threats to the Reich
Sodomites, felons, and usurer kikes
Fodder for the Shoah

Laboring worms, stained industrial beetles
Factory larvae, slaves, emaciated mosquitoes
Fodder for the Shoah

Putrescent bog, decaying synagogue sludge
Judaic throng, inhumed beneath the rank mud
Fodder for the Shoah

Iron wheels thunder into the train yard
Cockroaches shoveled out of freight cars
Cold and imposing tuberculosis-blighted barracks
Crematory towers expel carbonized smog
Militant throngs in pressed uniforms
Barking orders, belting stragglers
Incise and drain the societal boils
Enforce the Nuremburg laws

Running through the mud in rotting shoes
Families wrenched apart, the fodder cues
Exhaustion plagues the limbs
To collapse carries a Luger casing
Small ones to the furnace
Old bodies to the bulldozer

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[lyrics to “Kill Every Gay”]

Acceptance of faggots - we will not tolerate
Faggots all deserve death, they deserve hate
We hail the plague - blessed HIV
But we like to see these fuckin' faggots die more violently

To keep our nation pure and clean
Every homosexual must be quarantined
Put them to death with no mercy
Gas them all with Zyklon-B

Our battle cry is "Die Faggot DIE"
Kill every gay faggot, lesbian and bi
Murder in the name of heterosexual pride
Until we kill every gay - I won't be satisfied

Faggots! Spreading AIDS and lies
I laugh with contempt as another AIDS victim dies
The homos claim - that they were born that way
But that's all bullshit. Die you fucking gay!

Bash that queer until he bleeds - A good fag stomping is what he needs
No matter how much he begs and pleads - this faggots gotta die for his disgusting deeds

A man, who fucks another man - is not a man at all
Faggot bashers unite, and heed our call


Hunt down every bulldyke, and kill them one by one
Mass extermination of useless fucking lesbians
You're of no use to me, you disgraceful fucking dyke
So I'll shove you in the oven - like the glorious Third Reich

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Fuck the middle east
There's too many problems
They just get in the way
We sure could live without them
They hijack our planes
They raise our oil prices
We'll kill them all and have a ball
And end their fuckin' crisis
BEIRUT, LEBANON-Won't exist once we're done
LIBYA, IRAN-We'll flush the bastards down the can
SYRIANS and SHIITES-Crush their faces with our might
Then Israel and Egypt can live in peace without these dicks

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(Lyrics of “Silent Scream” by Slayer)

Nightmare, the persecution
A child's dream of death.

Torment, ill forgotten
A soul that will never rest.

Guidance, it means nothing
In a world of brutal time.

Electric, circus, wild,
Deep in the infants mind.

Silent Scream
Bury the unwanted child.
Beaten and torn
Sacrifice the unborn.

Shattered, adolescent [sings: another child]
Bearer of no name.

Restrained, insane games
Suffer the children condemned.

Scattered, remnants of life,
Murder a time to die.

Pain, sufferaged toyed,
Life's little fragments destroyed.

Silent Scream
Crucify the bastard son.
Beaten and torn
Sanctify lives of scorn.

Life preordained
Humanity maintained.
Extraction termination
Pain's agonizing stain.

Embryonic death,
Embedded in your brain.
Suffocation, strangulation,
Death is fucking you insane.

Nightmare, the persecution
A child's dream of death.

Torment, ill forgotten
A soul that will never rest.
Innocence withdrawn in fear.
Fires burning can you hear
Cries in the night.

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[Lyrics to “The Ghosts of Flossenbürg”]

Damnedest of the damned
Outcast among outcasts
Retreat into your land
A hate-bred maelstrom bloomed

Beneath the survival instinct
Infantile sex regression
Here the root causes of sodomy lie

Damnedest of the damned
Outcasts among outcasts
Sickened sodomites are slain
Ridden of their home and hearth

Into retrogressive phallic worship
Jewish archetypes are found
Beneath the inquisitory zeal of de Mepsche

The curse of Gomorrah
Sicken sodomites slain

Beneath the survival instinct
Infantile regression
Here the root causes of sodomy lie

The riddance of Assyrites' king
Beholden to the Jewish star
Sickened sodomites are slain
Ridden of their hearth and home

in retrogressive phallic worship
Jewish archetypes are found
Beneath the inquisitory zeal of de Mepsche

For sixty years
The priest curbs not his desire
In sixty lashes
Disciplined by brute force

In Flossenbürg was rekindled the past
Human targets in perfect formation in Sachsenhausen
Painfully, red hands shoveled the snow
It is gone...

May homophobia outlive us all

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(lyrics to “Misguided Marcy” by Crimson Thorn)

[John 8:58-59, John 10:30-32; Corinthians 1:18]

A picture's worth a thousand words
A word is worth a thousand hurts
Offensive teaching causes abject misery
The only cure is compassionate sorcery

Ears like a hairpin trigger
Indignation getting bigger
Can't control animosity
At another's perceived pomposity

Moving on is now allowed
Perpetrators are disavowed
They fail to tolerate all acts
Feeling they speak enlightened facts

Point of View of Christian:

But much offense is misguided
Too many things make them see red
To stand for nothing is to die
Allowing you to believe a lie

A new generation of Sodomites
Demand respect and certain rights
Offended and making a fuss
At hearing the bold words of Jesus

The Word was given to proclaim
Speaking it should not bring shame
Tolerance may seem right at first
But tolerating sin is worse

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[lyrics to “Anally Inflicted Death Sentence”]

You're accused of the following charges
You're a woman trapped inside a man
Your sexuality no one denies you
But your preference we can't understand
You are the lonliness of all people

It's time for you to realize
AIDS like the plague is from God
For he sees something wrong in his eyes

Analy Inflicted Death Sentence
Analy Inflicted Death Sentence
Analy Inflicted Death Sentence
Analy Inflicted Death Sentence

That's what you get for having
A penis up your ass
You should have used a condom
That's what you get when you
Swallow another man's load
A lubricated condom

How do you find love in another man's hairy ass
You should have used a condom
Millions of lost hamsters
Running ramped in your bowels
Take the Hershey Highway

Fudge packing men
Fudge packing men
Fudge packing men
Fudge packing men
A manly man
Fudge packing men
Fudge packing men
Fudge packing men

Impaled Nazarene #homophobia metal-archives.com

[lyrics to “Zero Tolerance”]

Why should we tolerate pansy faggot shit
Not even in an animal world male sucks male dick

Crawl back under the rock you faggots came from
This is real fucking world, fuck your inferior rights!

Zero tolerance, no fucking rights
Monkey fucks monkey, punishment is A.I.D.S.

It is disgusting!!

Listen you fucking homo boys, your time has come
And if you are a lesbian, you still got a cunt to rape


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[lyrics to “Wretched”]

Wretched filth you plague these streets
You’ll never compare to natures elite
A disease that has spread far to long
Soon you’ll be gone

There are no boundaries to your insanity
You assault our people with so much treachery
I will defend my kin at all cost…
An urban holocaust

There is no future for your kind
On the road of evolution you were left behind
You self inflict all your misery…
Shrouded in debauchery

You rape and kill even your own
Inherently savage from flesh to bone
Crime and drugs plague your habitat…
A creed of putrid rats

Wretched queer you think your disease is natural
I’ll never accept you as a homosexual
Propagation uninherent with homosexuality
Fact not philosophy

You are a mistake and there’s only one solution
Help nature eradicate you through assisted evolution
A deviation not meant for human creation
A genetic aberration

Children are not safe in their own homes
As long as pedophiles are free to roam
You prey on little boys with homo lust
Fucking disgust

You have no shame for you wicked acts
No validity I’m just going by the facts
Your life is a cesspool filled with only waste
AIDS will erase

This earth is full of shit
I pray for death
This earth is full of shit
I pray for death

The ground will open up
And swallow all the filth
My hatred is the fire
That burns them in my hell

Wretched scum you ingest your meth
Every line leads you closer to death
Addicted to hell and misery it seems
It murdered you dreams

Though you were a star juiced on heroin
Now the walls are heavy as it’s closing in
Choke on your vomit, writhe in your pain
Die in vain

Suck your glass dick like a crack whore
You trade your life for the want of more
You’d sell your mom to pay for your curse
It just get worse

Lying on the floor crawling to your grave
To this life of shit you’re a fuckin’ slave
Was this how you thought it would be?!
You stupid fuck!!!

S.O.D. #wingnut #racist metal-archives.com

You come into this country
You can't get real jobs
Boats and boats and boats of you
Go home you fuckin' slobs
Selling hot dogs on the corner
Selling papers in the street
Pushing, pulling, digging, sweating
Where you come from must be beat

You always make us wait
You're the ones we hate
You can't communicate
Speak English Or Die

You don't know what I want
You don't know what I need
Why must I repeat myself
Can't you fuckin' read?
Nice fuckin' accents
Why can't you speak like me
What's that dot on your head,
Do you use it to see??


S.O.D. #wingnut #sexist metal-archives.com

Walk the dog, do the dishes
Your lips are brown from kissing ass
Sorry guys I can't make it
Maybe next time, think I'll pass
Don't make her mad, don't make her sad
A fate for you that's worse than death
you're a slave and you don't know it
It always happens to the best

Pussywhipped, Pussywhipped
Don't you know you're pussywhipped
Pussywhipped, Pussywhipped
Don't you know you're pussywhipped

She wants to be involved with you
In every little thing you do
Always has to add her two cents
It's obvious who wears the pants
Your friends all hate you, you don't care
Cause you've been trapped in her lair
And hopefully one day you'll see
That pussy can be caught for free


Warren_Schofield #fundie metal-archives.com

(note: Terrible Certainty was released in 1988, and the band have long since changed their views)

Kreator got a ton of shit for their hilarious inset quote on Terrible Certainty.

"no thanks to gays and faggots for spreading AIDS"

ha ha!!

now ofcourse they are all PC and "ban the bomb" etc proberbly eating leaves instead of burgers etc..

The Raunchous Brothers #fundie metal-archives.com

[lyrics to "Dying in Pain"]

Whores, with one sole desire
To beautify the flesh, and needing to be admired
Whores, with no self-respect
For them I feel nothing but utter contempt

Endless years of misery,
Remembering how things once used to be
Living in a world fraught with indignity

Dying in pain
In a world I've come to disdain
Honor extinct
In a world that's turning gay
Dying in pain
Faggots are all that remain
Leftist culture of no worth
I'm the last man on earth

Faggots, forcing acceptance of their ways
Dragging our culture through the gutter
Of moral decay
Men, so-called men
So shamelessly weak and fucking effeminate

Endless years of misery,
Remembering how things once used to be
Living in a world fraught with indignity

Women who have no fucking class
Empowered by men in the pursit of ass
Balless men, such a disgrace
I'd love to smash in their fucking face
You spineless fucks propping women up
Instead of telling cunts to shut the fuck up
Murderous whores, fascist voice
Murders veiled under the guise of choice

Skullduggery of boundless shame
Women whoring themselves in the pursuit of fame
Leftist world preaching tolerance
This leftist world ain't makin' much sense
Real men are now all but extinct
Faggots, pussies and shemale freaks
Feminist agenda: male castration
End of man by the hand of cunt liberation

The end, the end is coming near
Extinction of man, all that's left are queers
War! Culture war at hand
Liberal elite ensuring the fall of man

Endless years of diversity,
Seeing what this world has come to be
This is the decline of western society

Dying in pain
In a world I've come to disdain
Honor extinct
In a world that's turning gay
Dying in pain
Faggots are all that remain
Leftist culture of no worth
I'm the last man on earth

Arghoslent #racist metal-archives.com

[lyrics to "Quelling the Simian Surge"]

The European taste for sugar cane
Tobacco in thick
Precious leafy fronds
Amenities not found in colder climates
Are sought

Above the steaming jungle
Lies snowy heights of honor
Foundations of empire are laid
On sweating backs of nigger slaves

To alien invaders flesh was made
An offering for economic gain
Lives traded for tusks of ivory
Are sought

Above the steaming jungle
Lies snowy heights of honor
Foundations of empire are laid
On sweating backs of nigger slaves

Superior beings compelled
Into the dark enclave
Drum beats along the congo
Forewarn of raids into
The primal Eden of the low

From darkened children
Priceless gold was had
Diamonds mined by captives
Built a throne
Enflared nostrils breathed
The jungle air
But not for long

Above the steaming jungle
Lies snowy heights of honor
Foundations of empire are laid
On sweating backs of nigger slaves
Compelled into the dark enclave

From their labors gold was had
Diamonds fed the empires thrones

Rampant prognathism
Reduced cranial girth
Dark children led away
Evidence of the rape
In chains

The cargo lies in chains
Aboard merchant ships
Anchored at the coast
Await the sign to sail
For the white empire

The Raunchous Brothers #fundie metal-archives.com

[lyrics to "Faggot Bolshevik"]

Minor segment of the population
Forcing their agenda upon our nation
Suppressing the truth, never allowing debate
Irrational logic I fucking hate
How can one put the unborn to death,
But oppose capital punishment?
Ri-god-damn-diculous hypocrites
Sick mother fucking degenerates

We gotta stop this hypocrisy
Liberal nonsense, socialist schemes
Undermined by Bolsheviks
Rid us of this Plague of Shit

Faggot Bolshevik (3x)
Leftist piece of shit

Fascist leftist artistic culture
Stalking the weak like a sadistic vulture
Seizing the chance to swoop in and kill
The spirit of ancient Europe's will
Limp-wristed, henpecked faggot fucks
Loud-mouthed, murderous leftist cunts
Sick degenerate left-wing vice
To build their communist paradise

We gotta stop this depravity
Get back some sense of decency
Undermined by Bolsheviks
Rid us of this Plague of Shit

Faggot Bolshevik (3x)
Fuck you communist

You want a world that will never exist
Forcing your views, we will resist!
Your SICK, SICK life of reckless free will
Onward we march, march to kill

KILL! the tyranny of the dumb
KILL! the leftist scum
KILL! the tyranny of the dumb
Fuck your revolution

Misleading the youth with lies and deceit
Bashing dead white males and all their beliefs
Portraying white culture as corrupted with greed
Rewriting history to suit your own needs
Fuck your cultural diversity
Fuck your leftist universities
Fuck your lies about the spread of A.I.D.S.
Fuck you and your faggot ways

We gotta stop this treachery
Reclaim our cultural identity
Undermined by Bolsheviks
ANNIHILATE this Plague of Shit

Faggot Bolshevik (3x)
Leftist piece of shit

The Raunchous Brothers #sexist metal-archives.com

[lyrics to "Put It In Bare"]

I never wear a fucking rubber
And I never will!
I won't let the bitch use a diaphragm
Or a birth control pill!

I'm not a faggot!
I've got balls!
If the bitch gets pregnant
I'll shove her down a flight of stairs
I put my dick in bare!

I'm not afraid of pregnancy
I'm not afraid of an STD
And I don't care if I get AIDS
I've got nothing to live for anyway

I'm not a faggot!
I'm not a coward!
If I get AIDS
I just don't fucking care!
I put my dick in bare!

I'll never wrap my dick in latex
Because I don't believe in safe sex
My only method of birth control
Is to stick my dick up a chick's asshole

I'm not a coward!
I'm not a faggot!
Procreate children with blue eyes and blonde hair
I put my dick in bare!

The Raunchous Brothers #sexist metal-archives.com

[lyrics to "Sexual Assault"]

You're such a fuckin' bitch
You gotta nice ass and you got big tits
But you won't give me the time of day
So I'm gonna have to force you to get me laid

Tonight you're lookin' pretty good
As I stalk you around the neighborhood
I trap you down a dark alley
Bitch don't even try to scream

You are of the weaker gender
I am a horny sex offender
Face it bitch, there's no escape
Tonight, you're gonna get raped

Smash your face in with a brick
Attack you with my fists and prick
Tears and blood run down your cheek
Typical woman, worthless and weak
You try to fight back, try to resist
I reward your efforts with my fists
That will fucking teach you not to say no
As you lie there bleeding with your torn off clothes

You are of the weaker gender
I am a pissed-off sex offender
Face it bitch, there's no escape
Tonight, you're getting raped

I committed sexual assault
But we both know it was all your fault
The truth is I had every right
Because you wear your clothes low-cut and tight
I forced my dick into your slit
But you had it comin', you asked for it
I even shoved my dick up your back door
And now your asshole is bleeding and your pussy is sore you whore

You are of the weaker gender
I am a pissed off sex offender
Face it bitch, there's no escape
Tonight, you got raped

I committed sexual assault (4x)
Oh you fucking cunt no means yes
And I can tell by the way you're fucking dressed
You know you love it, it's in I shove it
You fucking whore! RAPE!!!

CrimsonMorningStar #racist metal-archives.com

I've only gone through a few pages, but there are some misconceptions in this thread:


4. The Jews were completely innocent people

Not true. The Jewish community declared a world wide boycott of German goods. They even called it a war:


They wanted a war - well they got a war. You reap what you sow.

As for the Holocaust - the biggest reason why one would question it is that it is illegal in so many countries for doing so. Why is it illegal to "deny" the holocaust? Why are historians thrown in jail for providing contradictory evidence, such as David Irving ( Who was a widely credited and acclaimed historian for decades )? Facts do not need laws to protect them. History does not need to be written by throwing historians into jail for presenting something that goes against the normal.

How is this freedom of speech? This is oppression of freedom in it's highest form.

I'm sorry, but the Holocaust is one big money making scheme. Whether 6 million Jews died or not, that's all it is.


einvolk #racist metal-archives.com

other racist: "The Jews were a decidedly hostile population within the borders of Germany and they had to be controlled somehow."

board admin: "Huh what? Evidence?"

I would argue that it was a battle for the survival of the Germans as a people, as a nation. They noticed what was happening both outside:

Hungary - Leader Bela Kun (a Jew who would lead Comintern) later attempted a communist Coup d'état in Germany
Poland - Jewish Poles supported the Soviets during the Polish-Soviet War
[url=http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3342999,00.htmlRussia [/url] - There was an extremely high percentage of Soviet Jews in the highest positions of power; most notably Lenin (nee Ulyanov), Trotsky (nee Bronstein), Stalin (married to a Jew - he also created the first Zion in the form of Birobidzhan), Genrikh Yagoda, and MANY more (I am sure I can find a list if anyone wants). Also created in the Soviet communist party was Evsektsiya, a special Jewish-run group dedicated to getting world Jewry to support the Soviets.
USA - Newly emigrated Jews pushed the communist agenda forward in America on many fronts (these Jewish agitators such as abortion doctor Julius Hammer and Jay Lovestone [both Communist Party USA founders, the former serving time in Sing Sing for murder and the latter later an AFL-CIO leader and CIA rat] worked especially hard in the areas of labor and race - the NAACP was founded and run by Jews from the 1900s until the 1970s, and btw, W.E.B. Du Bois was a supporter of Stalin)

and inside:

The creators of this scourge, Jew Karl Marx, whose ideas were inspired by another Jew, Moses Hess (forefather of Labor Zionism) were from Germany. Hell, the Red revolution, organized and financed by Moscow, very nearly succeeded in taking over the Wiemar Republic and Germany proper from Hamburg to Munich. Rosa Luxemburg (Jew) led the communist party in Germany (resulting in the Spartakus Uprising).

of their country and were justified in their (somewhat excessive) treatment of the Jewish population of the areas they controlled.

even in China Jews were integral in communism!

later post

no matter where in the world they gather, as a group they have a strong tendency towards the Left, to different degrees (replacing their host nation's mores with debauchery has been played out time and time again)
for example the vast majority of Jews in the US support the Democratic Party, though there are a number of very prominent Republican Jews - ie neo-cons - but if you follow the history of neoconservatism you will find roots in Trotskyism and that it has no real basis in the Right, thusly corrupting the GOP from its libertarian/traditionalist roots in essence rendering it no different than the Dems