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I was at a local hospital recently and they demanded every single person wear a mask. Even if you have been vaccinated and only have a 5% chance of receiving or transmitting the Chinese COVID-19 virus. Even if you get the Chinese COVID-19 virus you have a 99.98% chance of surviving it. I immediately railed against their ignorance of science. I had not worn a mask in many months. I got vaccinated even though I question if I really needed to that. Plus when you run the numbers I acknowledged I did not really need to get vaccinated. I did and know the numbers are seriously on my side. The science is on my side. There are people and places that ignore reality, numbers and science. Why are they so insistent on masks?

I think masks have become the new blanket for some people. You know Linus from Peanuts right? He had to carry his blanket with him. It was a comfort thing for him. It was a security thing for him. I believe masks are a security blanket for some people. They feel safe and they want to impose that on everyone else. They don’t care about your rights or liberty. They are controlled by fear and have a belief that the masks are keeping them safe. I am writing this article from a waiting room in this hospital wearing a mask because I will be arrested if I don’t. I thought this was the land of the free. I thought we had liberty. I guess I was completely and totally wrong in those thoughts. I promised Yolanda I would not cause trouble otherwise this is a hill I might be willing to die on. Would that finally open some eyes? Would that finally wake up some sheep?



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