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The Evil of Postmodernism, or, Why Do Trannies Exist?

Marxism was dying by the late 1950s. It was nearly dead. Old. Tired.

Then, Postmodernist philosophy (hereafter Pp, and also known as PostMarxism) was born!

Today, Pp even denies that reality exists. It says that trannies (transgender people) can be real. In fact, under the rules of Postmodernist philosophy, anything can be real, because “every human has a different reality and a different version of the truth.” If you think the Easter Bunny is real, then hey, that’s perfectly fine, because again, everyone has their own version of reality and truth. Is this bullsh*t? Yes, it’s pure bullsh*t. It’s radical leftism. But nonetheless, lots of people believe it, especially university professors.

Trannies wouldn’t “exist” today if not for Pp.

Today, Pp has wrecked large portions of the Western world. It’s insanity. It’s “fools spouting nonsense.” Postmodernist philosophy is a war on White logic, White science, White reason, White morality and White tradition, but it’s usually not called that.

The core of Postmodernist philosophy — called Social Constructionism — is Jewish. It has been said that Postmodernist philosophy can’t even be defined. But I can define it: Postmodernist philosophy is a type of critical theory; it seeks to tear down Western culture; it says, among other things, that “everything in White Western society is a White male ‘social construct’ designed to marginalize and enslave non-Whites and women, and is designed to keep the White males in power forever.” Or, “The root of all evil is the White male” — by the way, this has been the core of all leftist thinking since 1960 or even earlier.



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