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If you're at the point where NPR of all things is "white supremacy" just finally come out and say that white people existing while not sucking you off 24/7, which America already does, pisses you off.

What's that 4chan greentext? Something about how America is being retooled to be a life support system for big fat stupid as fuck entitled black female retards?

Billions of dollars in medical care, our entire Agricultural industry, our Welfare system, our Entertainment industry, and our Educational system, all being twisted and torn apart and rebuilt just to keep big fat fucking Shaniquas full of fried chicken, grape soda, and delusions of grandeur. And after this lifestyle of eating, fucking, and bitching about how oppressed they are on twitter, all on the tax payer's dime, drives them literally to their backs in a hospital bed, our entire economy has to revolve around keeping them alive just a little bit longer so they can eat more, fuck more, and be stupid at people more until they eventually give up the ghost and bless the world with them finally fucking dying. And then their retarded fucking dozen or two dozen hellspawn will run around either fucking other Shaniqua spawn and running off to die in a drug and violence fueld orgy if they're men, or jump on the fried chicken-to-hospital pipeline if they're female, both of them screaming that they're oppressed royalty and deserve higher quality bedpans and fried chicken recipes.

That's how American society ends; with guilty white people running around desperately trying to keep a conveyor belt running so the last 500 pound fat black bitch can keep stuffing her face all while she bitches about how oppressed she is, fried chicken bits and spittle slapping some poor nurse in the face as she screeches at them, the poor deluded and indoctrinated medical professionals experiencing a momentary bout of religious ecstasy at being useful for one of da kweenz.

Games Workshop couldn't devise a more grimdark future.



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