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Re: I have a crush on Candace Owens
I don't give a damn about any black woman. Any white man that is attractive to or lusts over negro women needs to be banned. What the hell is wrong with some people?

I don't know if this poster is white or not. Wouldn't surprise me if he was. It's the latest trend for white men to be all into dating black women and grovel at their feet. I've seen with my own eyes an increasing number of wimpy white males with black women over the last ten years. Many of them are so hideous you'd question how any man could be attracted to them.

It doesn't help that the media will push this anytime they get a chance in movies, shows, and commercials. So yeah, a lot of disgusting white men have a bad case of jungle fever.

Black women are often welfare queens that have multiple children by different men and speak like they never stepped foot into even the worst of the American Public School system. So, what room does Candace Owens have to talk about how bad black men are when black women do such a terrible job of raising their children to be anything other than ghetto bums constantly looking for a hand out?

I used to work around black women. They are without a doubt the lowest females in existence. Low quality white males have no problem dating, marrying or having casual sex with these filthy disgusting ghetto trash.

Black women are very opportunistic, arrogant and selfish. They will do and say whatever benefits them. That includes blaming black men for everything and not taking responsibility themselves as black women.

They are hypocrites that hate black men for dating or marrying white women, but they will date or marry a white guy if they think it can benefit them somehow. Usually this mean getting their hands on his money, living off of him and using white men to up their socioeconomic status.

Black women absolutely hate white women and see dating or marrying white men as stealing or taking something away from white women. They are very vengeful women that love to back stab other women.

You will see more and more white men abandon white women and children for black women, not only because it's trendy, but also because it's seen as progressive to abandon white women and white children for brown women and mixed children.


Osten #racist stormfront.org

I'm going to tell you the reason why they want to destroy the white race:

Jealousy and fear.

Whites have always been the most beautiful, intelligent and hardworking people on the planet. We have invented everything that has made even a small impact on the development of human civilization. Our ladies especially are the most beautiful and have been the target for slavery for many millennia. We lead the world in art, music, philosophy, science and engineering. If we had continued to flourish we would have surely have lead the world into a totally new era of beauty and enlightenment, which is something that the dark, twisted and evil forces do not want to see.

Imagine if the world was without a single non white. It would be paradise everywhere and these "people" cannot stomach that thought so they have to destroy it with their violence and oppression and hate.

This is the basic reason why they push all of these complete lies on us, they forged a whole set of new and fake standards to hurt us and many of us, including my ex "friends" have bought it all.

Daniel12 #racist stormfront.org

[Response to the question "Is it possible to reconcile catholic moral doctrine with Nazi Germany's actions against Jews?"]

Yes it it, because Hitler was against international jew, the new form of the wandering Jew, who refused to help Christ in the Calvary and was condemned to travel all around the world because of his sin. Anyway, the Church always taught that Jews were the Mystical Body of the Antichrist, and jews always fought the church because ofthis. Hitler knew about this.

frag #racist stormfront.org

I went to college for 10 years while I was in the Army, to get a 4 year degree. I usually attended a state university, part time taking a couple of courses a semester.

What I found is that the multiculturalists who run universities were desperate to get the races to mix. They did not when left on their own. I graduated in the 90s , retired from the Army, and now work for a state university. Things today are different.

In my opinion, the root cause of the change is that the average white parent is conspiring with the multiculturalist faculty to emasculate white boys, and offer up their daughters on the altar of diversity. The university is not a place of learning, it is a place where the seeds of white genocide is being planted. Whites are taught that they are the problem with the world, and that the peasants of the world are noble.

Their is no real benefit to attending. I think we should stay away from university reeducation centers, and take over the trades. Your mind stays clear, and your wallet stays full.

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The Evil of Postmodernism, or, Why Do Trannies Exist?

Marxism was dying by the late 1950s. It was nearly dead. Old. Tired.

Then, Postmodernist philosophy (hereafter Pp, and also known as PostMarxism) was born!

Today, Pp even denies that reality exists. It says that trannies (transgender people) can be real. In fact, under the rules of Postmodernist philosophy, anything can be real, because “every human has a different reality and a different version of the truth.” If you think the Easter Bunny is real, then hey, that’s perfectly fine, because again, everyone has their own version of reality and truth. Is this bullsh*t? Yes, it’s pure bullsh*t. It’s radical leftism. But nonetheless, lots of people believe it, especially university professors.

Trannies wouldn’t “exist” today if not for Pp.

Today, Pp has wrecked large portions of the Western world. It’s insanity. It’s “fools spouting nonsense.” Postmodernist philosophy is a war on White logic, White science, White reason, White morality and White tradition, but it’s usually not called that.

The core of Postmodernist philosophy — called Social Constructionism — is Jewish. It has been said that Postmodernist philosophy can’t even be defined. But I can define it: Postmodernist philosophy is a type of critical theory; it seeks to tear down Western culture; it says, among other things, that “everything in White Western society is a White male ‘social construct’ designed to marginalize and enslave non-Whites and women, and is designed to keep the White males in power forever.” Or, “The root of all evil is the White male” — by the way, this has been the core of all leftist thinking since 1960 or even earlier.

DocWhitepride14 #racist stormfront.org

Re: Congolese refuses war draft, laughs 'we are Black, how can we fight for Ukraine?'

No concept of morality no ethics no dignity no ability to see god. Because they are not at human level. Their mentality is animal.

It is a great opportunity to wake up Whites. Let's show them who black people really are. Let's show them that blacks are nothing more than cowardly little parasites whose only purpose in society is to suck the blood of our countries and when the hard times come, when the time to defend our countries arrive, they flee like the disgusting insects they are and leave Whites at the mercy of the “invaders” to die. Let's show them that blacks have no loyalty, that they don't know morals and ethics. Blacks just want whores, drugs and money with as little effort as possible.

Black men have already shown that they are not men, they have shown that they are cowardly little fagots. They tried to board the country's evacuation transports first even though women and children had priority, and when they were denied access, they cried racism as they always do.

it's a great opportunity to show them that black people don't care about white people's lives and want to see us all dead


So spread the word on all social media. White people must see and remember the behavior of these disgusting, dirty little parasites. Let's show them that blacks should never be in our countries and they should go back to Africa where they belong.

robbinsville #racist stormfront.org

Re: I think my girlfriend is a stealth Jew

We've been dating for months now, she is very White looking.

When I asked her about her heritage she said "oh I don't know German I think". Her surname is "Kohn" and she does have a somewhat jew/roman type nose.

At first I didn't think anything of it but now I'm a little concerned.

She has no clue what her ancestry is, so I just bought her a DNA test from 23andme. I will update everyone here when the results come in. I just hope I'm not race mixing without even knowing it.

In my many years on Earth, I've had "a few" chance encounters with individuals whose surname was "Kohn." Upon doing research and asking "the right" questions, I was able to rather easily identify that all were jews--some were Ashkenazim jews.

"Kohn" is a mongrelized, bastardized, and altered form of the jew surname "Cohen." The jews almost always alter the surname "Cohen" to the form, "Kohn," to somehow make it sound German. Actually, when I was still living up North, I had a family who lived about six doors north of me. The family's surname was "Kahn". I never pried into their business but one day I had a "rather cordial" chat with the father of the family. He actually divulged to me that he had altered / changed their surname from "Cohen" to "Kahn" in a futile attempt to make the surname sound "Anglo."

My dearly departed father was probably the most explosive hater of sleazy jews I've ever had the distinct pleasure of knowing. In his line of work he had occasion to do business with sleazy, diabolical jew bastards, which only intensified his hatred. Even though just a small boy, I loved listening to his "rants" about scumbag jews.

However, there was another species of individuals that he hated EVEN MORE than jews. You guessed it: subhuman, knuckle-draggin', primordial, feral simian "knee-growz" (aka: "enwerds"). I was taught well from an early age and I'm proud to say I've carried on his tradition quite proudly.

Fading Light #conspiracy #racist stormfront.org

Seriously, liberals:

I understand that you're afraid of having to earn your own way through life, and that makes you fight against what you know in your hearts, but you need to end your campaign of exploitation and genocide against my race. Destroying the lives and future of innocent White people is not the way to deal with problems. You can make an effort to carry your own weight in the world. It's not that hard to do for yourselves instead of taking from others. I believe in you, or at least that you ought to be able to try.

I know I can't save all of you because you are not strong-minded and have been influenced since childhood to be murderous and ignorant by teachers and television personalities who are as psychotic as you are, but I know there must be a few of you who realize deep in your hearts that exterminating people just because they're White is the wrong thing to do.

It's okay to admit that you have been acting out of selfishness and thoughtless obedience or your racist, Jewish masters. I really believe that at least a few of you can start thinking for yourselves at some level and stop participating in something that is so terribly unfair and vile.

It is possible for you to give up your murderous instincts and move forward as individuals. I realize that most of you have never had an original thought in your lives, and many of you probably aren't even capable of having one, but you could at least try.

There is therapeutic help available for your psychopathic tendencies like your desire to destroy the lives of White children and exterminate our race. I really believe you can be salvaged and maybe even grow to have genuine worth in this world.

I feel so sorry for you all every day, and for your severe limitations, both intellectual and physical. Honestly, it's not your fault that you're so inferior, but you shouldn't let your deficiencies turn you into genocidal psychotics.


Fading Light

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RE: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing a bill to stop Anti-White Racism

then its NOT DOING ANYTHING about the SOURCE of the problem.

If desantis and the GOP take all year to allegedly do a something,
about the jews latest race-baiting crimes, ONE AT A TIME,
the jew just cooked up THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR MORE,
then desantis "fixed".

He's fighting some brave fight 1 year at a time against wearing masks in schools,
while 364 days of flying in airplanes of crime and injecting jewish sludge into children,
and continuing to hold trump supporters in prisons passes through.

And then he wants to ride that one empty gesture as leader of the Republicans.
Just because Republicans are even worse.
He supposed to deserve credit for better then nothing.
Alright you get one blank vote per empty gesture.
One last year and one this year. Two blank votes for desantis.

If ANYBODY DID want to actually do something about the jews race-bait crimes,
without even having to stick the word jew in it.
They would offer legislation for ACCOUNTABILITY IN MEDIA!

That how they jew is getting away with ANYTHING else.
Is through blatant NO-ACCOUNTABILITY for that jew media.

But keep an eye out for one person who possibly ever does.
We'll be looking at something special by then.

disciple4life #dunning-kruger #racist stormfront.org

Idea on how to stop race mixing in part

1. Create a website celebrating every race. Detail their unique traits and history. Use science , like Klassen did in his book Nature’s Eternal Religion, to show sub-species do not mix.

2. Create a dating website for each race. Also create Twitter and Facebook accounts for each site.

3. Create 100 Twitter account that agree with and promote the above websites.

4. Create a listing on each site to hire people to make videos. Use these actors to make videos pushing for race separation in breeding.

5. The dating websites will link to the website on the science of racial separation.

6. The owner’s name must be hidden.

“Why hide your name”

Well if they see a white guy, especially a white nationalist, owning all these sites they’ll figure out the motivations.

I don’t have the money to do this. The sites would need a professional web designer.

There are ppl here who do.

Whoever owns the sites will profit in off of them.

I could write then content about the uniqueness of each race. Also the history.

NS Nr-Wst Cst #conspiracy #crackpot #fundie #racist stormfront.org

I am slightly interested in White Nationalism, but the ultimate question is...


Do you know reason why???

Because there are so many GODS!
Even a clear stream in the mountains of British Columbia can be a conscious God!

Before the collapse of the Roman Empire,
Roman occultists tried to enslave all free Romans,
not just enslaved peoples. For this purpose,
they used an ideology and created a new universal religion,
so that people would lose touch with the Aryan Gods,
so that people would lose touch with Reality!

This is an old technology of zombification
and enslavement that existed many long millennia before the existence of Rome.

In the USA, when the religion turning of, and free people ->>> into goy-slaves stopped working, then Hollywood was invented to zombify the inhabitants.
Now, Hollywood has stopped working for zombification!
In Philadelphia, they even began to openly sell and even distribute hard drugs for free,
but the majority of the population does not want to turn into zombies, drug addicts, and slaves.

Odessa14 #psycho #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

Re: US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, making abortion officially outlawed nationwide

I’m not exactly in favor of this . I want more and more muds to kill their demons . I want these commies to not have kids and kill their kids to. This will lead to more commies and more muds . If we push abortion hard enough , we can help our enemies eradicate themselves . Let’s do this , pro death .

Euroamerican86, Herr Gruber & Starshine Rose #fundie #psycho #racist stormfront.org

South African Anti-Apartheid Campaigner Archbishop Tutu Dies Aged 90

I wouldn't want to be in this guy's shoes as he stands before the judgement seat of Christ. He helped turn South Africa from a prosperous, stable, and safe nation under minority White rule to a crime infested, poor country that can barely keep its stuff together. Shame on him and shame on those who are bemoaning the loss of such a moronic, incompetent leader.

(Herr Gruber)
He should be celebrated for his achievements you've listed, yet again when blacks are in charge of the hen house, it turns to sh1t. When are people going to admit the truth and stop hiding behind cliches..?

(Starshine Rose)
You have that right. A beautiful country ruled by sanity can go from order to chaos by something that can't rule itself but takes and destroys, rapes and murders, complaining how oppressed it is. It never stops. It's isn't human that does this but something else.

Dunning-Kruger Award

1Tammy1 #crackpot #conspiracy #psycho #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

I 100% understand where you are coming from!

We see something typed and just want to yell at that person "NO! THAT'S THE DEVIL AT WORK" but we can't. It has even become pretty much impossible to speak for someone in government you support or against someone who you think is just pure evil. When we think of SF we think pure freedom of speech. FINALLY I can say what I think! But you can't. Often I feel like I had more freedom of speech on twitter. Worse part is this isn't being created by SF rules nor mods.

One of the big things I noticed with this group stalking us, they often point out how anyone who tries to express an independent thought quickly gets swatted down. Some times rather viciously. They would have comment after comment saying about how we keep our own inline by not allowing decent via brutal group think. I must admit, they were often right.

Now add in the Christians concept of good vs evil, God vs satan and not allowed to say anything about that, we do look kinda bad. I could understand you asking yourself "Am I actually helping satan by staying silent about the teachings of Jesus and Heavenly Father? What is being supported here is evil. Why am I staying silent?"

On the other hand.. the synagogue of satan is the jew.

Honestly, I too have wrestled with this in the past couple of day. This is what I realized:

jew = satan
mooslime = satan demons

When you lay in the bed with the devil, sooner or later you're going to.. have sex.
Same thing with the devils demons

No one is going to make me stop speaking the truth about satan nor his demons. They may try to shut me up, but they won't succeed nor stop me.

I can belong to more than one website. The more ears I can get to hear my words, the more good work I am able to do for our Heavenly Father. That includes SF. Many people on SF need to hear our words.

So please rethink your decision. You are doing Gods work. You just don't see it yet.

Duitsebloed #racist stormfront.org

Re: Alabama passes near total abortion ban

i for one am not happy about this. This means white women raped by negroes in Alabama will not be allowed to abort. Fact is, the majority of aborted babies are black. The correct law is one that restricts white women with white fathered babies from getting abortions and requires mixed race babies to be aborted. Also, there should be a total ban on non pure white babies being born under any circumstance.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #elitist #quack #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

Africa is only 6% vaccinated, and covid has practically disappeared... scientists "baffled"

Almost nobody in Africa is getting "vaccinated" for the Wuhan coronavirus, and as a result there is almost no covid anywhere to be found on the continent. In Zimbabwe, nobody wears a mask, nobody is vaccinated, and life goes on as normal. "Covid-19 is gone," stated a man named Nyasha Ndou, who joked with reporters about how he keeps a mask in his pants "to protect my pocket."

For all intents and purposes, the Fauci Flu is gone from Zimbabwe, even without the injections. The only areas of the world seeing mass disease and death are those pushing the "vaccines"

Continued at


(tow man)
Our IQ's are too high.

Africans are like, "I dont see it, where is it?"

We are like, "Its there, but we cant see it!!! We have no real evidence it exists!!! But its there because science says its there!!!"

Im starting to think Africans are smarter than Whites.


Not the people that (((they))) are targeting for extermination.

Not yet. I expect a massive Ebola outbreak

In other words, stupid is as stupid does.

Who wins this intelligence contest: Africans, or white pro vaccine Antifa leftists. I say Africans.
(I am not impressed with certain members of my own race, nor with the communist Semites, who might also claim to be white.)

Neither am I. We have to remember that most African countries don't do any tests.
SA is in the front because whites want to travel.

Traveling or not blacks don't want it.

Two groups refuse the vaccine at the highest levels.
Very high and very low iq people.
The very high iq people use their brains and the low iq people use their gut instincts.


Pyronia #racist stormfront.org

Problems with my sister

Hi! I’m kind of new to Stormfront so if there are any formatting issues I apologize.

I’m pretty “in the closet” about my WN beliefs but I know my dad is definitely what our modern society would call racist (though my mom doesn’t know that).

My sister is away at college and we text pretty regularly about her life there. She sent me a text today about a guy that she fancies. She talked about how nice and wonderful he is and I was really excited for her so I asked for his name. It was one of those stereotypical black ghetto names and my heart sank. I just had to suck it up and politely end the conversation because I’m not looking to burn that bridge, especially since they’re not even dating.

I guess I just want to know what I should do if they end up dating. I can’t straight up tell her that she’s a race-traitor but I also can’t sit back and let her do this to herself.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

How has your sister talked about blacks up until this point?

Has either of your parents talked to you or your sister about dating non-whites?

She's been listening to rap since she was allowed to do so (and even a little before that). Her best friend in high school was a white girl who exclusively dated black men. This isn't a new concern. Up to this point, her boyfriend's and crushes have been white, so I figured we were in the clear.

My mom doesn't see a problem with race mixing and I know my dad does, so that's at least one point of contention. Also a reason why they aren't going to tell her off. Mom rules the roost.

I found a picture of them together on her Instagram. He could hide in front of a coal pile. Kinda what I expected from the name DeShawn, though.

She called me racist for saying that the welfare system hurts black Americans. I doubt WN will go over well. She goes to one of those woke-fest universities too. Apparently, according to her music teacher, all modern music was inspired by black jazz.

lilsusboi89 #fundie #racist #homophobia #psycho stormfront.org

[OP of thread "Are Jews Satan's creation?"]

I don't really have much to say, so I'll make this short and simple.

Are Jews even a race that was made by God? I often find myself wondering if Jews were made by Satan every time I think about the tens of millions of innocent lives they took. Also, some Jews back in the 20s in Germany before Adolf Hitler came into power were homosexual, and they were pushing homosexuality, just like they are today.

So, are Jews sinners, or are they the sin themselves?

And should we exterminate them to make sure that they never do this again?

WhiteRights, QuestionAllOfIt & Czar The Great #psycho #racist stormfront.org

RE: Building collapses in Lagos, Nigeria

This is what you'd expect from engineering in the Third World.

Whenever there's a big hurricane or earthquake in the Third World, thousands of people die in collapsed buildings because of incompetence and/or corruption.

A building collapsing just from its own weight is a really sad sign of poor engineering and bad maintenance.

Unfortunately, many White majority nations are being corrupted by Third World invaders and disasters like this one, which should be limited to the Third World are increasingly happening in White nations.

This is a good example of blacks in their own environment. It’s the second most populous city on the whole continent. It’s supposedly one of the nicer parts of the city. A reporter who isn’t even there is saying that cutting corners, bribing inspectors, and poor quality are the norm. This is the african culture. It comes from africans. It did not result from colonialism, slavery, or White Supremacy. That continent has the most natural resources, so there is no excuse for not being able to build a building. There is, however, a reason: blacks are different from us. Their culture of lying, cheating, stealing, violence, and lack of respect for others is incompatible with a civilized society.

On the German report the attractive White news anchor asks the black reporter if all the blacks seen in the background are there to help. Nope. They are just there to sit and watch.

(Czar The Great)
This is clearly a testament to African's superior building technologies. The "high rise" which would be a concrete apartment building (it was under construction), is now a pile of rubble.


I can almost hear the monkey noises when seeing the female in the foreground with her hand in the monkey position. The gorilla in the middle foreground appears to be vocalizing the typical gorilla mating call.

Reich Force & Phoenix1933 #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

(Reich Force)
Trump: Israel literally owned Congress until Progressives Dems rose to power

Donald Trump bemoans that Israel no longer owns the US Congress! Will any WNs here on Stormfront continue to support him?

Israel literally owned Congress 10 years ago, 15 years ago. And it was so powerful. It was so powerful. And today it's almost the opposite," Trump told the conservative Ari Hoffman Show.

"You have between AOC and Omar and these people that hate Israel, they hate it with a passion and they're controlling Congress, and Israel is not a force in Congress anymore. I mean, it's just amazing. I've never seen such a change," Trump continued.

I like what Trump represents in the minds of many, but in reality he is surely among the most radical zionist supremacists in all of America.

Yeah right, Trump is so pro-jewish and so loved by jews that the jews staged the hugest, most blatant voter fraud ever in America to steal the election from Trump and give it to their actual puppet, Joe Biden. And Trump is SO pro jewish that when he was president, 99.9% of his policies were the opposite of the policies that the jews want. For example, Jews want open borders, and Biden gave it to them, while Trump pretty much ended the illegal immigration problem when he was president. And I could list many more examples like that. Almost everything Trump did as president was against the wishes of the jews. That's why they hate him so much and are still persecuting him in congress.

I think it's likely that Trump was actually making an anti-jewish statement when he said Israel controlled congress. He was really helping to expose jews to Americans. He was naming the jew. A real jew puppet would never tell Americans that jews ever controlled anything in America. I've never heard Joe Biden publicly saying that the jews control anything.

Various Commenters #elitist #racist #sexist stormfront.org

Latina shoots man who refused to kiss her in Illinois

Mom of 3 charged with murder for 'shooting man for refusing to kiss her'

I would have expected trouble from the guy named Jim Jones but he was the victim this time.

I'm just surprised James Jones could resist an offer like that from a ravishingly beautiful natural blond like here. Odd that she dies her roots brown. Must be the latest trend in Tacoland.

This woman is a walking poster child for abortion. She and her sprogs are nothing but a net drain on the lawful US taxpayer.

The guy would have to be smashed to kiss that ugly mug.

Please go on birth control or get sterilized immediately. Hope the kids don't continue the cycle.

The murderer's kids will most likely continue the cycle. Welfare trash is a lifestyle provided by those who enable them to both leech and even breed children they cannot even themselves afford. And the bums are shameless about it.

Those who should breed often do not. Those who do breed often should not have bred. Sad but true.


Many Latin women are mental.

I concur.

They will stab you (literally) and then a second after cry while professing how much they love you. This really happened to a friend of mine and he is White of Irish, Italian and Welsh stock. The sad part is he ended up marrying her. SMH. Haven't heard from him in years so I don't know their current status. Hope he ended up burying her under a concrete site.

They are jealous white people are more attractive.

(Kevin Rowe)
Long ways off from the Rio Grande, eh chica?

Looking at her nasty mugshot, now kinda understand why Mexican men drink so much tequila before they go home at night. The article sounds like she’s into girls anyway so she probably wouldn’t mind prison. Our tax dollars hard at work housing and feeling illegals.

APTheunissen #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt stormfront.org

Conspiracy theorists lack critical thinking skills: New study

I guess when you lack some real, valid arguments for your case, resorting to dumb-shaming or other fallacies of relevance that are elaboratedly clad into a sciency sounding article, is the best you can come up with:

The more people believe in conspiracy theories, the worse they perform on critical thinking tests, a new study has confirmed.

This doesn’t mean that conspiracy theorists are necessarily lacking intelligence, but rather that they lack the skills to objectively analyse and evaluate a situation.

The good news is that people can be taught these skills, and to an extent be brought in from the dark side – but of course it’s complicated.

For example, there’s a persistent conspiracy theory that shady figures in the US government were complicit in events of 9/11 – where airliners were flown into the World Trade Centre towers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania – and the attacks weren’t simply the work of Islamic terrorists.

Well, that blaming shady figures in the Islamic world for having people fly into the WTC and even managing to destroy building 7 without having a plane flying into it, is as my critical thinking skills tell me, a conspiracy theory, too.

Linking this to the scamdemic is of course unintentionally comical, too. You got no evidence of virus, no evidence that the proposed virus causes disease, but still you insist that there is some new virus making the rounds causing people to get sick... Your proof? "There are sick people and uncle doctor said, it's Covid"... Question begging any one... By affirming proposed consequences.

Gregcyber #crackpot #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: Western Washington University creates segregated housing specifically for black students

Black and African American people and culture that rape the White Race?

What do you call a African America Race?

The the sexual urge to rape white slaves.
As the African Americans call them self's "the decedents of slaves".

The segregation laws of the past.

They called them Jim Crow Laws in the USA. As in jin

But in History, there are tails of a Upper Egyptian Queen, A God of Egypt.

She made a law that forbids African Males to Mate with the Slaves. Or African females to mate with slaves. That is why Asians are marked.

In time they forgot the past, greed, sex, lust and the rights to rape the white females, as riot's to join whites in everything they do.

I had thoughts of the Crow Law before this movie.
I thought the law was, as a Crow is a Black Female of Egypt.
But if you understand Ancient Egypt and the Brid Hieroglyph's. Some hieroglyphs have a meaning of Female, as a female has eggs.

For me to better explain this idea, I show you a move clip where a Male was chosen by a queen of Egypt for mating.


The Crow's law may only be in foreign lands, as the move talks about Dis-location of the Egypt Tomb.

Males of Africa, in Law, are not to breed or marry slave women.
Breeding Slaves and Africans is only to be done by the Alchemist with the Pharos approval.

Why Do you think the Laws in the US punish Africans more then whites at a point in time?
But now, maybe they passed a law that will accept mixed races, the new slaves.

Utopian Dreams #elitist #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: Is rural America becoming a new Confederacy?

That article was a good summary of a whingy (whiny + cringey) blog post. Best takeaway:

The point isn't that the American countryside increasingly wants to avenge the honor of Southern slaveowners for their loss in a war that ended over a century and a half ago. Rather, the people who live in these areas share with the historic South an intense distrust of the federal government, veneration of local law enforcement, resentment of city folk, suspicion of minorities and foreigners, hostility to technologically driven change, and a keen sensitivity to cultural slights.

I think it's true, and I'm happy about it. It's been really great to be able to "dogwhistle" in a room full of rural folk and find confederacy from wall-to-wall. Trump made that possible, and I'll always admire him for that.

Even more interesting is how many right-wing Americans seem to be questioning the received narrative about WWII, and even self-identifying with the German Nazis. Realizing what the Nazis really stood for and discovering a parallel between their political ideals and my own was a world-shattering paradigm shift when it happened to me in 2006; required months of trauma, contemplation, and study before it occurred; and was totally alienating - I felt for a long while like I was the only person in the country who had ever experienced it. I never expected to see Rightwing populists all over the internet start to equivocate about any and every subject regarding the Nazis, but Trump (or, rather, the mainstream media's response to Trump) woke people up en masse to the effects of propaganda and gaslighting on the public mind.

Seriously, 2016 forward has been amazing as far as right-wing radicalization goes. Makes me hopeful I'm going to see a judenfrei White Ethnostate in my lifetime.

Various Commenters #racist #sexist #wingnut stormfront.org

(White gold)
One in four women physicians report infertility

A Medical Career, at a Cost: Infertility - The New York Times

But one achievement eluded her: having a baby. She had postponed getting pregnant until she was solidly established in her career, but when she finally decided to try to have children, at 34, she was surprised to find that she could not, even with fertility drugs. Dr. Marshall attributed it to having worked frequent night shifts, as well as to stress and lack of sleep, which can affect reproductive cycles.

Placing women in traditionally male leadership roles with all the stress and long years to prepare for it takes it’s toll on a woman’s reproductive cycle.

White women seem to forget the single most important job they'll ever have is bearing and raising children.

What do you notice about commercials for contraceptives? Ever see a non-white woman in one?

Just yet another thing that worked out exactly as planned.

(Herr Gruber)
The gymnasiums are full of the women you speak of, trying to fill that empty void in their life. Success comes at a very heavy price..

(White gold)
I totally agree with both of you. Men and women are not interchangeable.

LesPatterson #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: International Study Finds Sun - Not CO2 - May Be Behind Global Warming

Relax, nothing to see here; a clever use of mathematical derivations, but on the whole nothing worth getting excited about.

The critics of climate change have always had their claims and they come up with new ones everyday, but it's next to impossible to prove any of their claims with physical experiments.

You just twisted the whole thing around.
Alarmist are the ones coming up with useless computer models and fake mathematics to try and make their fake science fit the data. But they are fighting a losing battle. But none of that really matters, because they are in charge of the narrative. They have completely hijacked and closed down the entire debate, the science is settled you know.

The truth does not matter to these people, they tell bare faced lies regarding biology, physics race and history all while keeping a straight face. Then cancel people for pointing out the bleeding obvious. Did you hear one of your hero’s AOC just this week talking about menstruating people, just a tiny example. And she is a climate change hero to everyone, god help us.

So you are certainly in good company...

New ones every day, this is exactly what you have been doing here on Stormfront, posting one ridiculous video after another, flip flopping all over the place. Tilting planets, massive feedbacks, Super gases, all totally totally defying the laws of Physics.

Our claims are very consistent and based on actual data, past and present. While you people hide or completely ignore past climate and the past relationship between CO2 and temperature.
CO2 can’t and has never influenced climate or temperature. Past data clearly shows that. But we have been over all this before. That claim has never changed. Why don’t you fill us in on all these new claims...

vikingcelt #conspiracy #pratt #psycho #racist stormfront.org

Re: jewish Supremacists Admit White Genocide Is Their Objective

The enemy is not the least bit inhibited in calling for our genocide. They are winning, too. Drastic, even cruel measures must be considered.

Genocide? Perhaps not, though considering what the damn Jew has been up to, it might be best to kill them all, man, woman, and child.

War has been declared upon us. The Jews and their black lackeys mean business.

He intends to wipe us out. The Jew intends to exterminate the Aryan race. They tell us so, certain of their radicals and many of their academics. They have said as much. The White race is the cancer of history, says one. The White race must be abolished, says another. I can go on with this, quote after quote. The Jew does this out of fear and loathing. Make no mistake, as skeptical as we may be about their Holocaust myth, the Jews, every one of them, believe every word of it. This makes the Aryan an existential threat to them. They believe the Aryan hates them so much that the Aryan would exterminate them on an industrial scale. They believe this, to the souls of their beings, and they hate us for it. Of course they do. Like malevolent children, like sociopathic head cases, they cannot reason their way out of this conviction that we once tried to exterminate them. And that we will try it again! Think they resent that? You can bet they do. And unlike us, they have a plan.

The first goal is to disempower the European in his own lands, including North America and Australia. Those are our lands now, that is European territory. Manifest destiny and the verdict of war has made it so.

If we do not rise up, and put a stop to the Jew perfidy, our own ship will sink, in three generations, perhaps only two. It is a mathematical certainty. Faced with this fact, do we not consider war? What kind of men are we?

LadyNorse #conspiracy #psycho #racist stormfront.org

Re: China's VERY REAL plot to overtake Canada

How do you think we can turn this around?

Is there any way to fix this... ? It feels pretty nihilistic.

I hate feeling like a minority in my own country - and tbh, I already feel this way. I hate Asians of all sorts, I don't associate well with them. They're like drones.

Our leaders are treacherous snakes.

When will our people wake up?

Tenniel #racist stormfront.org

Denise Barber, you have written a very good post, a thoughtful, perceptive post. But I think, really, it is wrong.

There was nothing wrong with Eve's DNA. Eve's DNA was WONDERFUL in every way. Her physical beauty is reflective of her inner beauty.

She wasn't a man. That's all. (Of course, our men are no longer men either. We almost have no men left in our race. Perhaps the jews killed nearly all of them off in their perpetual White Wars over the last 6,000 years. Or perhaps -- more likely -- the potential genetic manhood of White men is still there -- but is only suppressed -- and can, therefore, be revived.)

No. Ultimately, despite all the feminist propaganda, it's still a man's world -- albeit White societies have been turned, by male jews, into matriarchies in order to deny POWER to their adversary, White men. Essentially, male jews have tricked White men into giving their POWER to male jews.

White women -- the embodiment of the most advanced genetics on earth -- are the genetic prize that goes to the victor in White men's wars. This is a law of nature. Natural law is unavoidable. We are in a war -- a racial war -- and we are losing. And so we are losing our women, our DNA -- in various ways -- to the enemy, to humanoid creatures of various types who do not belong in, who are incompatible with, White Civilization.

Our women were designed genetically (ultimately by White men) to be as they are. Part of that design is that they want to be and to do what appears to be popular -- with other women. It is now up to White MEN to regain POWER over our world (our societies) -- BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY -- and then to redesign our world in such a way that what is popular with all of our women is in alignment with what preserves and benefits our race. There simply should be no negroes -- and other non-whites -- in White societies. That's all. And then the soft loving compassion of White women would not be a problem -- but a perpetual source of comfort to White children -- and to White men. It is up to White men to remove non-whites from our societies. If White MEN fail to do this, the White race will cease to exist in this universe.

1Tammy1 & CrackerJackLee #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

I've never gave them the benefit of the doubt. However, there is a difference between a black and a negro. They have to prove to me they are not a negro.

With that said.. my besty in the Navy was in fact black. The rest were negros and gave her a terribly hard time about being friends with a White. She never gave in. Her and I did have an unspoken agreement to never eat at each others house and we always took our own drinks. Now that I think about it, that's the only black house I've ever been willing to enter. Blacks are Very rare. Negros are the vast majority of their race.

No, it ain't the same anymore. And it will never be again. Especially since Whites are dying out. Any blacks hanging on to you are looking for the status boost or what they can get.

So your friend is black... They're not my friend... You bring them home into our neighbourhood. Suddenly they bring more. They see what's there and then come back and steal it. I defend my property and I go to jail. All because you NEED to have black friends.

Oh, she's a girl like you? Then her brother shows up. Then his bloods show up. Then they chuckin' shinola on my car.

It doesn't matter what you say to black coworkers. They'll twist it into racist pig. Not to your face, but behind your back. Then you find your tires slashed. I feel sorry for whites who have to work with blacks.

Why would I even go near a black. I avoid Whites, too. They try so hard to be black that they'll make up racist bull about you to show their black friends how whigga they be.

Krupski & S Sinistrari #racist #wingnut stormfront.org


Any White person working at an office with Blacks should never to talk to them. It's all down-side and no up-side.

Many Blacks think Trump supporters are racist. It's just a big minefield.

I've never liked blacks... but I didn't hate them. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, and if they were 'decent', then they were fine by me. But, after the George Floyd thing and the massive, nationwide chimpouts and crime, and their in-your-face blatant racism towards Whites, I've learned to truly hate them. To me, now, they are guilty unless proven innocent, and even if they DO prove innocence, I still hate them. I've had it with anti-White racism, their constant anger and the constant chip on their shoulder. Now, if I saw a (n-word) on fire, I wouldn't pi$$ on them to put them out. They hate me for being White, they hate our great country, then to hell with them all. Go back to Africa if it's so terrible here!

(S Sinistrari)
I am an office worker, and have worked with blacks when I was in the office.

*Apefirmative Action black managers are absolutely useless. They are there solely to meet hiring quota. They say stupid things, have stupid ideas, and you can tell even the White liberal types there know they are stupid, but try to cover.

Black office workers a.k.a. McDonalds University Graduates who get their shot to work in and office (MUG shot, heheheh...) usually blow it by stealing stuff, always late, loitering, bothering other workers, not paying attention / doing their work, etc.

Anyway, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE in 'White / black relations'

Whites = Haven't we given enough?

Black = Why don't you want to give more?

Whites are TIRED of blacks and their bs. OF COURSE we don't want to deal with these useless morons.

Whites are tired of the GIBSMEDATS race!

Double I #conspiracy #psycho #racist stormfront.org

If this past year has done anything, it's the proving absolutely what we have been saying on this wonderful site for the past 20 years. Negros are the pure scum of the earth. They are a cancer on society and destroy everything they touch. Vile soul-less sub human garbage that are genetic career criminals and indescribably stupid and violent. To all you soft hearted racially clueless whites, That spook at work or you know from the gym is not your friend and never will be. He harbors a burning insane hatred for you and would kill you and rape your wife without batting an eye.

geboren Weiss #racist stormfront.org

RE: Gallup: Ratings of Black-White relations at new low

Not a surprise. After seeing how a lot of them have responded to the whole George Floyd thing, treating that as if it had to do with racism, then treating everything else as racism when it involved white and black. The constant need to be anti-white by telling white people to be anti-racist, even though they think we're inherently racist, and the constant anti-white racism I see from them on social media, I no longer have any reason to believe they're not two-faced. Being all friendly in person, but then being overtly racist online. I'm done with them.

Madcat #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut stormfront.org

While I can partly agree with your statement, please consider the fact that we Poles up to 16th century were calling ourselves Vandals and other nations called us by this name.

Polish rulers since Duke Mieszko I were often titled as dux vandalorum (duke of Vandals).

Bolesław the Brave wasnt the first king of Poland but even according to German sources 16th king of Vandals.

During first 500+ years of our history we called ourselves Vandals. In the begining of XVI century we started to call ourselves Sarmatians. In the 19th century we started to call ourselves Polish people. Who knows what name will we take next

Inscription on the western slab of the column of Sigismundus III Vasa: 44th king of our kingdom.

If Sigismundus was really the 44th king then indeed Bolesław Chrobry, who is considered the first king of Poland but who had no idea about such kingdom and titled himself Rex Sclavorum, Gothorum sive Polonorum (king of Slavs, Goths and Polans) was the 16th.

His title also raises question who were Poles. According to his titulature Polans were neither Slavs nor Goths. So maybe Sarmatians? Or someone else?

The fact that Mieszko was 15th king and Bolesław was 16th, means that Church has destroyed our history and condemned it for being forgotten. Most likely the people of Church did hate Vandals for two reasons. First was that they have plundered Rome and the second was that they were Arians (most likely converted into Arian christianity on their way to Rome). It is somthing that we know for sure because this fact was recorded in history. The kingdom of Vandals and Sarmatians in northern Africa was also Arian and not catholic. Arianism was a christian heresy started by bishop Arius which became very popular among barbarian tribes outside both Roman Empires.

Charles Wolfanger #racist stormfront.org

Many, if not most, Jews love blacks on a superficial level. I have known many Jews who, when they talk about some Magical Negro like Obama, look like they are talking about a rock star. They become almost orgasmic when they find some black overachiever they can point to (who's almost always a mulatto) to support their lie that blacks are no different from whites and race doesn't exist.

This is because blacks are one of the most effective weapons Jews have at smashing the traditional White Christian order. In other words, blacks are perfect revolutionaries, and the revolution (against white Christian civilization) is all that matters. As Trotskyists used to say, revolution is the only reality, and politics, economics and philosophy are only true insofar as they lead to revolution.

The REAL test, of course, comes when one of their beloved negroes, even a convert to Judaism, tries to marry their daughter. That's when you get to see how they REALLY feel about the noble colored brother.

Transilvanian #racist stormfront.org

Gypsies are literally the scum of the Earth. Close to 100% of them lie, steal, cheat or are otherwise criminals, nearly none have ever done a second of work, they marry and molest their own children and many have been known to mutilate or dismember their own children in order to seem more pitiful, thus earning them more begging money from gullible Whites.

They're the purest form of parasite; even Jews at least put some effort into their parasitic behavior against Whites by being doctors or lawyers or whatever the hell; Gypsies do absolutely nothing that isn't criminal.

B3K #racist stormfront.org

Dear Up Front:

Recently, here in Halifax, Blacks were complaining that high school courses are geared specifically toward White students. As far as I know, there's just one type of Math and Science. Not White Math or Black Math! Seems to me that if a particular racial group is not bright enough to pass the tests for such universal subjects, then it's their problem, not ours.

They seem to think that schools should lower requirements for them, so they can pass easier, just as we already lower job requirements so that minorities can better qualify for them.

Maybe if these students paid more attention in class instead of acting up, or listening to their Walkmans behind the teacher's back, they might get better marks.

But that's a mighty big "might."


(Whatever happened to `shape up or ship out'?)

JamesMiller #racist stormfront.org

Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest men who ever lived. He was unselfish, deeply altruistic, non-materialistic, and caring.

A brilliant man, insightful, a scholar of history and politics, social theory and culture... Adolf Hitler was epic.

He was an environmentalist, vegetarian, and animal rights advocate. He idolized children and strong families. He liberated women from the depravity of the Weimar years: restored their dignity, restored their importance, and promoted their rightful heroic role in society.

He was a pioneer in worker rights: safety on the job, hours worked per day, banning child labor, wage standards, etc.

Hitler relentlessly sought peace with France and Britain but each of his numerous peace offerings was rejected by the French and British. War was foisted upon him. His true enemy was Jewish Bolshevik Communism which he correctly saw as the number one threat facing the Western World and all of global humanity; it had to be stopped at all costs.

DelicateArch #conspiracy stormfront.org

These flimsy Alex Jones "purity" tests carried out by some fellow Stormfronters will only result in fracturing and dismantling real movement against the banking families.

The key to destroying Jewish dominance over America is to destroy the banking families. The Zionists would have no power in America if the bankers were overthrown. Jones relentlessly attacks the banking families and has created a huge audience that is extremely hostile to the Federal Reserve. He can take a lot of credit for the political rise of Ron Paul. This is GOOD!!!! Understand?!!!!

Anybody that makes an enemy out of Jones has got to be either

#1 too stupid to understand how to fight the Zionists by going after the Banks
#2 an active disinformation agent

EndTimez #racist stormfront.org

Re: Street interview: Are Jews equal to NonJews?

I don't necessarily disagree with him. I just wish that more Whites thought the same way about ourselves. Races aren't equal, he's right about that. He speaks of Jews' rights to immigrate to Israel, now, if only they all did that and got their meddling out of our countries. They seem constantly worried about antisemitism, no fear for them in Israel. Except, they could no longer profit from it.

Little Johnny #racist stormfront.org

The Talmud instructs Jews, 'Whatever the Gentiles create, you shall destroy'.

So whatever nation or industry we build, such as a copper facility or the Syrian nation, Jews come along to destroy them. Syria was one place in the Middle East where Christians and Muslims were living in peace with each other, so doubly it had to be destroyed from a Jewish perspective.

According to the Rabbis, the whole world was made ONLY for the Torah and the Jewish people, and if we do not accept their rule and rules for us to live by, then they must kill us, according to the thinking of their rabbis.

Rogue Pride #racist stormfront.org

[Drizzt Do'Urden fans, do you find the books blatantly pro-negro?]

just to make it clear, it is still impossible to compare a drow elf to a ******. even negroes dont have skin as black as a drow. not to mention drow have a reknown of being one of the most intelligent and cunning races in all of Faerun. something negroes couldnt even dream of.

ColdFire #racist stormfront.org

The Red Symphony

I see jews waving the red flag
To the Gulags the people they drag
They promised the people they would be free

It was all lies as the people now see
The Red Terror sweeps through all of Russia now

Reaching the Ukraine where their flields they plow
"These people are traitors !" Kaganovich cries
Now the Ukrainians should pay the price
All their harvest they confiscate
They confiscate everything that made these people great

I now see a famine ravaging the land
The Ukrainians die in masses at their hand

In Russia the terror also continues , red as blood
The jews devour everything like a flood

The people they promised to help they now murder at will

Through all of Russia goes a frightening chill

Is there enough blood for these jews , as they walk around, murder?

No, the Red Symphony is conducted even further ..
Leading to the biggest genocide in history
Yet they promised the people they would be free..

Those who trusted them did die, Bolshevism is a lie

Finally I see 60 million taken out ..
Out of Russia, a nation once proud ..

We must never forget the jews' deeds and their lies
Bolshevism is an act we all should despise

Gulag, Holodomor, genocide...

Yet their murderous ways even fill them with pride ..

The Red Symphony they conduct 'till today
Now people should see their murderous way

The victims of Bolshevism we must never forget
And its face .. Bloody and red ..

refuse #racist stormfront.org

ZOG implemented hate crime laws. Alot of cops are freemason's so they care more about the fraternal brotherhood oathes then protecting white community's from violent non-white Invaders.

There's a reason why both the Nazi's and KKK were strongly against Freemasonry. They knew law enforcement would put their freemason's oathes above what's best for a white European blooded community.

Fading Light #racist stormfront.org

I like TakiMag, but they let me down from time to time. They are afraid to commit, afraid to actually point out that the races are not equal and the people who want to separate them have a good point.

I think the TRUE intellectuals have been on our side for a long time; they've just had to be careful what they say, so they have been working behind the scenes to chip away at the foundations of the anti-White establishment.

Henry Bowers #fundie stormfront.org

(He's referring to serial killers)

Good post. I've myself long noticed that sexual abnormals are vastly overrepresented in this group and that most of them are either homosexual or bisexual.

It just further goes to show the link between homosexuality and mental illness.

Hell, homosexuality IS a mental illness. It was only declassified as one because of the bullying and power of the fag lobby, NOT because doctors genuinely believed they were normal or healthy.

AngryGoy #racist stormfront.org

Re: Morgan Bullock - Negress culturally appropriates Irish dancing

I will give the black dancer the benefit of the doubt and assume that any black involved in Irish dancing is not anti-White. She probably is a bit anti-black because I bet that she has been harassed by blacks for putting in God knows how many hours of work to practice a traditional Irish cultural activity.

This little negress might not have started out being anti-white, maybe. Soon after she became relatively well know, multiple people reached out to inform her that what she was doing was indeed cultural appropriation, thus disrespectful toward White European people more broadly and White Irish people specifically.

What was her response to this constructive criticism?? She pushed back! When you're in the wrong like she is, you don't "push back", you act humble. Besides, It's not like I would expect or demand a groveling apology. I would be satisfied if she just quietly backed away, in other words, cease and desist.

But no, she had to be uppity and smug, doubling down and rubbing it in our face. All the while being indignant toward her critics.

So yeas, she is very anti-White!

As for Beyonce, I would assume that she is trash, but I have no clue about who she is beyond being a performer of music that holds no value to me. Is she known for being ant-White?

It's fair to say that Beyonce is an overrated negress who has been propelled to superstardom, in part, because of her race. She may even be anti-White to some degree. However, she has never stood out to me as being anti-White. Then again, I don't follow her that closely. At least, Beyonce has a Black husband.

So this Black Irish dancer is far more anti-White than Beyonce.