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The only truly oppressed classes in America and perhaps in the world today, are the

law abiders,

Everything else is celebrated; everything wrong is touted to be right; everything false is held to be true; whosoever is natural, unpretentious and God-fearing is oppressed by everyone else. That's what all the political Nazi-movements are all about: the elimination of normalcy, correctness and truth. It begins with the one true Church falling into syncretism and it ends with the outright denial of God.
The Cultural Marxism and Marxocrat Party driven HIV=AIDS=DEATH purely political pandemic hoax panicked the world population into embracing "safe" fornication, "protected" sodomy and "responsible" promiscuity in formal education, to be added into all already needlessly existing yet government-mandated formal "sex education" in all public schools. The minute the false link between HIV and AIDS was established in the news, Cultural Marxism, and the already Culturally Marxist Marxocrat Party jumped on it like monkeys on a banana, and they have never and will never let it go.

We are now coming into Holy Week. Do you think the Marxocrat Party, which is clearly the Party of Sodom, knows or cares about that? They fully intend to impose the mores of ancient Sodom on all Americans, against their will.
The new Sodom must be condemned and cut off from America if America is to survive. Can you name a current politician other than Trump would would even consider doing such a thing, and what their political party would have to say about that, or even if any of them would have the guts to stand up for and with Jesus Christ against the return of Sodom?

There's nothing easy about picking up our daily crosses and following Him, but that is precisely what we are all called to do, even at the sacrifice of self.



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