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The whole underlying goal of all of the various Leftist, Marxist, Islamic, Hedonist, Globalist, New World Order movements all lumped together under what we call the Islamo-Commie-Homo movement is the elimination of all proper sense of identity and all proper sense of sovereignty, and the establishment of social chaos, world-(wide.

It's all one big Hegelian crisis-by-crisis setup for a Machiavellian criminal takeover. All these seemingly disparate and separate splinter-group movements and causes are actually linked and related.
The larger attack is on identity and sovereignty. Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, individual citizen, family, neighbor, political ideology, race, sex, government and finally national identity and sovereignty.
That's what Cultural Marxism is all about; that's what Civil Jihad is all about; that's what Gay Pride is all about. That's what COMINTERN has always been about. That's what the UN, the EU, the WEF, the WHO, the ICC and the Davos Agenda are all about.
And with it a common-sense knowledge that here in America there is no such thing as any legitimate legal right to contracept, abort, sodomize, euthanize or sterilize anyone, nor is there any such thing as any legitimate special legal rights assigned to any race, ethnicity, sex or imaginary gender, nor is there any legitimate legal right to commit the sins of fornication, adultery, homosexuality, pornography or any sex outside of marriage between one man and one woman.
No matter what any declaration of human rights, or the UN, or anyone else, whether foreign or domestic, has to say about any of it, no matter what any "expert" falsely claims to be a natural law right,

If it isn't in our national constitution;
If it isn't in our state constitution;
If it isn't otherwise legitimately and legally (which is to say Constitutionally) codified into law,
It is not a legal right.

We Americans are sovereign here. No one else tells us what a right is.

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With Comrade President JoBama O'Biden finally agreeing to debate President Trump, we thought it appropriate to remind readers of our recommended new Presidential debate procedure for what it's worth. We see no legitimate reason for any moderators or rules other than a microphone-controlling time-keeper, which could even be mechanical.

And this webpage is about various universally accepted falsehoods and where they came from, and how they came to be universally believed.

Marxism, Islam and Hedonism are all foreign ideologies or belief systems that are (1) foreign to America, and (2) openly hostile and antagonistic to America's ethos, morality, constitution, government and law. We have labeled this evil triumvirate the Islamo-Commie-Homo movement, and charged it with being rabidly anti-Christian and rabidly anti-American.

The UN's 1948 UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) is a classic example of socialistic foreign thinking that has seeped into American thought, is being taught as "law" in formal education, and is even pushed as if it were American law by American politicians, political parties, journalists, attorneys and courts of law.
No one "dictates" any law over the whole nation of America other than the sitting American government acting within the rules and constraints of the American constitution. The constitution is the supreme law of the land.

The UDHR seems innocent enough until you get past number 21; then it goes off the rails. Until you get to right number 22, it seems to be almost listing the American constitutional rights, and that's a good thing. But then, it goes all socialistic, insisting that the people of the world, including the people of the USA, have a "right" to have all their wants aned needs taken care of by the state, from the cradle to the grave.

Which is nonsense, in America. We were constituted to be a largely self-governing and self-sustaining citizenry; we take care of ourselves. That's what the right to liberty is all about.

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For the same reason that the DOJ/FBI/CIA and a lot of other US agencies play act at being aloof from and independent of the US government: they are part of the anti-American Marxocrat Party's so-called "Permanent Government", alternatively known as the Deep State.
Behind the scenes, they will put the brakes on any President or other official who tries to condemn diversity or fails to be inclusive of either anti-American Marxist "revolutionaries" or anti-American Islamic Jihadists. The Marxocrat Party is, after all, anti-American, pro-Marxist, and pro-Islam. More than that, they are pro-sodomy, pro-abortion, pro-climate change and they stand with every other fraudulent program that is anti-humanity, anti-nationhood, anti-American, anti-family, anti-male, anti-white people, anti-Christian and antisemitic.
Diversity, inclusion, multi-culturalism, etc., all attack identity.

It began with the blurring of the identity of God; it all ends with the blurring of the identity of human beings and humanity.

Look at diversity's blurring of holiness, and what it means to be holy.
It was this deceptive and deceitful all-inclusive, diversified identity thinking that brought the condemned heresies of Protestantism into the Catholic liturgy in Pope Paul VI's Novus Ordo mass. And it is this same evil diversification of Catholic identity that today seeks to suppress and eradicate from memory the Latin Mass.

The new mass is inclusive; the old one was exclusive. Can't have that.

Today, the Catholic Pope and his Vatican, the American Presidency and his administration and all professional teachers everywhere, join the globalist efforts of the Davos WEF, COMINTERN, the UN and the EU to bless, approve, protect and advance the causes of not only sodomy and licentiousness, but transsexualism and transgenderism. In open defiance of biology and human physiology they hopelessly and permanently blur the identities of male and female.

What does it even mean to be human any more?

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It should not be surprising that so many revolutionary activist movements claiming to be inclusive of diversity are actually exclusive to the point pf being supremacist. Nor should anyone be surprised that all of these revolutionary activist movements claim to be democratic at the same time that they oppose the majority.

They cannot possibly be democratic and revolutionary at the same time. That's an irresolvable dichotomy. The whole purpose of any revolution is to overthrow the current majority; the whole purpose of democracy is to allow the majority to rule.
If they can't out-vote us because we outnumber them, they'll illegally change the whole racial balance in America by importing millions and millions of "people of color", and either way, they will either win by revolution, or by "democracy", corrupted as it will then be.

Cultural Marxism hit a near home-run with their DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) revolutionary activist movement, because it incorporated into itself an almost endless number of almost mutually exclusive individual revolutionary activist movements. The possible permutations and combinations of imaginary transsexual pronouns alone defy human counting without the use of a super-computer.

Try to imagine a transvestite, an Islamist, an ardent Communist, an open sodomite, a real live anarchist, a Palestinian, a real live Nazi, a biologically male women's athlete, a bearded drag queen, a material atheist libertarian and a bomb-toting dedicated Jihadist all getting together for a beer in one big happy DEI love-fest.
If none of that sounds particularly democratic to you, welcome to the club. As long as it's anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Western, anti-male, anti-white, anti-hetero, anti-majority and anti-normalcy, the Marxocrat Party will support it, and the Republicrat Party will seek common ground and compromise with it.

Do you begin to understand Trump's majority popularity everywhere?

Vic Biorseth #wingnut #fundie #racist #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy catholicamericanthinker.com

A lie is "weaponized" by being believed and popularized. Thus, it can be "deweaponized" by being publicly revealed as a lie and restoring the truth and reality of the matter.

We all know that the American Political Parties, the current Presidency, most of the Congress, the State Department, the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the DHS, the DoD, the FISA court, the whole court and legal system including even some of the Supreme Court, have been politically "weaponized" to work against the American Constitution and against Constitutional America.

And we all know that the Catholic Church has been politicized for evil through the auspices of the Saint Galen Mafia, the "Lavender Mafia", the WEF, DAVOS, the Chinese Communist Party, Marxist ideology, Islamic ideology, Hedonistic ideology and the current Francis Papacy.

What's it really all about?

God is the Truth; Satan is the Father of Lies. That's what it's all about.

Satan has been given the upper hand in American and world culture.
We cannot look to the perpetrators of the crime to undo the crime.

For instance, how do we get DEI, CRT, Transsexuality, anti-white racism, corrupted anti-American history, anti-Christianity, pro-Communism, pro-Islam, anti-Western civilization, climate-change lies, Covid lies, Wokeunism, drag-queens, blessed and celebrated homosexuality, police and all authority hatred, BLM, "blessed" abortion, etc., out of our education, K through Ivy League?

By getting the federal government the hell out of it.
The Marxocrats and the UN could try to properly amend the American constitution to get their Islamo-Commie-Homo-trannie-drag-queen "education" forced down American throats and see how that flies. Until then, education in America, by the standing American constitution, is a state, local or private sector problem, and no legal business of the federal government at all.

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Legion are the lies of Satan's Islamo-Commie-Homo Movement. From Darwinism through Freudianism and Marxism and Islam, they go right on down through Hedonism.

"Islam is peace" is a lie. Islam means "submission". The real meaning of Islam is that there will be no peace until the world is in submission to Islam.

"Communism is Utopia" is a lie. The real meaning of Communism is that there will be no peace until the world is dominated by Communism.

"Homosexuality is Innocent" is a lie. The real meaning of the homosexual movement is that there will be no peace until the whole world is under the domination of anything-goes-hedonism, unlimited satiation of lust and the achievement of sexual, gluttonous, etc., etc., gratification by any means necessary.

The enemy is spending untold millions of dollars in Ohio to lie Ohio Issue One into victory through advertising. Satanic adds insist that Issue One opposes an Ohio radical legal crackdown on abortion - a flagrant lie.
And they push this Satanic lie while claiming they are getting government out of the issue, and giving anti-mothers a choice, rather than bringing government into the issue on the side of Satan to impose abortion on everyone, against the will of the purposely deceived Ohio citizenry.

You cannot count the Satanic lies in political ascendence today.

The whole life-dooming man-caused climate change crisis is a lie.

The whole Wuhan-Covid Mask-Vax-Distance crisis is a lie.

The whole Black Lives Matter/Rainbow Flag crisis is a lie.

The whole Israel is Apartheid is a lie.

The whole Palestinians-are-oppressed-by-Jews is a lie.

The whole Trump and MAGA are criminal usurpers is a lie.

The whole "No Justice, No Peace!" movement is a lie. What the demons mean by "justice" is total submission and subjugation to Islamo-Commie-Homo dictatorship.

In the end its all about self, and self-adulation, self-gratification, self-salvation, self-rule and the end of societies and social orders. Anarchy, in other words. Every self for itself.

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Comrade President Obama, peace be upon him, was never properly vetted before he was anointed as head of the Marxocrat Party. He exemplifies the slide of universities like Harvard into identity politics over merit and ability. We have long held that he is and always was an Islamo-Commie-Hommo anti-American, and now it seems that some of those chickens are coming home to roost.

But you shouldn't need it. His affinity for all things anti-American, all things anti-white people, all things anti-family, all things LGBTQ, all things pro-socialist, all things anti-constitution, all things anti-Christian and all things anti-Western Civilization tells the story.
I just have a problem surrendering preferred language to the fags and the LGBTQ activists. They feel they can censor me by their new anti-constitution woke rules of language, and I do not agree. If they can call me a homophobe, I can call them faggots and/or public faggotry promoters.

I see nothing "gay" about the homosexual identity psychosis. Pitiful and disgusting, but certainly not gay.

Note well the Marocrat Party's love and protection of all things related to dope, related, to sexual deviancy and perversion, to licentiousness, to blatant immorality including even abortion and euthanasia, to constitutional restrictions on government, and their hatred of all the absolute constitutional rights of citizens, the normative human family, parental authority over their own children, and their determination to eliminate American borders and national sovereignty, their committment to suppression or subjugation of white people and Christians, to the elimination of law and order, and to the illegal persecution of Trump and the MAGA movement.

They seek the end of all Christian moral norms and common sense

And note the fact that Schiff flows downhill, and that Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, is sitting on top of the whole stinking anti-Christian anti-American Islamo-Commie-Homo pile.

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At this point there's no reconciliation possible between constitutional America and the black supremacists, the pervert supremacists, the enviro-supremacists, the mask-vax supremacists, the Marxist supremacists, the Islamo-supremacists, or any of the diversity-identity supremacists, or even with the white supremacists (if you can find any). And, being real constitutional Americans, we cannot imprison, deport or kill them all, because if we did, we would be them, not us.

But all of these various street supremacist factions working hard to destroy constitutional America depend on the protection of the unconstitutional, illegally existing and criminal Marxocrat Party and its illegally existing criminal Shadow Government, and we can sure as hell burn that whole thing to the ground.
The whole DOJ is a liar.

They have manufactured evidence against President Trump, in collusion with the Hillary campaign, her lawyers, the news media and the Marxocrat Party, illegally spied on his first presidential campaign and his whole presidency.

Burn it down!
The department of homeland security has no reason to exist. Homeland security is what the department of defense, the national guard and the militia are for.

The DHS has become another weapon of the Marxocrat Party against constitutional America. Shut it down and fire everyone in it.

Burn it to the ground!
Unconstitutional Regulating Bureaucracies: Burn Them All Down!

Look at all the unconstitutional federal bureaus and all of their unconstitutional regulations, in the image and likeness of EPA. None are represented among the limited and enumerated powers, and thus they exist unconstitutionally, which is to say illegally.

Education. Science. Housing. Medicine. Insurance. Pharmacy. Rents. Prices. Wages. Urban Development. Health. Welfare. Diseases. You name it, they will regulate it.

Burn them down, plow them under and salt the earth where they were.

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The always anti-American Political Party of slavery, the Confederacy, "Segregation Forever", the KKK, the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws - the Democrat Party - hit on something big when they discovered the power of the term "Racial Discrimination" and weaponized it. It was during the MLK - Selma - Kennedy - Castro - Che Guevara - Vietnam - Hippy years that they switched sides, began blaming the Republicans for all the Democrat racial sins of the past, and began going totally Marxist.

Projection is the appropriate term for the new Marxocrat Party's main political policy; whatever terrible things they accuse the Republicrats of doing, you may rest assured that they themselves are doing them.
t's a thousand and one smaller revolutions within the larger national revolution, which is within a still larger international revolution; the movement toward and into the globalist, communist, New World Order.

It isn't just racial discrimination any more. It's near open warfare against psychologically demonized and politically applied faux misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, white people, the Bible, Christianity, the natural order of things and simple morality.
Diversity is not our strength. Diversity is a political weapon being wielded against all of us. Diversity politically turns us all against each other for no good reason.
Social destabilization is the setup for establishing the police state.

"Diversity is our strength" is a Marxist revolutionary lie.
When you ask for proof of their screwball theories they trot out all the Marxist professors, scientists and supposedly learned know-it-alls as their "proof" that, since they all believe it, it must be true.

That's how they do science. Democratically. They take a vote on it. Whoever has the most elitist votes wins the scientific contest.

If NASA and EPA and UN "experts" say so, it must be scientific.

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The Marxocrat Party is making people crazy. Young and old.

The first symptom of insanity is a break with reality. People who believe things that are not true and people who perceive things that are not real are potentially insane. People can be made insane by convincing them of all sorts of unrealities. Children, especially, can be "molded" into insane beliefs to the point of wrecking their lives and livelihoods, and adults can be stripped of sanity by presenting them with contrived "emergency" crisis situations demanding insane, self-destructive solutions.

At question in this moment of the "Managed Decline" of America and the liberty of man, is how the Marxocrat Party can so casually stand on such huge monumental lies, and how the Republicrat Party just lets them get away with it.
Everything in Marxism is false. Marxism itself is false. Communism is a lie. Socialism is a lie. Nazi-Fascism is a lie.
Marxism is the path to tyrannical rule and the end of liberty of man.

And that makes America's Marxocrat Party a liar, because it is Marxist.
Here are a few facts of reality in opposition to the crazy lies of Marxism:

There is no such thing as a climate change crisis.
There is no such thing as a fossil-fuel burning crisis.
There is no such thing as Wuhan Virus masking/vaxing crisis.
There is no such thing as "natural" homosexuality.
There is no such thing as genders other than male and female.
There is no such possibility of changing genders.
There is no such thing as Utopia or Worker's Paradise.
There is no such thing as a Population Problem.
There is no "race" that did not descend from the same parents.
There is no such thing as evolution.
There is no reality, no creation, no truth, without God.
There really is one and only one God.

All that Marxocrat Party stuff is just crazy. None of it is real. Deal with it.

Vic Biorseth #fundie #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy catholicamericanthinker.com

Today, in both the Catholic Church and in the USA, it appears that the only "rights" protected by both the ecclesial and national governments are the rights of anti-Catholics and anti-Americans to challenge, violate and destroy the very rights of anyone to be fully Catholic and be fully American, and to act like it. We are now supposed to be everyone else's doormats, so they can walk all over us and wipe their feet on us.

When the "gay pride" parade takes over the streets, I am supposed to get out there and celebrate sodomy with the rest of the freaks, and not show any disgust or disrespect for any of the primping and prancing transvestites, screaming queens, tattooed butches, members of the Biden Cabinet or members of the USCCB.

What happened to my right to condemn and anathematize immorality, keep apart from it and speak openly against it? Why do so many Catholic Bishops today not only bless it, but participate in it? Why does the Biden administration and their Party not only bless it, but sponsor it, promote it and participate in it?

The answer is anti-Catholic and anti-American Marxism and its preeminent position of power in both the Church and American governments. The Marxocrat Party is fully and irrevocably Marxist, and the Republicrat Party is Marxist-Light. The USCCB is Marxist. The Francis Vatican is Marxist.
They howling mobs insist that I be forced to "Say Gay!", and/or to "Say Black Lives Matter!", and/or to "Use The Preferred Pronoun!", and that I have no right to disobey. And the federal government, bound by oath to the Constitution that protects my rights, allows this to go on.
They hate the constitution. It is, after all, just another "existing social condition" and Marxism is sworn to forcibly overthrow all existing social conditions.

They are Marxists.
That's the problem.

They will not tolerate normalcy. All normalcy must be overturned.

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When we speak of the "original" Bible, we speak of the Vulgate, written in Latin, or the most common "vulgar" language of the masses of that day. Commissioned by Pope Damascus in 382 A.D., it was completed by St. Jerome around 405 A.D. It was the first one-book Bible, incorporating translations of the Septuagint - the world's first one-book Old Testament, written in Greek, and the Gospels and the Letters of the New Testament. 46 books in the Old Testament, 27 in the New Testament and 3 Apocrypha, for a total of 76 books.

The Vulgate is the book that launched Western Civilization.
The Douay Rheims is the direct English translation of the Latin Vulgate.

When we speak of the "original" US Constitution, we speak of the pre-Woodrow Wilson US Constitution. Wilson was America's first pro-Communist, anti-American President, who established the FED through unconstitutional legislation, the graduated income tax through constitutional amendment, and the democratization and politicizing of the Senate through constitutional amendment.

Wilson, a true Democrat and typical hate-filled and vengeful true son of the Confederacy, re-segregated an already racially integrated government.
Attacks on the Original Bible began with the Fracturing of Christianity of the "Reformation" wars, and the massive adoption of such unbiblical heresies as Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, and Salvation Outside Of The Church. The Bible itself refutes these heresies.
Attacks on the Original US Constitution began by disassociating it with the Bible and orienting thinking about America towards becoming a democracy and away from its original nature as a constitutional republic.
Thus, the Bible and the Constitution are the surest protections and guarantees of American citizen morality and independence.

1. Citizens cannot be independent if they are not moral.
2. Citizens cannot be moral without the Bible.
3. Moral citizen independence is guaranteed by the Constitution.

Vic Biorseth #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #racist #conspiracy catholicamericanthinker.com

Decitisenize The Flaming Faggot "Nuns" And Deport Their Asses To Iran

The Flaming Faggots Can Mock And Insult God, And Me, But I Can't Mock And Insult Them?
Sez Who?

If the Flaming Faggots opened this door we should not hesitate to walk through it. The disgusting Sisters Of Perpetual Flaming Faggotry, under the protection of Major League Baseball and sponsored by the Marxocrat Party, are now openly insulting not only God, and not only all Christians but also all Protestants of every wild denomination, with their purposely outrageous blasphemous public fag-crucifixion demonstrations.
And if we are united against this public outrage, then we should also be united against the President and his political party, who sponsor, promote, protect and defend it; JoBama O'Biden and his Marxocrat Party. We most recently addressed Biden's close, loving relationship to flaming faggotry in the Demonic Andgrogynous Hedonism of the Islamo-Commie-Homo Movement. He is so strongly supportive and celebritory of open public flaming faggotry that we have to wonder if he just might be a flaming faggot himself.

After all, Catholics can be proud of their Catholicism, and Protestants are seemingly proud of their Protestantism, and we all understand that. And, of course, American patriots are justifiably proud of America and being American.

But what, exactly, does any sodomite have to be proud of?

For that matter, what does any sexually disoriented and disordered person have to be proud of?

Most especially, what does any antogonistic, beligerent, in-your-face twisted pervert have to be proud of?

I submit that Hedonism is just as anti-American as is Marxism and Islam, and that political activist Hedonists, Marxists and Islamists, need to be recognized as the nationally destructive political forces that theyh are, declared to be personna non grata in America, decitizenized and deported.

Vic Biorseth #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #transphobia #homophobia catholicamericanthinker.com

What the real geopolitical game is about is the end of all independent nationhood and the bringing of all nations under the rule of one tyrannical global government. America's half-assed patriots are either blithely unaware of that, or they are in on it. They let one high crime after another, and even one act of high treason after another just go by right in front of their noses, and they do nothing.

How many glaringly obvious crimes did Madame Hillary commit that went unpunished? For that matter, how many did Billary commit? Try to count the criminal scandals and crimes attributed to the Clinton and Obama presidencies, and nobody ever did anything about any of them.
What happened to the big figures in the CIA, FBI and DOJ who were proved to be criminally colluding to take Trump down in the Russia-Russia-Russia hoax and the Ukraine-Ukraine-Ukraine hoax, and all the corroborating lies of the likes of Schiff and Nadler? Nothing. What did Barr do about all the video evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election? Nothing.
Look around. Just look at the results of that treason. I mean decision.

Open borders. Fentanyl deaths. Human trafficking. Lawlessness. Defunded/demoralized/decimated police. Looted stores. Non-prosecution. Crime now pays. Children being indoctrinated in sexual perversion and racism. A Presidential cabinet consisting of an actual diversity freak show of incompetence. The demolition of the Abraham Accords. A return to Marxist "climate justice". The Afghanistan bug-out. The Russian invasion of Ukraine. A new alliance of China, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Ever increasing Chinese, Russian, Iranian and Marxocrat Party belligerence

All the election interference with the 2024 election. Indictment after indictment after indictment, on trumped-up charge after trumped-up charge after trumped-up charege, against President Trump, probably the best and most effective President since George Washington.

Vic Biorseth #fundie #wingnut #transphobia #homophobia #conspiracy catholicamericanthinker.com

Minors being taught to question their own gender is no slippery-slope. People who think questioning one's own gender is an "age appropriate subject" are hopelessly beyond any slippery slope and plunging over the cliff. They have lost their sanity and they don't even know it. They have already crossed many, many unrecognized moral slippery slopes.

There are only males and females. There are no other genders.

No matter how old anyone is, that fact remains an absolute fact.

There is no such thing as any "human right" that defies actual reality.

I remember the blue-laws, and everything being closed on Sundays. I still remember when they got repealed, and all the grownups being upset that the corner grocery store now opened up on Sundays. I seem to remember that the beer-gardens led the charge for opening up on Sunday. Where people went to drink and get drunk.
And, you may remember too, the "freedom of speech" lawsuits to stop censorship of sexually explicit material filed by big time pornographers such as Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint. They won, in American courts.

Imagine that.

And the once hidden multi-billion dollar Masturbation Industry came right out in the open and took off like a rocket. Many big-time Marxocrat Party officials, including even Presidents like Jiminy Carter, took great pleasure in doing "interviews" with Hugh Hefner that would grace the pages of Playboy magazine, in between all the pictures of naked women.
Today Disney cartoons encourage sexual identity dysphoria in little children, open homosexuality takes to the streets in giant "pride" parades and demonstrations and wild looking and acting drag queens have virtually taken over the whole American public library system.

None of this is just happening; none of it is just "evolving".

It is part of an evil Marxist Cultural-Revolution drive to transform order into disorder, natural into unnatural and calmness into chaos. And, most importantly, moral into immoral.

Vic Biorseth #wingnut #racist #transphobia #homophobia #sexist #conspiracy catholicamericanthinker.com

The most commonly seen sign in any street demonstration in America today displays an angry fist of revolution. The BLM racists have their black fist signs, the perverts have their rainbow fists, the Femi-Nazis have their fancy fingernail fists. A fist, it seems, is their love symbol.

Now, all those who wave such signs would probably consider the previous paragraph to be what they call "Hate Speech". Not because I hate them, but because they hate me. Identifying them accurately is "hate speech", to them. They want to force me, and you, to use only speech that approves of them, even though I do not approve of them. That doesn't mean I hate them; it just means I do not approve of what they stand for and what they are demonstrating about.
They've been, and they're being trained in this sick special thinking in schools, from kindergarten up to advanced degrees. Their teachers and professors hate Christianity, America, white people, men and sexual normalcy. They are, after all, Marxists, by philosophy if not politics. And that is to say they stand opposed to all existing social norms and standards, and support their violent overthrow as it says in the closing lines of Marx's Manifesto. That's what Marxism is really all about: overthrowing whatever exists and establishing a replacement system to rule the world, and then teach it how to behave.
Trannies are moved to commit suicide, and even mass-shootings just because everyone on earth does not kiss their asses and tell them how wonderful and natural and acceptable and special they are.

They've been purposely dumbed-down, perverted and mal-educated in whatever schools they've been through. And they are probably completely unaware of having been Marxified, too. Some of them may be fully aware Marxist revolutionaries, but for the most part, most Marxist kids today do not even know that they are Marxists. They may not even know what Marxism is.

We could probably say the same thing about a lot of black Americans.

Vic Biorseth #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #transphobia #homophobia catholicamericanthinker.com

What is sociopathy? Look at our political parties for the answer.

The American Marxocrat Party lies, violates laws, quite consistently shows no regard for right and wrong, respects no moral standard for behavior, ignores the rights and feelings of all others, purposely makes others angry or upset, manipulates and treats others harshly and with cruel indifference, lacks remorse and does not regret its behavior.

These are the hallmarks of Sociopathy: antisocial personality disorder.

What happens when a sociopathic political party gains control over the government of a nation, the courts of the nation, the news and information of the nation, the education of the nation, the science of the nation, the industries of the nation, the police and armed forces of the nation?

What happens when sociopathy, or a sociopathic entity, owns and controls even knowledge itself, and the dissemination of all knowledge?

Can a whole society be turned against itself, to destroy itself?

The answer is yes; it is happening right now, right before our eyes.

But how did a whole political party come to be sociopathic?
They have been trained to have emotional "triggers". And if you touch any of their emotiontional triggers, they're liable to start emoting in front of you, or even all over you. And the "triggers" are legion.

White people. Men. Maculine men. Paternalism. Fatherhood. Maleness. Gun ownership. American flags. Christian or Jewish religious symbology; a cross or cucifix, a yamulka or star of David, etc. Statues of famous American historical figures. True American history. Criticism or disagreement of any kind. Opposition to drag queens, sex ed, transsexual ed, homosexual ed, white racism ed, American racism ed, even hinting at the existence of anti-white racism, or any mistaken belief at all.
The Marxocrat Party hates America, pure and simple.

And if that's not true they've got a funny way of showing it.

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Out of one side of their lying mouths, antichrist new pagan Global Darwinists and their fellow travelers tell us to believe that the Biblical God is dead, and with His death, so are Reality, immutable Truth, universal morality, original sin, man as God’s spiritual image bearer, the two created sexes, and Nature’s Law, for these point to eternal verities:

Yet out of the other side of their lying mouths, it’s common for them to brazenly proclaim that in ‘reality,’ evidence supporting mythological Darwinism is overwhelming. Some go so far as to claim that the myth of evolution is an established fact.

Both fact and evi)dence point back to unchanging Truth and Reality. Truth is accordance with that which is, has been, or shall be. History, as it unfolds, is a record of truth and reality: of what works and what does not work; of what is right and true and of what is not. The long-term collective memory of this unfolding historic knowledge is common sense.
Darwinism denies the existence of God the Father, and the transcendent Permanent Things that, grounded in eternally existing Reality (I AM WHO I AM), comprise this nation’s founding worldview and give rise to our inalienable individual rights and enduring principles of liberty: our living, personal Creator, Nature’s Law, immutable Truth, universal moral law, virtue, the two created sexes male and female, and the individual thinker and ‘choice-maker’ made in the spiritual image of God.

New pagan Progressive evolutionism tells us to believe that everything came into being by chance — accidentally, without meaning, purpose, or design — from matter. Thus, since man is an accidental emergence from ‘nothing,’ then he is in the image of ‘nothing.’ ‘Nothing’ has no soul, mind, or conscience. ‘Nothing’ owns nothing and has no Constitutional rights. And since ‘nothing’ is neither male nor female, then neither should man be, rather man ought to be ‘gender fluid,’ a term for polymorphously perverse androgyne or transgender.

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The only truly oppressed classes in America and perhaps in the world today, are the

law abiders,

Everything else is celebrated; everything wrong is touted to be right; everything false is held to be true; whosoever is natural, unpretentious and God-fearing is oppressed by everyone else. That's what all the political Nazi-movements are all about: the elimination of normalcy, correctness and truth. It begins with the one true Church falling into syncretism and it ends with the outright denial of God.
The Cultural Marxism and Marxocrat Party driven HIV=AIDS=DEATH purely political pandemic hoax panicked the world population into embracing "safe" fornication, "protected" sodomy and "responsible" promiscuity in formal education, to be added into all already needlessly existing yet government-mandated formal "sex education" in all public schools. The minute the false link between HIV and AIDS was established in the news, Cultural Marxism, and the already Culturally Marxist Marxocrat Party jumped on it like monkeys on a banana, and they have never and will never let it go.

We are now coming into Holy Week. Do you think the Marxocrat Party, which is clearly the Party of Sodom, knows or cares about that? They fully intend to impose the mores of ancient Sodom on all Americans, against their will.
The new Sodom must be condemned and cut off from America if America is to survive. Can you name a current politician other than Trump would would even consider doing such a thing, and what their political party would have to say about that, or even if any of them would have the guts to stand up for and with Jesus Christ against the return of Sodom?

There's nothing easy about picking up our daily crosses and following Him, but that is precisely what we are all called to do, even at the sacrifice of self.

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It's hard to pin exact authorship on individuals who lead or originally led various Nazi movements within the Cultural Marxism that owns the current Presidency, administration, deep-state, Marxocrat Party and much of all other political parties.

We've got our Eco-Nazis, our Femi-Nazis, our Homo-Nazis, our Racial-Nazis, our Mask-Nazis, our Vax-Nazis, our Trannie-Nazis, our HIV-Nazis, our College-Nazis, our Diversity-Nazis, and more; a lot more.The newest rage is all of the "Disinformation Nazi" movement, in which we find Speech-Nazis, News-Nazis, Publishing-Nazis, Social-Media-Nazis, YouTube-Nazis, Google-Search-Nazis, Commedy-And-Joke-Nazis, Print-Nazis, Advertising-Nazis and Website-Nazis.

Everyone is expected to toe the Nazi line, whatever and wherever it is.

There are actually two kinds of Eco-Nazi today: Ecological Nazis and Economic Nazis. The Economic Nazis (or the political puppeteers who create, own and operate them) cause an economic instability in some way, maybe bringing a major car company or auto-industry to the brink of economic failure, or maybe a large bank, or the whole banking industry. Then, on the incredibly stupid theory that the endangered business element is "Too Big To Fail", they bail them out with more tax dollars, moving the whole nation that much closer to economic failure.
And that's what all these movements are really about: the eventual destruction of the private sector of the USA, one way or another, or in many ways. The elimination of the USA as a super-power, as an economic success story, as a bastion of freedom and as a model of how capitalism is supposed to work.

Ask yourself how it ever came to be that millions of Americans actually believe that the genitalia people are born with do not necessarily determine what their sex is. And how it came to be that anyone who tries to disavow any of them of that glaringly obvious error, will be summarily "cancelled", maybe fired, or even jailed under some pretext.

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We Americans now have a who-knows-how-fraudulently duly elected phony-baloney American government and lots of phony-baloney state and local governments. We are being educated by phony-baloney academics and teachers. We are being illegally "regulated" by unconstitutional phony-baloney bureaucrats, paid by us and protected by unconstitutionally existing gigantic super-expensive phony-baloney bureaucracies. We are being "herded" by phony-baloney corporatist, (i.e., Fascist) powers, crony capitalists, oligarchs and plutocrats.
So now, shortly after we all learn that Kamala Harris, our oh so racially and misogynistically hated, downtrodden, disenfranchised, discriminated-against and under-privileged Vice President of the USA, actually is,

1) a descendant of Caribean slave driving plantation owners, and,
2) not even an African-American,
It turns out that being a phony-baloney oh so racially and misogynistically hated, downtrodden, disenfranchised, discriminated-against and under-privileged person in America, whether here legally or illegally, is now a job-requirement let alone a resume-enhancement, along with being any kind of sexual deviate or pervert, for all of the upper ranks of academia, corporate America and American politics.

The sole reason Karine Jean-Pierre was selected to be the Presidential Press Secretary is that she is an oh so racially and misogynistically hated, downtrodden, disenfranchised, and under-privileged black female homosexual.
Go down the list. The whole sole reason Pete Buttigieg is our totally incompetent secretary of transportation is that he is a sodomite, who, along with her husband, had to take maternity leave for six months while the world's supply chain was in crisis, because she had to nurse her new twin girls, who are now being raised by a couple of sick, twisted sodomite perverts who wouldn't be allowed to be around any children at all, if America were still a decent nation, which it is not.

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We must admit that our own awakening was a slow progressive thing, and we too were fooled. We became aware of gigantic lies being told from on high back during the Vietnam war; but those lies were perhaps just the tip of the iceberg. The singer Bette Midler gave us another rude awakening.

We loved her voice and we bought her music. We saw her on Johnny Carson, and in our naivete we didn't know that where she got her start, in California bath-houses, had anything to do with homosexuality. So, when she came to Cincinnati to do a concert, we bought tickets and drove down there to see her perform.

To say we were astonished would be a radical understatement.

We had no idea that she had such a filthy mouth, that she played to such an overtly and wildly enthusiastic following of loud, acting-out homosexuals and dope-smokers. Men in drag, men in leotards, screaming queens and tattooed butches filled the stadium. Filthy words filled the air, from the stage and from the audience, along with the heavy smell of marijuana smoke.
What was even more shocking, to us, was the reaction from our fellow office workers when we went back to work the next day. Wry smiles and condescension were the most common responses. They all knew. We began to wonder how many people we knew who might be happy to change their clothes and their whole persona and join in the weirdness of a Bette Middler concert.

It snuck up on us. It surprised us.

If you've been with us for awhile you know that nothing surprises us any more. The Marxist cultural revolution has been taken over, steered and driven by the Global Cabal of Davos, and it now appears that they rode that horse into the ground.
And we're not suppose to believe our own eyes.

We're supposed to believe them.

With all their assumed gender-pronouns. While all of their paid Antifa and BLM terrorists loot our stores, burn our police cars, assault our citizenry and are let off the hook by all of their paid local authorities.

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All anyone has to do to get the USA back under her own constituton is:

1. Declare all laws, regulations, executive orders and supreme court legal precedents that violated any part of the constitution to be unconstitutional, null and void from this date forward.
2. Declare all federal bureaucracies and agencies who's purpose for being or authority for regulating violates any part of the constitution to be unconstitutional, and shut it down, firing everyone in it and denying retirement or other benefits associated with the job from this date forward.
3. Declare all federal office holders who violated the constitution by bringing any of these laws, regulations, bureaucracies and agencies, executive orders, supreme court legal precedents into being, or who violated any part of their sworn oaths of office, to be impeached from office and possibly indicted for crimes where appropriate.
4. Declare all Political Parties to be unconstitutional, anti-constitutional and illegal entities and shut them all down, with all funds and property of any kind to be forfeited to the US treasury.
5. Declare Socialism and all forms of Marxism to be anti-American, anti-constitution and outlawed in America. Consider decitizenizing and deporting Marxists.
6. Declare all forms of Islam to be anti-American, anti-constitution and outlawed in America. Consider decitizenizing and deporting all Moslems.
Secularism is an unconstitutional, anti-constitutional and therefore criminal form of militant and militating atheism. "Separation Of Church And State" is a criminally established attack on America's foundational Ethos. Since it's illegal establishment in American law it has been used as a legal political weapon to religiously cleanse America of Christianity.

In other words, a legal and political cleansing of the very basis for all of American law, which is supposed to be representative law. It was established by and is being maintained by criminal traitors to America.

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Eroticism is all about how normal people may be, have been, and are being artificially eroticized for political purposes. Children especially. There is an ongoing Marxist PSYOP in operation to transform otherwise normal children and adults into "happy" members of the revolutionary LGBTQ+ "community".

In Silent Coup we spoke of the three pillars of Totalitarianism. This is about the first pillar: Eroticism. Through an old running PSYOP of Cultural Marxism, the free-world population is being schmoozed into displacing self-mastery and all sense of social decency, and adopting more and more open hedonism and seeking of pleasure for pleasure's sake. As if pleasure were man's sole purpose for being.

Eventually to the point that the source of human decency - God - is totally sidelined if not entirely expunged from the human mind.
But today, almost everyone has fallen into the "Open LGBTQ+ Behavior Is Culturally, Socially And Even Religiously Acceptable" psychological trap. And now the tables are turning, to where the open LGBTQ+ public miscreants are mandating that non-LGBTQ+ behaviors are no longer acceptable.

At one time or another, you have heard the most stalwart conservative voices, whether speaking from public office, from talk radio or even from Church pulpits solemnly declare,

"No one cares what goes on between homosexuals or transsexuals or any two people who love each other; that's no one's business but theirs."

That's the problem; everyone should care. Sexual perversion does not belong in the public eye. No one should be subjected to seeing it on public display or dealing with it anywhere, from the workplace to the streets to political competition for political office.
The minute the Homo-Nazi movement started coming "out of the closet", going public, and got away with it, was the minute the American Judaeo-Christian ethos began it's decline to where, today, anything goes in the public square.

Highly Polished Mirror Award

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Loony Lefties really are crazy people. The insane mind is broken from reality. The crazy person believes things that are not true, and acts accordingly.

The question we wrestle with here, or one of them, regards whether a crazy person who firmly believes that he is something other than what he actually is, actually is what he thinks he is, or actually is what he actually is.

Either he (her; it; whatever) is crazy, or all the rest of us are crazy.

It should strike all of us that this very line of questioning is crazy.

Why on earth do we even need to discuss it?

Well, we need to discuss it because the now booming numbers of crazy people today were made to be crazy by others who are part of a concerted plan to drive whole human cultures crazy.
To forcibly get humanity's mind right. Or, actually, wrong.

The goal is Globalism, the "in" name for International Communism.

The New World Order is just the latest recipe for communism, and all of its many proponents who are pushing it on the world who don't know or believe that are either silly unserious dupes, or crazy people.

Professional teachers today are themselves educated, credentialed, indoctrinated and dedicated to the effort to crank out insane graduates. We can blame Cultural Marxism for getting this ball rolling, but once it started rolling it took on a destructive life of its own.
They all teach things that are not true, and they all stand on the three pillars of the drive to cultural insanity, which are

Progressive Theology

Progressive Theology begins with inclusive "all religions are the same", then trivializes all religions, and ends with "there is no god".
Anyone who dares to stand up and challenge any one of these Marxist lies will be charged with being a racist, a science-denier, a hater, and a femi-commie-homo-trannie-phobe, subject to firing, doxing, canceling, suing and perhaps even fining and imprisonment.

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The Church Now Has A Non-Catholic Pope, The USA Has Yet Another Anti-American President And Still No One Recognizes The Silent Coup Taking Down Church And State
What seems to be dooming Constitutional America and guaranteeing that the American silent coup will succeed is the almost universal worshiping of, not so much the American electoral process itself, but Public Faith in the American electoral process. Over and over again, the "experts" in the matter keep repeating the exact same "get 'em again next time" strategy and expecting a different result.

Whatever you do, don't question any past election once it is certified, they advise, again, and again, and again. Certified elections are sacred.

Despite the fact that almost all critical area certifiers of elections are bought, paid for, owned and operated by George Soros, as are so many judges, prosecutors, investigators and various Marxocrat candidates and office holders, high and low.

The political experts know, with ontological certitude, that if President Trump keeps referring to the 2020 election steal he will lose the election in 2024, no matter who runs against him. And, he will lose the primary before the 2024 election, no matter who runs against him in the primary.

Thereby helping the silent coup to succeed, if President Trump takes their advice, or drops out.
The "expert" advice from supposed conservatives to look only forward and not backward, to pretend that nothing happened in 2020 and work on 2024, is now being embellished with advice to "fight fire with fire" and do what the Marxocrats are doing and have done, because, it has been found, they are still doing it.

Well, no Schiff, Sherlock.
The only thing Truth has going for Him in this world is us.

The restoration of Truth = Reality in the hearts and minds of men is now totally dependent upon you and me; if we don't do it, it won't get done.

Get behind President Trump, and make America Constitutional again.

Pray for a strategic collaboration between Abp. Vigano and Trump.

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The Homo Nazi movement already owns the SLIMC <Secularist Liberal Intellectual Media Complex>, but most people are probably not yet aware of the inroads it has made into government. hen high-level politicians use mealy-mouthed weasel-words to explain their position, how they're really for something that they are voting against, you should see their winning, warm political smiles as sinister. It is about as benign as the smile of the crocodile. I've said it before, many times, and it always bears repeating: you show me a Marxist and I'll show you an ends-justify-the-means liar. These predominantly Homo Nazi Senators do not love America so much as they love the notion of Utopia, or Communism.
A homosexual is what a homosexual does. If you have homosexual tendencies or temptations, and you take charge of yourself and resist them, then you are not a homosexual, and you are not any different from me or from anyone else. We all have temptations, we are all called to self-control. A homosexual cross may have a different shape or size or weight than other ones, but we each have our own unique crosses, and we are all called to pick them up, every day, and follow Him. He didn't say it would be easy; He just said to do it.

So, simple common sense, the Natural Order and the Ecclesial Order all seem to agree, and all oppose the Homo Nazi notion of the goodness, normalcy and acceptability of active homosexuality. Yet that is the clear and obvious position of our courts, most of our government, educational institutions, the SLIMC, the UN, the Left Coast and much of the East Coast.

However, for me, the gloves come off when addressing active homosexuals who have adopted the open homosexual lifestyle. I don't use tippy-toe language when talking to or about committed, obstinate unrepentant sinners, particularly when they publicly promote or "roll model" homosexuality in a positive way to others. I am a Roman Catholic; therefore, I am the open, avowed enemy of the Homo Nazi.

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