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The Hoover damn(misspelled on purpose) seems to be some kind of a portal or gateway leading to the/a Saturn Cube Quantum Supercomputer. It’s got all sorts of Fallen Angel symbology affixed to it and was used in one of the Transformers movies as the home of a gigantic Saturn cube(the Allspark Cube) and was even just recently featured in the season 4 premiere of Westworld as a private Mexican Cartel-owned facility that houses a giant hydroelectric-powered Quantum supercomputer which holds all of the world’s data, including all of the biometric data recorded from all the guests of the park. The trailer for season 4 of Westworld insinuates the dam is another portal to “the sublime”, or an artificial world created for the synthetic hosts. They plaster the truth right in our face per the usual protocol. The soft disclosure message in both the Transformers movie and in Westworld is pretty darn consistent.
The Hoover Dam is clearly a very important place to both the EL-ites and the various interdimensional entities that they serve and they don’t appear to be shy about hiding this from the public.

I should also note that there have been a lot of prophetic theories relating to the Hoover Dam bursting or failing and creating some kind of natural disaster. Reptoid YT deceiver Jonathan Klek used to talk about this a lot.
E.B.E. = Extraterrestrial Biological Entity = N.B.E. = Nonterrestrial Biological Entity | Terrestrial = From this crater/dome(Earth). Nonterrestrial = From another crater/dome on one of Saturn’s moon.

Nomad = The Space Man = Satan = The White Rabbit = Donnie Darko = The Purple Reignman = The Progenitor of the Demiurge

Satan is trying to assimilate you with A.I. via the Quantum computer. The Saturn Cube is one of these computers.

The Signal = The frequency = The Saturn Cube



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